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'Good, good, good.'

Cali bit down on the scream that tried to crawl out of her throat. The roof of the main campus office never seemed as high as it did right then. The wind curled around her and she steadied herself, just in case. 

Always just in case.

Cali wrapped her arms around herself, trying to settle all the fear that was bubbling in her stomach. Her breath stuttered, eyes twitched, palms itched as if she were allergic to... to—

'Good, good, good.'

She whimpered and the doors banged open.

Kane lit up when he saw her, but Cali could see the lines of worry and stress. She smiled—it felt as fake as she herself did, but Kane relaxed at the sight of it. At the sight of her. A hot flash of shame warmed the back of her neck; Cali tightened her grip on her arms to keep her hands in place.

"I came as fast I could," Kane said. He wrapped his arms around her, his hands running up and down her spine. Cali shivered - she felt cold down to her soul. Kane pulled back just enough to look her in the face. "Hey, it'll be okay, alright? We're going to be just fine."

Cali wished she could believe him.

'Good, good, good.'

She inhaled through her teeth, every breath shaking, and explained. Cali told Kane (so trusting, so loving, so willing to accept her words as the truth) that they each needed to throw something important to them off the roof. So simple, she told him, and he—he believed her. Cali gestured to her backpack, said 'I've got everything we need' - said 'Something for you and something for me' - said 'Just throw it off the building and we'll be alright'.

And Kane squeezed her gently, kissed her forehead, and said right back, "I love you."

Kane stepped back, taking all the warmth with him, and Cali had to stop herself from reaching out and curling her fingers into his jacket. He grinned, all crooked charm that nestled itself right next to her heart, and said, "Well? Let's do this."

"Yeah," Cali said, nodding in sporadic jerks. She turned and walked back to the bag, it's straps old and faded. She could hear Kane move over to the lip of the roof and bit her tongue, just in case.

Cali knelt down to wrestle her bag open. "D-Don't forget! Right over the edge."

"Got it. Just throw it my way and I'll hurl it as far as I can."

She stifled the wail that beat on the back of her teeth and reached in. She gripped the knife she had been given just the night before. The murmuring grew even louder in her ears, an infinite droning that sent chills through her bones. The cold settled deep into her marrow. Cali took a deep breath, twisted, lunged—

'Good, good, good.'

She hadn't realized how easy it would be.

Cali didn't know what They made the knife out of, but it slipped easily between Kane's ribs. When the blade could go in no longer, Cali pushed off and away. She landed back on the ground, sobs and sorries falling from her lips. Kane stumbled back, his hands wrapped around the handle. His eyes were wide, the whites of them so bright they almost glowed.

She gasped, tried to spit the regret out, hoping and praying that he understood. That he could ever understand why she did it, but the words wouldn't come out. Cali heaved, hands reaching and splayed open—to catch him? Hold him? Clutch Kane close and beg for forgiveness?

Kane coughed, blood dripping in thin lines from the corners of his mouth. His heels hit the edge of the roof. He smiled.

"Something important from the roof, huh?" His voice was raspy in a way only meant for early mornings. Cali sobbed again. "It's okay, Cal, it's okay. I can't blame you. And, and death is - is easy, ya know?"

He wavered back and forth. Cali followed him with her eyes, body shivering too hard to move. Kane took a breath. "It's just like falling asleep."

Kane stumbled forward and finally tipped back. Cali was silent as the grave as Kane fell - she could so easily hear the thump of his body on cement. She couldn't scream, couldn't call for help—all she could do was lay there and weep.

Weep, weep, weep even as the wind blew around her, its wisps tugging on her getting more and more solid. Everything was too much and not enough and Cali almost exploded - but not yet.

Even with her sweet, dead Kane yards below her, Cali could feel Their dissatisfaction. The wind turned to ribbons, to branches, to fingers; fingers with nails like claws, so long and thin and sharpsharpsharp, sharp like the knife Cali used to kill Kane—oh god she killed Kane—and They were reaching for her. They plucked at her hair, crooning in her ears about how good, good, good she was. They ran down her skin, silky touches that made her heart pound and the whispering got louder (she followed through, after all, yes she did as she was told, yes now please, please, please leave).

They cupped her face in Their hands. One curled around her knee, another at her hip, at her ankle and wrist and arm. Her throat.

Cali knew. She could feel it in her blood—she had done as They had asked. It wasn't enough.

She closed her eyes, thought of Kane, and was dragged away.

'Good, good, good.'
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I am solidly disturbed by this, and I want more.
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I dont normaly read the text deviations but after this i think i might cause this was amazing. I could read a whole book like this.
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Congrats on the DD!
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Gripping, terrifying, captivating. Very well done.

Congratulations on a well-deserved DD :clap:
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Ewwww my gawd that was Awful - good!   And somehow,.. so typical of life, too.   :iconclapplz:!!!

Very nicely done!!

Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)!

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Oooo. Nicely done - and nice ending twist. Really like the use of language in the fifth-last paragraph.
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congrats on the dd (dunkin donuts)!!! <3
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I just loved the descriptions of Cali as she wrestled with what she was doing. That twist that it wasn't enough was great too.
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