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Bubble Knight: Berserker and Backgrounds by Miiversian Bubble Knight: Berserker and Backgrounds :iconmiiversian:Miiversian 5 4 Gift: Adriana Hellfire for Phoenix by Miiversian Gift: Adriana Hellfire for Phoenix :iconmiiversian:Miiversian 6 156 Project Miibounded by Miiversian Project Miibounded :iconmiiversian:Miiversian 5 25 Bubble Knight: Squids and Surroundings by Miiversian Bubble Knight: Squids and Surroundings :iconmiiversian:Miiversian 5 92 Bubble Knight: Original Concept (Unused) by Miiversian Bubble Knight: Original Concept (Unused) :iconmiiversian:Miiversian 5 14 Bubble Knight: Trithos and The Mysterious Knight by Miiversian Bubble Knight: Trithos and The Mysterious Knight :iconmiiversian:Miiversian 6 2 The Tale of Bubble Knight: The Bubble Knight by Miiversian The Tale of Bubble Knight: The Bubble Knight :iconmiiversian:Miiversian 6 119 WIP: Yukari: Valor or Vengeance by Miiversian WIP: Yukari: Valor or Vengeance :iconmiiversian:Miiversian 6 16 Chain-Art Challenge #11: A Nice Wrapup...? by Miiversian Chain-Art Challenge #11: A Nice Wrapup...? :iconmiiversian:Miiversian 4 38 Kirra (Colored) by Miiversian Kirra (Colored) :iconmiiversian:Miiversian 9 6 WIP: Kirra (for Star) by Miiversian WIP: Kirra (for Star) :iconmiiversian:Miiversian 8 9 The Anatomy of Shuma by Miiversian The Anatomy of Shuma :iconmiiversian:Miiversian 9 29 Attack of the Teddies by Miiversian Attack of the Teddies :iconmiiversian:Miiversian 6 13 DBZ Sketches: Shuma by Miiversian DBZ Sketches: Shuma :iconmiiversian:Miiversian 6 16 WIP: Teddy's Trial by Miiversian WIP: Teddy's Trial :iconmiiversian:Miiversian 5 16 Mizuki 001: Valor or Vengeance by Miiversian Mizuki 001: Valor or Vengeance :iconmiiversian:Miiversian 5 4


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Bubble Knight: Berserker and Backgrounds
Just another incomplete sprite layout sheet I've created while working to improve my ability to construct an actual environmental setting through the creation and placement of various assets such as "walls, floor tiling, pillars, etc." to (hopefully) form an aesthetically appealing whole.  Again, my primary inspiration behind the random assortment of assets showcased here is the art style of the "Oracle of Ages/Seasons" installments of the Legend of Zelda for the old Gameboy Color.  

Whilst experimenting to create structures or walls comprised of layered panels of color shifting from the light end to the dark end of their spectrum, I happened to find the inspiration to try and create a new enemy to follow suit with the whole "knight" theme of this project, and I am quite pleased with the current results!  What's more, I found the subsequent creation of a weapon relatively easy upon realizing that the mirrored set of curved horns I'd created in the bottom left corner of the piece would make an interesting base plate/template to create the blades of an axe, but little did I know that the result would have turned out so surprisingly accurate to the standard design of a battleaxe! 

Any and all assets associated/affiliated with "The Tale of Bubble Knight" are copyright to me :iconmiiversian: and may not be used or replicated without my official consent.
Gift: Adriana Hellfire for Phoenix
Note: Due to issues with color compression resulting from resizing the original image, some of the details depicted in this upload differ from the original design, namely the awkward differences between the details in the eyes of Adriana, as I drew each sprite's eyes in the exact same manner, yet some of them appear distinctly different.  Furthermore, due to this character having no official reference, I took some liberties regarding the design of this character's attire based on prior knowledge of her characteristics given to me by Phoenix :iconphoenixmaster96: .

Adriana Hellfire is copyright of her respective creator:  :iconphoenixmaster96:
Project Miibounded
This spreadsheet represents an unfinished tribute I had made roughly a year or two ago paying homage to a number of phenomenal artists, close friends, and other kindhearted denizens of Nintendo's late Miiverse website that has since been shut down, forcing those among us who had used the platform for many good years to produce an unimaginable wealth of top-quality artwork in a plethora of beautifully crafted styles to seek to expand our works elsewhere, such as here on deviantART.  At the time of this project's creation, I began searching for fellow "Miiversians" among its legendary artists who'd be willing to have their Mii personas converted into an Earthbound-esque style, a project which received an overwhelmingly positive response and influx of support which ultimately rendered the project impeded by the sheer amount of time and energy required to have completed such an arduous amount of work.  Nevertheless, through the use of Ness's original sprite as an outline for the recreation of artists' Miis in an Earthbound style, I proudly present the first installment of concept work for Project Miibounded.

All Miis belong to their respective creators.  Miis are copyright of Nintendo.  Earthbound is copyright of Shigasato Itoi.  Any and all artwork and assets associated/affiliated with Project Miibounded is copyright to me :iconmiiversian: and may not be republished, replicated, or used without my official consent.
Bubble Knight: Squids and Surroundings
This piece represents yet another experimental installment created as part of my hobby in creating environmental assets in the format of pixel work, harkening to the earlier days of gaming when whole worlds would be constructed in a similar fashion, if not on grid paper.  Utilizing some basic creation tools, I was able to rapidly duplicate multiple versions of the same pattern or sprite structure to create environmental elements, such as bridges, pillars, and basic floor tiling, alongside my own rendition of the Bubble Knight equivalent of an Octorok from the Zelda series, as inspired by the suggestion of a friend and fellow artist.

All assets were created using PixelPaint.  Any and all assets or artwork associated and/or affiliated with the "The Tale of Bubble Knight" project are copyrighted solely to me :iconmiiversian: and may not be replicated, republished, or used by any outside parties without my official consent.
Hello, and welcome to the first official journal entry of my profile!

To all who may be wondering, "What in the world is a Bubble Knight?", rest assured that you shall be provided a worthy explanation momentarily.

First and foremost, this journal is brought to you by this crafty little chicken :iconn-zelda-n: who tagged me in the back as had been done so to her but a few days prior.

The name of the game is quite simple: One who is tagged shall be asked to write a journal much like this one regarding 8 interesting aspects of a character that you have created, as specified by he/she who tagged them.  Aside from adhering to 4 simple rules, those who wish to create an entry of your own have absolute freedom over the content you choose to share.

The standard rules are as follows:

[1. Post these rules.]
[2. Post 8 facts about your character.]
[3. Tag 8 other characters.]
[4. Post their names along with their creators' avatar.]

As I am certain you've figured out at this point, Bubble Knight happens to be a character of my own design whom I created, but little else is known about him to all but myself.  However, I feel it is time to lift the veil that has shrouded his legacy in ambiguity, thanks to a strong peck from the beak of :iconn-zelda-n: !

[*Bubble Knight*]

1. Though his life before his devoted knighthood to the cause of Bubblery is known by none, it is rumored that he was once referred to as "Sir Elric".

2. Legend states that he cannot be defeated, but most dismiss it as a mere myth, for it originated from the ramblings of a senile old man constantly shouting, "None can defeat...the BUBBLE KNIGHT!"

3. It is widely believed that he has never removed his helmet, and countless inconsistent descriptions have been given by those claiming to have gazed upon the face of the mighty Bubble Knight.

4. Despite his namesake, the Bubble Knight has cemented his name as one heralded among the greatest heroes to ever walk the earth in service of peace, justice, and Bubblery!

5. The air of vagueness surrounding his upbringing and undying devotion to upholding benevolence and morality have not only made him an inspirational figure in the eyes of countless aspiring knights, but also the most notorious heartthrob among countless maidens throughout the land (who secretly refer to him as the undisputed champion of the realm's most eligible bachelors).

6. It is assumed that he has no remaining family, relatives, or next of kin, but he is currently accompanied by a strong young maiden whom he has taken under his wing as a Squire of Bubblery!

7. His creation was inspired by my constantly referring to Shovel Knight as Bubble Knight.

8. He is the protagonist of a retro/NES-styled game project (modeled after the original LoZ and Oracle of Ages/Seasons) I've been working on that I have dubbed "The Tale of Bubble Knight"!

[*My Tag Victims & Their Characters*]

1. n-zelda-n  :iconn-zelda-n: -- Ploef.
2. Katana-Tate  :iconkatana-tate: -- Surely you know the answer already...... :iconsparkleeyesplz:  BLUEY!!!
3. RobotnikHolmes  :iconrobotnikholmes: -- Mayel, the Shopkeeper.

I look forward to discovering more about your characters, and I leave you with this parting gesture......TAG, YOU'RE IT!

Happy writing, my fellow deviants! :iconlarollplz:


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I am just a typical guy who's had a passion for drawing ever since I was a kid. There really isn't anything else quite like it in the world, which makes it all the more special to me. I've just recently started drawing seriously and hope to improve through the help of other artists. It seems like a shot in the dark, but it is my belief that anything can be accomplished if one sets their mind to it.


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I hope you'll continue enjoy and support my art! <3
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I appreciate your understanding. As I will soon be entering the professional world, I have steadily increasing incentive to clean up my online profiles to ensure that I won't befall any unwarranted judgment, and that pressure has led me to remorsefully dissociate myself from the works of some artists out of fear of that prospective judgment.
This is not a criticism of your work in any way, but I am certain you can understand why the particular category of artwork you specialize in may prove controversial in the field which I intend to attain a career therein.
Your skill and style are beyond phenomenal, which is why I find it so conflicting to wish to continue browsing and supporting your work versus the potential ramifications it may have should others unjustly pass judgment against me simply for admiring works for their finer qualities. I will continue to support your work to the best of my ability, Custom.
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It's perfectly fine, Brandon, but I'd prefer it if you'd simply refer to me as Mitch these days. I'm more invested in becoming more professional in my mannerisms to align with my major field of study in the Human Services. I'm a grown man now, and times have changed, but you're always welcomed with open arms here in my little corner of the online world, Brandon.

How've you been faring these past few years?
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College is really hard work but means getting a job that pays a lot of money! I'll pray for your succes Mitch☆ It's just good to see you haven't forgotten is all. I'm fairing very well, things are the way it use to be. I see you have Nintendo Switch! Playing a good amount of Splatoon 2, funny though, you wasn't into Splatoon I thought. lol (shrugs)

Hey Mitch, do you use other social media? I have Face Book and Twitter.
Miiversian Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I do happen to have both a Facebook and a Twitter account, but I recommend only contacting me via my Twitter account in addition to deviantart, primarily because Twitter is where the Miiverse community has been rebuilt between me and some close friends from the online days. I can send you the information in a note, should you desire it.
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