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Sonic and the Thievious Hedgehogus

Maaaybe being a ring collector ain't the best hobby! This drawing's for :iconsonicteam765:

Sonic and Carmelita Fox!

I always like Sly Cooper's artstyle, so this was an awesome and fun little challenge!! 
I like how much the thickness and thinness of the characters' outlines change at almost every different angle!
I just think it's very unique!! Enjoy Guys!


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Well, this is one-sided. A literally foxy lady with an oversized taser vs a hedgehog who can break the sound barrier like a toothpick... yeah, good luck with that one, Camilita!

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"There's been a mishap, ma'am! Honestly, these are my rings!"
"You can't trick me, pin cushion! The only rings you're gonna have are the ones you smithe as part of your prison work!"
"Okay, you're a hard one, but believe me or not, you gotta keep up if you wanna catch me!"
"You can't run away forever, you overgrown blue rat!"
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"No? Just watch me."

*Sonic blasts off at the speed of sound, leaving Camilita MILES behind in a matter of seconds, leaving the Inspector completely shocked and flabbergasted*

"That guy... is NOT from around here..."

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Is Sonic going turbo?
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XD sonic you idiot! XD
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Y'know, this does bring up an interesting question....where do all those rings come from?
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In the Sly Cooper universe, I'd assume a jewelry store or a well or maybe even lost tombs.

 In Sonic's world, I guess they just come from the zones he runs through. Like they're apart of what allows the terrain to be so loopy.
That's why, if you don't collect all your rings in time after you're hit, they just dissolve back into the ground. But hey, that's just a theory... A GAME THEORY!
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Game theories are fun! :)
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Now this is a sweet little mash-up!
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Sonic Cooper, noble descendant of masterthiefs_ring :salute:
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sweet corssover pic :)
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So thats where he put his  rings at lol
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Nice work and Lol :D
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sonic looks like he's in the sonic battle artstyle. like, COMPLETELY. O.O
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Haha that's just funny as... Nice work!! Xx
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If Carmelita can actually keep up with Sonic on foot; then maybe Sly should start worrying. XD
I like classic Carmelita so having you draw her in this look pleases me. ^^
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I hear this playing in my head.…

also if sonic and sly cooper had a crossover, who would Eggman team up with?
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"Gotta follow my rainbow...."
AHHHHH!!! XD Sorry I had to shut it off after that part. :B

I imagine Eggman would team up with someone like Penelope; since they both control time and are scientists.
bigfootRULES's avatar
not a fan of that song?

I think it would be funny if Penelope developed a crush on Eggman (much to his dismay)
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