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Hi all! I am formally opening my commissions!
 I'm nervous so you must forgive me for the unnecessary blabbers.
I've turned my back on art for so long that I'm slowly burning out from the stress of daily life and keeping myself from doing what my heart desires.  It may not be enough to keep me alive right now but I feel like this is what I should be doing or else my life will rot away and regret that I haven't tried. :)

Here's what I offer for now:


I'm terribly sorry for the lack of examples because I'm currently reorganizing my gallery and style. I'm working on it so stay tuned. Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2]
 What you see in the image though is my current ability for now ( am on the neverending process of improving my art Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] ) .
I'm not sure about the my prices so if you have any thoughts about it, feel free to help me out.

There you go, you're always welcome to ask questions. Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2]
and thanks to everyone who helped me find my courage to trust myself enough to do this.

I forgot the chibis. OMG.

CHIBIS = 15 USD / 1, 500 Points 

Any kind of support is greatly appreciated.

F2U - Pumpkin-Kitty icon! F2U - Pumpkin-Kitty icon! F2U - Pumpkin-Kitty icon! F2U - Pumpkin-Kitty icon! 


Ask questions if you have clarifications before sending me an order form, if you have none, please fill up the form

I'll reply once I got it. Once approved, I'll send an invoice and communication will be via email or dA, whichever you prefer.

Looking forward to working with you!


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 By commissioning me you agree to the following terms:




 I reserve the right to decline if I feel that your request is not within my ability to do or if I'm not comfortable drawing it.

 Default background will either be white/transparent/solid color.

 I won't start on your commission until I receive the full payment.

 All commissions are digital and will not be physically shipped to the commissioner.

 Commissions will be done within 5-14 days (Depends on the queue and complexity)




I accept both PayPal (preferred) and deviantArt points (via commission widget unless stated).

 You have 48 hours to send your payment. If I don't receive your payment by then, I will consider the commission cancelled.




The commissioner has the right to his/her character but not the art which should be credited to the artist. He/she may use it for personal and promotional purposes.

The artist has the right to post it in social media sites and promotional purposes, including credit to the character owner (if the commissioned art is an original character).

For commercial use, the commissioner should pay additional fee depending on the span of use.




I'll refund you in full if I have a situation and can't continue with the commission.

No refunds after the payment is made. You (commissioner), however have the right to cancel the commission if the payment has not been sent.




1. After I have received the payment, I’ll start working on your commission.  I'll show you the sketch, if you have anything to add, remove or modify, this is the best time to do it. In the sketching process, I try my best to draw what you have specified in the order form. Once agreed upon;


2. I’ll start blocking the colors. This won't be a problem if you have provided a palette but I'll show you anyway if you want a color changed. However, if you let me decide the colors, I'll only accept two revisions. Any more than that will cost extra ($5 ). No more changes after all is agreed in this process.


3. When it’s complete, I'll show you a thumbnail of the finished product if you haven't paid in full. But I'll send you the high res version if you already paid in full in advance.



What you'll receive:

One (1) high resolution image (300ppi, default) with background

One (1) high resolution image, transparent


Whew! that was quite a vacation eh?
omg i missed you guys a LOT and i thought my precious ongoing projects are all gone with my "supposedly" dead  HDD. :iconpetrifiedplz::iconmiseryplz:
so basically i don't have pc or internet that time. Boring.


Thank the heavens! Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] 

and my miraculous eraser, it's working again! 
sooo, back to werk again. Hello art. Hello dA.
 Bunny Emoji-11 (Drum Roll) [V1] 
there's a lot of catching up to do. x) 



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:iconvandouuu: :iconlittle-ted: :icondarknightlitmoons: :iconanerdypotatoguy: :iconmina2021: :iconmayu-pi: :iconalexaclover: :iconmintmiu: :iconvioletemo16: :iconultimatelazerbot: :iconkeikozart: :icondanielschacht: :iconsmudgeproof: :iconmanga-no-sekai: :iconcaitlyn-dickerson: :iconkarlouiie: :iconxx-kaii-xx: :iconamadabi: :iconweimao: :iconvocaloidstalker1: :iconyunicka: :iconmentitadeazucar: :icontheladyofblack: :iconicecreamlink: :iconpsychedelic-factory: :iconzeotrap: :iconenergonmaverick: :iconpastelli-kiwi: :iconlevadakot: :iconchameleonboy12: :icononigiripandahats: :iconnekoayakashi: :iconina-chan98: :iconxskeptic-skeletonx: :iconmelmee: :icondreampalette: :iconapprentice-nita: :iconangel-souls: :icontropicalfractals: :iconlunarteardrops:

and :iconsgtlion:, thanks for the Points , means a lot to me.  Bunny Emoji-02 (Joyful) [V1] 

___________________________________Kao Emoji-17 (Happy Birthday Alt) [V1] ___________________________________

beloved frands. i miss yu all. Kao Emoji-62 (I want to see you soon) [V4] 


:iconxenochicks: request.
and some surprise gifts for frands. <3



Just a quick update here. :D

Sorry I won’t be uploading any art til Christmas err, Idk when actually, cuz I’m gonna finish reading The Mortal Instruments (City of Fallen Angels and City of Lost souls and waiting for City of Heavenly Fire) and aside from that, I’m also writing drafts for my (weird) story, INCOGNITO, before ideas vanish to thin air!. XD I’m a frustrated novelist remember? XD And I’m currently doing two requests by frands :icongazerei::iconotaku-ane:here.  :3  Which is taking so long cuz I can’t imagine a good original pose for them.  XD    Hopefully, should be finished on or before New Year or EARLIER. So there, let us all be merry this Christmas! :heart: : )



:iconletter-hplz::iconletter-aplz::iconletter-pplz::iconletter-pplz::iconletter-yplz:     :iconletter-hplz::iconletter-oplz::iconletter-lplz::iconletter-iplz::iconletter-dplz::iconletter-aplz::iconletter-yplz::iconletter-splz::iconpink-exclamationmark:


It's been ages! I thought last time I post I'll be back in a week but I've been out for a MONTH. A FREAKIN MONTH! My bad. :icononionfailplz: 
Seriously, you won't notice time when you're busy. : | A lot happened you see. :( 

But, finally, I'm done with my undergrad thesis! :iconyesvictoryplz: :iconhappytearsplz: 
 Now I can concentrate more on art. :iconstudytimeplz: :icononionxdplz:
 Missed you fellas. :)

Thank y'all who never left me alone. *hugs :D

Been out for so long, eh? Semi-hiatus state these past few days, err, weeks I guess?  Sorry 'bout that. Let's just say that I'm "sailing on stormy seas" now because of some family matters. Ugh! TT ^ TT  I can't even make a decent artwork for now. Waaaay too busy, and I miss dA so bad.  Either way, I'll try to make some artworks in my free time. But don't worry, I'll be back soon (maybe next week? :) ). Miss you all. Love lots!


I'll make sure to do something and go all out responding this growing numbers of feedback messages when I get back next week and of course there'll be a llama giveaway! Thank you for all your support! :heart: 


It's been three weeks and.. I'm still a freakin noob about dA's jargons. No, I disagree! ( like commissions, trades blah blah, so if anyone wants to explain this to me, I'll be forever in your debt! ) Too lazy to Google. ^^ Well whatever.
But, I'm so happy cuz I got twenty watchers! :bademoticon: Oh my gosh, this really means A LOT to me! Love ya'all. :D 

Enough OCs for now so, gonna make ANIME fanArts. And the problem is, I can't decide cuz I've got tons of them in mind. Perhaps you could help me decide which characters to draw?  (you call this request right? :) (Smile)  ) 
:D (Big Grin)  And no worries, it's free. ^^  But no hentai, yaoi, yuri or gender bender thingys 'kay? (someone's keeping my deviations in check Giggle ) I'll do the request of my first three WATCHER/FRIENDS to comment. I'm thinking about first five but ... we'll see, cuz I do my artworks reeeal slow, so please bear with my mighty mouse.  :)  
Domo minna-san. 

If you're reading this, then you undoubtedly visited my page although there's nothing much in here as of now.. but THANKYOUSOMUCH! :squee: :D

Okay, so it's not even a week but I'm really having a good time here. Meeting awesome people and be inspired by them; gosh I so love it, really motivates me. Joining :devart: was indeed fun and ideas just pop out here and there :dalove: . It's like dA's taking me out of my cage :floating:. Mehehe, I'm so grateful. :D I rarely leave my room (YES I'm a NEET but I don't plan to stay this way ^^ ) and often get yelled at but this time they're starting to acknowledge me like first time in ages and letting me do my stuffs. :)

Lots of ideas = lots of projects = less updates. So I'm gonna be busy :work: but I'll surely get in touch if I have some free time, kay?  

Thanks again. :)