righteous bitch, crowned queen

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One hand snapped up, the chain around her wrist breaking in the middle - the small links of gold glittered as she raised a finger to his face. She spat, "I give you this oath—no matter how fast the wind makes you or how much the light blinds my view, you will never cease to escape me. I will claw my way out of this cell and you will know pain."

"Your threats can do nothing for you now," Avaris said. His voice was steady, no fear in the calmness of his hands.

The chain reformed, her arm yanked back down into place. Slowly, the Earth began to pull her down within it.

(No, no, no - no fear in his body. No fear in his mind.
But those eyes? Yes - yes, fear in his soul.)

The Earth was unforgiving, but even nature did not dare interrupt a queen.

"I do not deal with petty, childish threats, Avaris. Did you not hear me or did you become deaf as well as traitorous?" Her gaze burned a hole into the shaky peace of his future death—as if she knew where he would one day be buried. As if she had already dug up the dirt. "That was an oath. A vow."

Domvel bared her teeth and leaned forward, the ground already up to her thighs. She yanked her other arm forward, the chain ripping itself a foot out of the ground and pulled taut as she pointed at Avaris' face once more. A fallen queen with magic just as chained as her body should have made her words all too easy to ignore.

But there was something in that point.

"I give you my promise."

Something in those words.

"One day I shall be free and you will suffer as I soon will—"

In that godforsaken finger.

"—and you will beg for mercy. You will beg."

That felt an awful lot like a curse.

"Upon my immortal soul, I swear it!"
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