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Mini-Raffle Winners! --Updates..

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 27, 2014, 10:25 AM

:iconyoukah: :icontori5: :iconnikkisauce: :iconzarahnox: :iconxxnejiten4everxx:

~ Five winners have been chosen for 100 points each!

It's been so long!

I haven't done a journal in ages and I just updated the look of my profile page and it called for a new one of ....these. So! Let me update you.

I have been very busy, and artwork is coming along slowly, as everyone who actively watches me knows. Sorry about that! I promise I'll be better. <3

I also want to give a special thank you to everyone that showed support of me with the recent hullabaloo... I was really overwhelmed and touched. So thank you so much~! It really helped me get through it. c:

Also for anyone that has not noticed some time in the undecided future, I will be starting my own online manga! I'll be posting the pages here in my gallery. It'll be called Lemuria. I have set up a special sub-gallery just for it now, though it only boasts two images thus far.
Soon as I can get everything on my to-do list done, I can start on this project! I am super excited.

500 Point Mini Raffle!

( For my watchers only! )


1. ) Comment here. You MUST do this!

2. ) Fave the journal. That way I have a list of everyone numbered that I can use for the random number generator.

3. ) There will be five winners, 100 points each. You can only win once, and you MUST be a watcher!

4. ) Deadline is July 3rd when I announce the drawing live.

5. ) Make sure you do at least steps 1 and 2 to make sure you get in on it!

Jan 13th:

:star::star::star:WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT!:star::star::star:

<da:thumb id="425072761"/>

"Tennin" by digitalpastel has won the contest and prize of $50!

Yamata no Orochi by haliax

Making haliax our Honorable Mention with a prize of 3 months subscription!

New Canvas by Miisu

Thank you to every single artist that participated and made this contest a huuuuge success!
I loved seeing all the various entries!

I can't wait to host the next contest! :la:

Jan. 11th: VOTING OPEN!

Read further for instructions!

Please make sure you read the previous update before voting. This is about the art, not popularity.

To vote, please scroll below to the entry gallery in the journal and find which you like best!
Once you have, please visit the voting poll to cast your vote!

This time I ask no one vote for themselves since only the first 50 votes can be counted.

Here are the finalists!

   CE: So Hungry by Clue000    <da:thumb id="425072761"/>    Yamata no Orochi by haliax    Bewitching by StrangeRaven

When the maximum of 50 votes is made the first poll to select finalists it will be closed. The top four will be voted on.
In the finalists poll, once the maximum of 50 votes is made, the winners will be chosen based on those results.

UPDATE/ Jan. 8th: This contest is officially CLOSED. No more submissions are allowed.
Soon as I can later today, I will open voting and will post the details and instructions.

Anyone participating in the contest is not allowed to post anything promoting themselves to gain votes from friends or watchers.
On the same note, having friends do the same for you is also against the rules.
This includes any other social media too, like tumbl, FB, ect.
If I see anyone doing this, they'll be immediately disqualified.
This is about the art alone, NOT a popularity contest. Everyone will be judged the same.

Please stay tuned today for voting instructions! :la:

UPDATE/ Jan. 5th: I just went through all the submissions in my inbox. PLEASE make sure yours is here and that I have it! If you do not see it, please resend it.
I noticed a few entries links no longer works or don't work, so please check on that.

Also make certain in your description on the entry that it is clearly marked for this contest, and the name of the Japanese myth it is expressing.
That way voters know what they are looking at.

The 6th of January is the last day for any last minute submissions. You can submit them at any time today or tomorrow.
When I close submissions I will announce it by journal and explain voting.

Draw a Japanese Mythological Figure, God/Goddess, or Supernatural Creature!


Pick a god, goddess, legendary creature, or mythological creature from Japanese lore! Do your research, because you want to make sure you do it well! There are plenty of places, especially wikipedia to find good information.


:heart: Try to be original! And go all out-- do your absolute BEST. Those pieces will stick out the most in voting.

:heart: No bases, traces, and any resources used must be credited properly.

:heart: You may submit your entry at any time from opening to the deadline. But I will NOT take anything after the deadline.

:heart: Only illustrations will be accepted as this is a visual contest. (Meaning, drawn by you traditonally or digitally.) No literature or photmanips please.

:heart: No collaborations. It must be your work only.

:heart: Your submission must be NEW and made specifically for the contest. Nothing previously submitted to your gallery or made for something else is admissible. The character must be your original design, and not one from an existing work/anime manga/fandom, either.

:heart: One entry per person.

:heart: Japanese mythology only! Here is an article of Divinities and Figures:…
and a list of Legendary Creatures:… .
You are however not limited to these but must be based off actual lore.

:heart: Please make sure in the title or description that the name of the mythical figure, god or goddess, or or type of legendary creature is stated so we know what we're looking at.

:heart: Be respectful to other artists whom enter the contest.

:heart: Voting will be done by public poll for fairness! So please do not make journals, polls asking four your friends to vote for you. If I see this, you will be DISQUALIFIED.

Deadline is January 6th, 2014

To Submit!

Send me by note your submission with the subject title, "Contest Submission". Your submission must not be an existing work and must be new, made for the contest.


:star: $50 for the winner! :star:

May be received by either paypal or deviantART points.

*3 month Premium Membership for Honorable Mention.

Contest Entry: Iyoka, Yokai girl by MrVoiceMan Amaterasu [CONTEST ENTRY] by JunkoTrunko Kuchisake-onna by MujonaShitsuji :thumb408474433: The Snow Woman by Whisper-of-a-phoenix :thumb409604012: japanese hanya by misterbandit Kuda-gitsune by Angelic-Painter Namazu by Baleineau God of Foxes by jacksonso :thumb412752766: Nure-onna (Contest Submission) by InsaneAngelArt Komainu Contest entry by runt-wolf Sui-Riu Contest Entry by Empress-of-Dark Ame-Onna by MoonChoco1995 Izanami-no-Mikoto by owlkatz 003 by Oheyitsliz Yamata no Orochi by haliax Mask of Hannya by Toriichi Yuki-Onna by Suyi-chan ametarasu by koushirogames

Mature Content

Inugami by Pumpkin-Queen-Ildi
Kitsune by Jaylighte Contest Entry -Uke Mochi by Soragami Okuri-inu by MiraiOkami Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu - [Japanese Myth Contest] by Naahchan

Mature Content

Teke Teke by Miranduless
Amaterasu-omikami [the Goddess of the Sun] by keanove karura vs dragon by nameless50 Kitsune by xXNejiten4everXx kyubi by Potato-K :thumb424878506: Raijin For SALE 15 USD!!! [SOLD] by DizzyT Komainu by Mo-Regis :thumb424959567: mythological creatures by tigerok OC: Komainu by Trexia Benzaiten by taarnugla :thumb424984224: :thumb424976135: Iyaya by HarajukuMaiden Yuki-onna by xilveroxas :thumb425072761: CE: So Hungry by Clue000 :thumb425103781: Tanuki: Travel in the Darkness by Uluri Crane Wife (Contest Entry) by TheSoaringStaraptor yatagarasu. by purenai Mizuchi Of The Great Waves by HallowGazer Serenity by El-Thorvaldo Bewitching by StrangeRaven Contest japanese mythology: The 3 Brothers by KanaKuroDaiya

I'm giving away 2,000 points, a three-month premium membership, and watcher gifts!

If you are interested, make SURE you read EVERYTHING below!

I will be giving away FOUR separate prizes to only FOUR separate WATCHERS.

One will receive 2,000 points. Another will get a three-month premium membership!
And then two others will receive a watcher gift art from me of their favorite anime character or anime OC.

Okay, so here's what you gotta do to enter!

Step One

You must be one of my watchers. Old or new, it doesn't matter. You can even watch me today, so long as you mean it. :love: This is about appreciation for the support I have received, and giving back! :heart: If you're not watching me, you will not receive anything.

Step Two

Favorite this journal. This is a MUST! When I draw names, this is the list I will be choosing people from. If you did not fave, you won't be counted.

Step Three

Go through your gallery or favorites, pick out your references of your favorite anime character or anime OC that you might want me to draw. The more options you give me the better. :la:

Step Four

Post either a poll or journal linking back to my journal here.

Step Five

Comment here with a link to your journal or poll that links back here for proof of Step Four.
If you want to enter for a chance at the gift art, post the links or thumbs with the characters references you'd want me to draw. Please make sure you give me either a character profile so I know more about them, or write a small blurb about their personality and other crucial things to their character.
( Please god no anthros or animals. )
The more options you give me to choose from the better. :squee:


If you do not do ALL of this, then you will not get anything if you are drawn.

Favorite this, and post either a poll or journal back to this-- make sure you comment here with proof you have done that, please!

How I will I choose the winners?

I'll broadcast on a public livestream channel the number drawing for the four winners. I'll be using a random number generator and using the numbers given to those that have favorited the journal as the list.

I'll post a link in my poll for those that want to watch.

The Winners Drawing date and last day to enter will be July 30th!

About the Watcher Gift Arts

If you win one of the spaces for the Watcher Gifts, I will choose from the characters you give me which one I will draw.

Keep in mind I'll be drawing them as what most inspires me and how I want to, so please don't request about concept. I'll be doing that.

Just supply me with the visual references and info about the character! :la:

It doesn't have to be an original character, they can also be a canon character from an anime you really liek a lot and would like to have drawn for you!

And if you DON'T win one of these slots-- keep in mind!

I may pick you anyway for another month's gift if I really like what I see. And it's very likely I may use this list here to get ideas of who to choose for my other months.

Hello! Long time no see!
So sorry for my silence.. but here's what's happening!

I still have been unable to get reply to comments you darlings have left me. ;//A//;

I apologize! For everyone that has left me a message on my profile, on my gallery wall, or on a deviation-- thank you SOOO much!

I appreciate every comment I receive and I have read each them! I just haven't the time or strength to reply just yet. I will do my best though!

But please, just understand why I have taken a long time-- by the time I sit down and have 'Miisu time', I'm so tired I can't. BUT I WILL. Even if it's late! e//n//e

Things Have Been Stressful....

You know how they say when it rains, it pours? It's so true. Except they're waves and after one, another is right behind it.

That's why I have been quiet as far as replies and slow with my art. My personal life is a wreck, I'm constantly stressed, and tired. I barely have the motivation let alone inspiration to draw, as this stuff takes it toll. I spent waaay too much time thinking I could do everything and I realize I can't and need to take a step back and put myself back together.

So, I am trying to lighten my load around here  so I can make things better for myself that way I can have fun when I draw again. ;//v//;

Please bare with me while I take time to draw for myself, and try to finish my ATs and commission. :huggle:

About Watcher Gifts..

They're on hold. I will be still doing one for each month as I set out to do, it's a matter really of when I do them. Right now I have already sketched March and chosen a watcher for April. I need to choose May and and June.  

However,  until I get myself in a better place in life and with my artistic inspiration, they're going to be put on hold for later.

Meaning some time int he future I will be doing a biiiiig upload of Watcher Gifts all at once.  But for now, I'm going to draw for me. I need to, or I won't be able to draw at all. :\ And I really want to reinvigorate myself artistically! :la:  

It'll also be great for me to try and improve myself in some areas at the same time, too. :love:

If you don't know about my Watcher Gift Project, read on:

Giving Gifts to Watchers!I've started a new project , to give back all those who have supported me!
That's right. I'm giving gifts randomly to my active watchers.  
I pick them randomly from my watcher list every month, and draw them something based on what is in their gallery or faves.  
( OCs, fave characters, ect.)
It's my way of saying thank you and to keep the spirit of appreciation and love alive~!  DeviantART can always use more of that. <3
Please keep in mind this DOES NOT mean I will be taking requests! AT ALL.
If you ask me for a request, which is NOT the same as a gift, I will NOT consider you for a gift.
It will defeat the purpose of this being random acts of kindness.
So please don't beg for one.
I will only be giving things to my watchers.  
Feel free to tell friends about this, so they have the chance of getting a gift too. <3
Thank you everyone for your continued support! You guys are so awesome!

For future reference..

I will not be open to Art Trades any more from this point. :c

As for commissions, I won't be reopening them again any time soon,--and when I do, it'll be sparingly.  

:heart: Thank you so much to everyone that has been so kind and wished me a Happy Birthday! :heart:

I received 109 Birthday congratulations!
Plus cake badges... points... and lots of love..!

I appreciate them all!
It made this birthday the best I have ever had!
You all are just so many kinds of awesome.

I wish I could go and thank every one of you personally, since I always do my best to respond to each and every comment or reply I receive.

But since I received too many, it would take me literally HOURS to reply to everyone singly.  
And trust me, it kills me inside that I'm not doing that.

However, a good friend suggested I just make a journal expressing my thanks collectively so I can do it faster and more efficiently.
( I'd hate to miss someone. )

I received so many birthday wishes on my profile and by note!
I was just so touched and grateful so many people took the time from their day to wish me a Happy Birthday!  
It made my day so much more special.
So thank you, everyone. THANK YOU. :love:

I would like to say an even more special thank you to those that sent me gift points.
Because of you I was able to purchase some deviantWEAR for my wardrobe! :la:


And also a special thank you to those that gave me a cake badge!
I know those don't come cheap. Now I have Om Nom Cake! :la:


A bigger thanks to those that joined in the communityrelations chat event with me!
I had wanted to host a chat event as a way for me to personally celebrate my birthday, by having fun with other deviants. :love:
It was a ton of fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself-- even when the server broke down! :giggle:
Thank you to these ladies who took time to help me and host it with me!
It couldn't have been more fabulous! :la:


And the BIGGEST thanks of all goes to those that gave me gift art!
These meant the most to me.
I know you both are busy gals, and have lots of things going on in your lives and many things on your agenda.
They were amazing, and you are... just so amazing to me.. :iconcraiplz:

:iconsnippetsrus: :thumb356446702:

:iconhyuga-hime: :thumb356335053:

:iconmiisu::iconsaysplz: I LOVE YOU ALL! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU, YOU SWEET DARLINGS. :heart:

The winner is..........


:clap: Congratulations! :clap:

:heart: You will receive your prize within the next few days! :heart:

Nyiana-sama, rydi1689 and myself are holding a brief 24-hour Anime&Manga contest for :iconcommunityrelations:

Anyone can join!…
Read below how to join!

You must draw your favorite OC or fandom character having cake! Be as creative as possible! :la:

It will officially end February 26th at 4pm EST! Please send all submissions to Miisu on this journal!

The three of us will judge for the winner thereafter! :eager:

The winner will receive a ONE YEAR SUB FOR A PRIZE! The prize will be handed out later by Moonbeam13.


:iconshabu-cream: :iconlisianthius: :iconsilverwinge: :iconthe-final-days: :iconminorpsycho: :icontokenabc: :iconmakodash:  :iconkorineko18:  :iconmelodiamystic:  
:iconprincesting:  :icon03am:  :iconkirinora-hime:  :icongrisarayas-x3: :iconnicoledaney: :iconkumalicious: :iconsirbufudyne: :iconawesomenairb12:
:iconpiinkmoon: :icontrogirl: :iconlen-chara:

That's right! 20 lucky deviants will receive 100 points each!

You don't have to be a watcher, but you MUST both fave and comment this journal for a chance to win. That's all!

This is in celebration of hitting 2000+ watchers!
Thank you all so much!  I'm very grateful to everyone single one of you!

The winners will be chosen like I do my raffles, randomly selected by a random number generator, broadcasted live on my livestream channel. ( Don't worry, it will be recorded and saved for those that cannot make it. ) I'll be choosing the winners on January 27th at 4pm EST. I'll post the link to the livestream and then announce winners as well as contact them. :love: Just make sure you faved the journal, since that's how I'll be choosing the lucky people!

Pimpin' My New RP Group!

Thu Dec 13, 2012, 7:13 AM

Opens applications DEC 15th!

About Sengoku-Legends

The year is 1562. . .

For the last hundred years, both youkai and humans alike have been fighting a tedious war over territory and loyalties.

The world is an uncertain, dangerous, and volatile place. Despite that, it is still a place full of mystical, fantastical things.

This period of warring states has divided not only the  humans from the supernatural beings-- but Japan itself into six Provinces ruled by Feudal Lords, or Daimyo.
Their retainers serve fiercely with undying devotion, taking to the battlefields over disputes for land and honor.

What path will you choose..?

:bulletpink:  What are Youkai?

In #Sengoku-Legends, it is the term used to describe Japanese spirits, deities, demons and any supernatural being.


:bulletpink: When can I apply?

After our Grand Opening Day, on December 15th.


:bulletpink: How do I apply?


One is for Humans, one is for Youkai.
But before you start on the application, Make sure you have read the World description and Rules page.  ALL OF IT PLEASE~. Because if you miss something, you'll likely end up confused. If you have any questions, comment or note the group. :love:



:bulletpink: Can I be a General?

Yes. Those spots are limited: one per group. Be certain you can handle it, as it will take a lot of initiative.
You'll basically be giving out orders and taking a lead in Battle Events.


:bulletpink: This isn't historically accurate!?

Uh, nope. This is a fantasy world complete with mythological creatures and magic.
I'd rather play in a place where we write our paths rather than follow one already written for me.


:bulletpink: When are Battle Events and what if I can't attend?

Battle events, after members are selected, will be announced on a weekly basis, and take place twice a week. If you can't attend, let the group know via note. But please do your best to make it.


:bulletpink: What is the Score Board?

After a Battle Event, the winning side of a battle will be determined by the attending admins and will receive +5 points for their group.

The losing side will have -2 points for their group.

The first group that reaches 100 points total in tally will be awarded 100 deviantART points each.
When that goal has been met, the Score Board will be reset to give other groups a chance to win.


Tue Nov 27, 2012, 6:28 AM

THank you for joining me on the live drawing on LS! We have our five winners!



Also, don't forget that  soon I'll be starting my giving back project, where I randomly select from my watchers, and draw them a gift!
I'll also be holding the occasional raffle like this, not every month because of the cost, but I will be doing them maybe every other month! :love: SO keep tuned, lovelies! :heart:


:bulletpink: Fave this journal. :+fav:

:bulletpink: Be a watcher. ( Feel free to add if you aren't. ) :+devwatch:

:bulletpink: Then!  Make a journal or poll of your own linking back to here-- so others may participate,. Once you have done this, COMMENT showing me you have done so. Commenting with your link will enter you in the raffle! :heart:

:bulletpink: PROFIT.

I will randomly select the FIVE WINNERS.  They will be posted in an edit of this journal on the day of deadline: December 6th.

:bulletpink: One 3 Month Premium Membership

:bulletpink: A Llama

:bulletpink: 100 DeviantART Points

Giving Gifts to Watchers!

Tue Nov 20, 2012, 9:08 AM

I've started a new project , to give back all those who have supported me!

That's right. I'm giving gifts randomly to my active watchers.  

I pick them randomly from my watcher list every month, and draw them something based on what is in their gallery or faves.  
( OCs, fave characters, ect.)

It's my way of saying thank you and to keep the spirit of appreciation and love alive~!  DeviantART can always use more of that. <3

Please keep in mind this DOES NOT mean I will be taking requests! AT ALL.

If you ask me for a request, which is NOT the same as a gift, I will NOT consider you for a gift.
It will defeat the purpose of this being random acts of kindness.
So please don't beg for one.

I will only be giving things to my watchers.  
Feel free to tell friends about this, so they have the chance of getting a gift too. <3

Thank you everyone for your continued support! You guys are so awesome!

11/12/2013 UPDATE:

All Commission Slots are currently CLOSED.

And commissioners who have not yet sent me a note, please make sure you do~.
Shortly I will be collecting payment once I finish my last batch of commissions--
so please make certain that you have the funds and ability to pay.

If you're interested in the open slot, read below and toss me a note of your commission request! :la:


10/15/3013 Update:

 I'm having some money troubles, and Christmas is coming up-- so I need to earn some spending money to buy gifts for my kiddo! :squee:

I will be opening commissions soon as my current ones are finished. I'm taking reserve spots right now and once I open up, then I'll ask for payment before I start work.

Please make sure you have the money or I won't hold the place for you and open the slot back up.

I constantly update as I finish commissions, so new slots open up as I go. c:

Please understand you HAVE to read all of my commission info to make sure you can pay me, and know the things I will and will not do. c:
You can also find this information on my front page.

1.) mittimit

2.) mittimit

3.) MikoYami







Commission Guidelines

:star: I WILL NOT draw the following: :star:

* Nudity, fetishes, anything that would make me uncomfortable.

* Grossly exaggerated body parts, giantesses, anthro/furry, alien/non-human, mecha/complex armor.

* Cartoony or DC/Marvel style stuff, I only do anime style art.

* Realism or asked to mimic a manga/anime style that is NOT my own.

* Extreme angles, because it may not come out as either of us expected and can get too frustrating. I don't like to disappoint.

* Cityscape / town/ buildings. My best suit is natural surroundings/nature. I'm still working on my skills when it comes to anything man-made or architectural.

* I will NOT draw anything that hasn't been paid for, or without a very good description, or reference.


:heart: But I WILL draw the following: :heart:

* Up to two characters. No more than that.

* Your original characters. Especially from fandoms such as Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Slayers, and Ao no Exorcist.

* I prefer to draw females over males because it's not only more fun, but I am much BETTER at it than drawing male figures.

* I reallly, really, enjoy drawing kimono or asian-inspired clothing, so feel free to ask me to do so, or design an outfit for your character!

* Fanart of anime or manga characters.

* I will design an outfit for your character, I love doing that! 

*If you have another artist use the illustration I drew in their work, at least have them lend me a little credit for it in the description.



* All commissions must be paid fully before I start work.

* BE PATIENT WITH ME! If you hassle me, I could/likely would lose inspiration and not be able to draw. Period. Understand that I have a life outside my art, things come up, I have a family to take care of, and I have intermittent health problems, and also don't always do commissions in the order I receive them. I do them in the order of inspiration.

* Again, trust I WILL get it done. I never break my promises, and if for some reason I can't fulfill it I will let you know and fully refund your money. But it's extremely unlikely that will happen.

* If you're unhappy with the way your finished commission turned out, please show me courtesy and not comment your displeasure on the deviation itself, but NOTE me your concerns. I can't always fix a problem when it's already done, but what I can I will fix.

* I need proper visual references, I will not go by description alone. Let me know in a brief paragraph about their personality too, as well as any vital details about the character like their likes, quirks that I may be able to use. Make sure you also know what you want when you note me, first come first serve! c:

* If you're asking for certain details that will take extra work/time, I will charge a little extra depending on the request; like Accessories/Props that may cause me some extra work, for example. I won't always, but if it's something that takes me a lot of time, it'll up the price by a couple of dollars.

* I no longer accept points as payment unless stated otherwise. I also don't accept payment through paypal because of personal reasons.
I ONLY accept Amazon giftcards!


How to Note Me

You MUST give me all these details in a note before I accept your commission. Sometimes the price may vary depending on the complexity of what you ask.

Commission Type :

( Transparent BG, Simple BG, Complex BG, and 1 or 2 characters)

Character Name(s):

Character References:

(visual please, do not give me a verbal description.)

Character Personality:

(please keep it brief.)

Character Facts:

(favorite flowers, colors, season, random things I may be able to use)

Commission Request:

( pose, mood, BG, clothes, ect.)


Payment Method

* I only accept now Amazon Giftcards.
I cannot accept paypal for personal reasons.

* That means you'll need an account, and a credit or debit card.

* Please do not make a request or note me if you are not sure you can do this!

:heart: How to send me a giftcard:
1. ) Click here -->… || OR: Go to and go to "Giftcards" at the top left of the page, then under the Digital category, click "Email."

2. ) Enter payment amount; my email which I will give to you through devArt Note; your deviantart username in the message so I know it's from you ; and make sure its marked to be sent NOW.

3. ) Click "Add to Order" button.

4. ) Then on the right or the page click "Proceed to Checkout".

5. ) Fill out your payment details.

6. ) Let me know when you sent the giftcard by note so I make sure it is received! ;)


Commission Options

( Please keep in mind that some props/accessories, or certain details in the BG  will add to the price. I must have ALL info in the note before I accept and settle on the price. )

Transparent BKG Style 1

$20 ( Make it two characters for 10$ more )
His Perfect Lady by Miisu Happy Birthday, My Sweet Jackass by Miisu

Transparent BKG Style 2

$25 ( Make it two characters for 10$ more )
The Lady in Waiting by Miisu Chou no Himitsu by Miisu Shinryu by Miisu Comm -- Himawari by Miisu

Simple BKG

$25 ( Make it two characters for 10$ more )
That Classy Lady by Miisu FALCON PUNCH by Miisu White Vermillion Azure -- For SengokuLegends by Miisu The Oracle -- Practice by Miisu

Complicated BKG

$45+ depending on BG complexity ( Make it two characters for 5$ more )

* The following are in order of work level, the more detail you higher the price.  We'll discuss it in the commission note.
Soothsayer by Miisu

Mature Content

You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All by Miisu
February Contest Entry-- Come on, Wake up! by Miisu I Don't Want to be Here-- TAKE THE PICTURE ALREADY by Miisu First Bloom's Wish by Miisu Sisterly Bonding by Miisu

Art Features!

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 14, 2012, 8:46 AM

The first 15 that commented on this journal have received three features of my choosing!

Those that commented and received features were bound to also do the same as I did by posting their own feature journal and placing me in the first feature slot~! As SnippetsRUs said in her journal that I got this from, this is all about spreading art around and community spirit. :love:

Thanks for the awesome response! I loved looking through the galleries! :la:

The Features!

1.) :iconsnippetsrus: ( Not only my favorite writer on the internet,but she is amazing at creating awesome original characters! They're full of personality and quirks, and have depth to them. I never get tired of whatever pops out of her head! Check her gallery for her stories and characters, you won't be disappointed! )
:thumb304921457: :thumb275971530: :thumb304747416:
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A Tale of a Mary Sue Chapter 1Hi, I'm Adam. Adam Berkshire. I'm a 9th grader at Jackson High School, have a nice family of a mother and father, two older siblings, two younger siblings, a nice two story house, and two dogs.
But enough of me, I have to get to what my story is about, my friend, Mary Sue. Yes, her name is really Mary Sue. I don't know what her parents were on when they named her. She doesn't know, either. And to be honest, she's no where near being a "Mary Sue". Unlike the stories I've read about with Mary Sues, she's perfectly fine with herself, with her body and personality and all. She doesn't care whether or not she's beautiful, she's just fine with the way she is.
Why am I telling you a story about her? Weeeeeeeellll, this story is actually really interesting. It all started at lunch a few months ago, where Mary Sue and I talked about the track team.
"I can't wait to try out. I hope I can get in, Abs," Mary Sue said, as she chewed her sandwich (She and I have nicknames for each other. I'm Abs, si
A Tale of a Mary Sue Chapter 2So, to sum up my first day there, I was thrown onto the teacher's desk by Annabelle, threatened by Ace to not bother Purity, saw Simone cut herself to make me feel sorry for her, got attacked by Jerald, and had been forcibly enrolled to help those loony students by the Nurse and the principal.
It was the end of school, and Mary Sue and I were at my room, doing our homework. My parents were downstairs, cooking, while my older siblings went back to college after the weekend, and my little ones were visiting our aunt next door.
"God... What did I do to deserve this?!" I moaned, throwing my arms up in the air. Mary Sue, unfazed, replied, "What, our math homework?"
"You know what I mean, Ms. I can't believe that we're in a classroom full of people that need to be in a loony bin!"
"Not all of them are bad. I mean, the Greatest Evil wasn't there today, and-"
"Wait, who's the "Greatest Evil"?"
"Well, first off, The Greatest Evil prefers it if you put a capital 'T' in "The"."
"How is using a lo
So Big, Yet So SmallComing home from school,
Feeling so uncool.
Just being alone,
Like a bag of bones,
I don't have any
I look so big,
I may look so tall,
Yet I feel so small,
So I can't give it my all.
Just let me continue my fall.
I look so big, yet I feel so
Life continues on,
Every moment, gone.
Every step I take,
Every move I make,
I still feel so
I look so big,
I may look so tall,
Yet I feel so small,
So I can't give it my all.
Just let me continue my fall.
I look so big, yet I feel so
Each and every day,
They keep knocking me
Down. Always pushing me,
Always hurting me.
No one ever helps,
So I have to fend
For myself.
It's no so easy,
When you're someone like me.
I look so big,
I may look so tall,
Yet I feel so small,
So I can't give it my all.
Just let me continue my fall.
I look so big, yet I feel so
In my little room,
I sit, so confused.
Why am I still here?
Life's too hard to bare,
And I'm so scared,
It's just not fair.
I look so big,
I may look so tall,

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SilenceThis is a poem about what people seem to like that drives me nuts Begining LoversTake me into your arms
Hold me forever
My heart beats
Fast in my chest
Your kiss
Is gentle and passionate
Your touch
Soft and longing
Your eyes
Soft and happy
Your laugh
Rings happily in my ears
I enjoy
Seeing you smile
I am glad we
Have what
We have now
ConfusionThis was a poem I wrote a while back it pertains to lots of things let me know what you all think
Frustration by AmberPalette

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Lovers II WIP, Kuroshitsuji by AmberPalette

Naruto Vs Sasuke by XepherKL Happy Birthday Kaylee :D by XepherKL Xanxus by XepherKL
A Merman's Tail of Atlantis PrologPrologue
A storm was brewing in the depths of the Atlantic sea, Amenlel could sense it. Looking around, he saw the ruins of his beloved home and country, eroded by the salty waters of the sea and moss that had laid claim to pillars, stone floors, arch ways, and ceilings. His throne, that he lay on his side, however, it was clean from any sign of erosion and moss. He sighed deeply as he remembered the final days of his land, country, and his people.
"We must hurry! Get all of the women and children to the boats! Quickly now, quickly!" Amenlel ordered as droves of his people and commanders ran towards the boats, the men helped the women, children and elderly on to the boats as the storm clouds darkened further, lightning flashed over and over again as the rain beat down in droves. His turquoise-aqua-blue eyes looked around and realized that some of the cracks of thunder weren't only thunder. Turning he saw that the great watchtower that his great grandfather had built cracked, bro
A Merman's Tail of Atlantis Chapter OneChapter One
Ashlyn placed her hands on the railing of the curse ship, the wind blew gently through her light brown hair, and a huge smile spread over her face the ocean waters slowly began to get dark as the sun set.
"Woooow!" She said with a smile as she looked at the sunset. Her parents were nearby on deck, watching her with smiles on their faces. Her father had just got a raise and thought that it would be a good chance to go a mini vacation.
"Mama, Papa, look! Look! Isn't the sea pretty?"
Her father laughed as he joined Ashlyn and rapped his arm around her. "Yes it's pretty, just like you and your mother. But we live right by the sea and see it every morning."
"That may be true dear." Her mother chimed in. "But if you recall, we're all on a cruiser for a full whole week so it's going to be completely different." She spoke with a smile as she gave a loving look at both of them.
Ashlyn looked over the edge of the boat as her parents began to kiss behind her back. Something in
The Legend of the WolfThe legend of the wolf.
Fear is something that we have all faced. It holds us; binds us to the thing that makes us fear the dark. In the dark, I hear it growl in taste for blood, my blood.
So now I run in the dark forest hoping it won't catch me.
But I know it will.
It calls out my name, Jessica. In a fearsome howl of need for blood and desire to tare my flesh out in the woods and that only I can hear it, letting me know that I have nowhere to hide.
Then I remembered my older brother, and what told me when I was little.
Fear is only a word. He would say. That tells us that we fear only what we do not understand. That one's imagination can magnify all of our comings and goings. And that furthermore all things pass.
I only wished what he said to me would click into my mind, so that I could face this thing head on without fear.
He said that all fear when dealing with something unknown would kick into my mind like being in a mid-run. And it did.
My fear, which made me feel de

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