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Limited Sketch Requests! ~watchers only~ [OPEN]
Hey all!
I've got some free time coming up soon and want to celebrate by giving back to my watchers. :) I hope to do more of these in the future, but for now I'll start with this.
I want to open up sketch requests in this style:   (sketch bust with simple colors)
1. You must be a watcher. If you like my art, new watchers are always welcome! :3
2. This is not first come first serve. I will choose based on characters that inspire me.
3. Please comment with:
    -The character you wish me to draw with a reference.
    -If you would like me to include their name in the drawing (I can write it in Japanese too!)
    -(optional) Choose up to 3 colors you would like me to use.
    -(optional) The kind of expression you would like me to draw.
1. You may use/modify the image however you like, all I ask is that you credit me
:iconjariz-sketches:Jariz-sketches 4 20
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Paul's Childhood
This is what drove Paul on his path to insanity. He's been mistreated, singled out, left out, and abused for most of his young life. It's like he was going to die from sadness. But later on, he did find a solution to his problems- treat everyone the same way they treated him when he was young. As he grew into his teen years he became very vengeful and sought to murder the people who disrespected him.
Two Lovely Sleepers
Sandra is asleep for a lot of the time- it's a rare occurrence that she's awake! Some of the only times that she's awake are when everyone else is asleep- but she sleeps at night as well just like everybody else. Even though some people don't appreciate her sleepy behavior, it's mostly in the daytime. At night, people actually would enjoy sleeping with her, like how I'm doing right here!
A young OC of mine who likes to think that he's king. He wears a crown and has golden teeth (they're not stained) and enjoys giving people orders and telling them what to do. Because of this, these people do not enjoy his presence.
Here's another OC of mine- and he's a dangerous one. He is filled with hatred and contempt, and shows no mercy for those that step to him. The reason he's filled with hatred and contempt is because that's what he was treated with when he was a child/teenager. And now, he's seeking revenge on those who mistreated him in the past. As Krissie is a people magnet, Paul is a figure of fear that drives people away. 

(I think that backsides are something I should draw more of...)
Hello all of you. It's me Dylan. And today I am demonstrating to you what I think of Super Mario Maker 2.
To be honest, it felt like this game was a huge disappointment on my part. Don't get me wrong- this game is still very innovative, fun, and allows for more creative possibilities, and I still enjoy this game. But at the same time, I don't like it for some certain aspects that I expected would be in the final game but apparently weren't.
Yes, even a good game can have significant flaws. And this is exactly what I am going to talk about in this journal.


1. Slopes

I enjoy this element to a great extent. I make lots of levels in the SMBX level editor and utilize slopes in almost every terrain I create. And I'm really glad they added slopes in the game, so I can let my mind and ideas flow much more fluently with the new addition of slopes.

2. Night themes

I really enjoy some aspects of the night themes. I feel like I can use these AI behaviors at night in a lot of unique levels with certain gimmicks in each. I also like the addition of the Moon, which is instead more of an ally at night, as it helps you defeat enemies by touching it.

3. The Super Mario 3D World Theme

This is a very interesting theme to put a course in. It's very colorful, vibrant, and full of control options for your player to perform. It also has some unique things you could only put in this style. It was kinda disappointing at first, but then I saw that some of these elements looked better in the 3D World styles. (Except for a few, but I shall talk about that in the cons section of this journal)

4. Clear Conditions

Now, these are arguably my favorite aspect of this game. It makes the game a lot more fun and interesting instead of just being a free-for-all. It adds a variety of possibilities into your course, like how you can make it so you have to clear a course without taking damage or jumping. This makes the courses much more fun and interesting to play. You could even make bosses in non-castle levels (yet I imagine you already could) and then you'd be required to defeat them to pass! (yet again, I imagine you already could with the key doors and all)

5. Story Mode

I'm glad they added in a story mode as well. Mostly, a story mode would make a game interesting and meaningful, as you can keep yourself preoccupied with playing courses already made, which, in most cases, is more fun than making an entirely new course on your own.

6. Everything is There for You

When you go into editing a level, everything is already there for you when you start, unlike in the first game where you had to put certain things in your courses to have access to newer elements. Sure, you have to unlock some stuff by beating levels in Story Mode, but you can still make courses from scratch with almost everything in the editor by default!

Those were the pros of this game, now let's get to...


1. No GamePad mechanics

On the Wii U, you could easily put elements into a level and look at what you are doing on the TV screen. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Super Mario Maker 2, as you are pretty much forced to move and select course elements with the press of buttons on your controller while looking at the TV screen, or pull the console out of the TV connector and make the level with the touchscreen effects. But personally, I'd go with the latter option. It's much easier than what the TV option is.

2. The Super Mario 3D World Theme (cont.)

I know I already put this in my pros section, but there are of course some things I dislike. Stuff about this style and what can be put in it made me really disappointed. It started to make me wonder if Nintendo was starting to become lazy, because I thought they could easily input these elements into the older styles.
What made me really ticked off about the theme is what they did with Porcupuffer and Fire Bro. (especially Fire Bro) First of all, they only put Fire Bro in the Super Mario 3D World, yet his debut was in Super Mario Bros. 3, and how he also appeared in New Super Mario Bros. U. And what makes it even more insulting is that it's just an alternate form, so I don't see why Fire Bro wouldn't be suitable for the older styles. His mechanics are very simple, easily compatible with any style. It just pisses me off that disregard for this would be shown. If this game gets updates (which it probably will), I hope Fire Bro is put in the older styles.
And about Porcupuffer- he debuted in Super Mario World and, like Fire Bro, appeared in New Super Mario Bros. U. And, now that I think about it, what if Porcupuffer was replaced by Boss Bass in the Super Mario Bros 3 style if he appeared in the style? (This is not really in huge relation to the main topic of this journal, but I just wanted to bring it up because Porcupuffer acts like Boss Bass in the Super Mario 3D World style.) But still, it's sorta disappointing to see that Porcupuffer didn't get into the older styles despite appearing in two games the styles are based off of.

3. Course World

Basically, the main flaw I have with this is that you need a Nintendo Switch Online Membership to share and play courses online. Playing and sharing courses online makes the game much more fun, so you can see what other people make. (except for troll levels) And, the game would kinda get boring if you didn't have access to this kind of membership. Unless editing levels is 100% your thing and you never get tired of it.

4. Forest Theme

I don't really hate this theme, but I'm just upset that this is the only theme that you can put water in outside of underwater levels. And also, I was really hoping that we could put water anywhere we want in a course, but apparently not. I mean, unless there's an update that allows us to do this. The same goes for poison water and lava. I really wish these could be put into the other themes as well.

So, anyway, this is what I think of Super Mario Maker 2 and its pros and cons in my eyes. If you disagree with any of this stuff here, do not get mad, as this is only my opinion. You have yours and I have mine, so please accept it. Anyways, bye.


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