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miitoons's Profile Picture
Arion Rashad
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hi, my name is Arion Rashad. I am 18 years old. I have created 8 self publisherd comic books, which can be purchased at a few stores in the South Florida area and online at, and more... Welcome to my DeviantArt account, I'll be uploading tons of fanart, mashup art, my comics and the process in making them, character designs, and even more fun stuff. I take requests.

You can also see my books at my website,

Favourite genre of music: All types!
Favourite style of art: Cartoons/comics, anime, photagraphy
MP3 player of choice: phone
Shell of choice: Any of the Ninja Turtles...LOL
Wallpaper of choice: Flaming Bunnies on Stilts
Skin of choice: Mine- brown...LOL
Favourite cartoon character: Let's just say... Every cartoon character that's ever lived!!
Personal Quote: Art is a thousand mistakes... It's up to you to find a way to turn those mistakes into art!

ZerOes is returning at the end of August! New comic pages complete with animation and voice acting in between!

Zeroes is an action adventure comedy webcomic that mixes cartoon and anime culture in the vain of Cartoon Network's 'The Amazing World of Gumball' and follows the lives of four superpowered teenage criminals who are taken in by a mysterious government organization to change their identities from crooks to heroes! The only problem? They suck at being heroes.

Guarded by a brand of scientists and a sassy military robot designed like a wolf, they go on crazy and weird adventures to save the world... and the universe!! Sounds stupid? Then your right!

The comics will be viewable on my website at:

The Zeroes Wiki will also be up The first day of September with updates continuing throughout the months!

ZerOes Wiki Character Icons by miitoons

Zeroes Wiki Logo by miitoons

*Also here's a tiny animation lip sync test for a future scene:

Zeroes On Spotify by miitoons

I made Spotify playlist for a few of my characters from my webcomic
ZerOes! I really wanted them all to feel really character specific! That of course means that they've got their fair share of memes (Lance's especially.) Check em' out here!

Avy Codman:…

Brussle Sproutan:…

Jinjy Bredon:…

Coco Butterson:…


Winku Peetsunae:…

:iconyojama: tagged me to do this a while ago, and I figured, as a good build up to the continuing of Issue 1 and the Wiki in the Summer, Now'd be a good time!

DeviantStuffCoco Hero Model Sheet 01 by miitoons

Being possessed by magical demons at an early age, Coco has lived a life of rampage and unpredicatbility for a long time before finally being picked up by a supernatural government agency to help turn her life around! Despite her being somewhat warped from the magic, she's an excitable and fiery soul with a love for protecting the ones she can trust the most, even if she has trust issues!

1.) If Zeroes were to ever be completely animated, whether as a short or a series, Coco would probably be voiced by either Grey Delisle or Ashly Burch! Given their experience voicing fun, energetic characters like Coco before while also knowing how to make her complex and emotional.

Coco's Voice Actresses by miitoonsCoco's Voice Actresses 2 by miitoons

2.) Coco's non superpowered best friend and sister-figure is Winku Peetsunae, a local mixed japanese girl that runs Pastel City's famous 'Pizza Kitty' restaurant (to her dismay). The two often get in trouble with police more than they should, but they love each other and know dang well how to party! Winku'll even sneak in "friend discount" to her on everything on the menu at her shop *Basically that means everything is almost always free until Winku's parents find out.*
Winks and Coco Art Large by miitoons

3.) Coco has an unhealthy obsession with putting excessive amounts hot sauce on MANY of the things she eats! This is because a cousin and high school friend of mine liked to do the same. ( The high school friend did this SO MUCH, her pizzas would litterally be nothing but hot sauce.)

Coco and Hot Sauce by miitoons

4.) Coco enjoys disguising herself to get out of trouble .... maybe a little TOO much. It often helps to have her teammates or an S.O.N. operative around to chill her out when this happens when she gets too deep into the role enough to probably hurt and destroy... alot of things! Brussle is often very conflicted on whether or not he should stop her when she leaves in a disguise for seemingly no reason. It's even worse when Lance is in on it too.
Coco The Performer by miitoons

5.) Coco's weird ol' antenna- like strands are a bi-product of her powers. Her hair is naturally curly. Her hair design started off as a way to make her stand out from other heroines in comics and animation through a recognizable silhouette. The crazier the hair was, the more unique she looked! Her design was finalized in Jan. 2014!
Coco Silhouette Test png by miitoons

6.) Like the rest of her super weirdo-friends, Coco's been involved in some pretty hefty crimes, only made worse by her magic. These Including, but not limited to:
Moose Theft
Demonically sacrificing children's toys
Impersonation of about 10 historical figures
Skeleton hording
The Smooching and Destruction of body pillows
Declaring war on an old folks home
Obsessive moustache touching
Possible manslaughter
Opening a portal to the underworld inside every toilet of a Men's bathroom. To this day, those men have never been seen again. R.I.P.
... And those aren't even the worse ones.
Coco Outfits png by miitoons

7.) All the characters help emphasize certain traits within each other. For Coco, Avy allows for her to show her more honest, sensitive and sadder moments. Brussle brings out her sassiness and humility, Lance allows for both her loose-cannon side but also sensible side, and Jinjy brings out her role model and leader-like side.

8.) The dynamic between Coco and the group came from the thought of what it'd be like if me and my younger brother had to deal with an even YOUNGER sibling, particularly a little sister. From how much trouble she could cause for us as the older siblings, to the mistakes she'd make and the lessons we'd have to teach her as she grew. That's sort of what Coco is to the group. That bouncy, off- the-walls sibling/friend that's a hassle to deal with, but not really because she means it. And you love and protect her either way because she'd be scared and lost without you.
Coco Family Hug by miitoons

Wh-who keeps spilling water into my eyes!!?

And there ya have it! it was actually kinda difficult picking the facts I wanted to show off, but I'm glad with what I chose! I'll be posting art of her and the rest of the squad till the Summer and beyond so stay tuned!

*Also, here's some progress on the official Wiki's development! Here's the intro pic into the Wiki's 'Character Database'

ZerOes Wiki Character Icons by miitoons

Pretty Snazzy, eh? Now, we've reached to Lance's part of the Wiki, and... uhmm....

20170417 034714 by miitoons

............what have we done?


AVY: Meet AVY CODMAN by miitoons

COCO: Meet COCO BUTTERSON by miitoons

LANCE: OC INTERVIEW TAG THINGIMAJIG!:iconblazerona: Tagged me to do this quite a while ago, and now I'm finally getting to it! YAY!!
1. Pick one of your OCs
2. Fill in the question/statements as if you were that OC.
3. Tag four people to do this meme!
4. Tell people that they have been tagged with a link from your journal

The Deadpool-ish robo wolf was the one I had to choose! Let's do dis biz...
1.What is your name?
Well, Mr. or Ms. Disembodied Line of Text...


...But, y'know, Lance The Cybernetic Wolf is fine too, or whatever.
2. Do you know why you are named that?
Cuz the artist ran outta stupid food pun names for his characters.
3. Are you single or taken?
Does being taken by yourself count, or do I have to kill somebody to get that legalized?
4. Have any abilities or powers?
When you're a cybernetic wolf
  / Meet LANCE THE CYBERWOLF by miitoons


JINJY: Meet JINJY BREDON by miitoons


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