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"My darling, you only get more and more beautiful everyday," Ria said, her voice the same disinterested tone as she said - well, everything in. She hadn't even done much else than glance up at Katerina—hardly took in their newly colored hair, the neat line of their makeup, the press and fold of a very rarely worn dress. All Ria did was bade her fiance the deadpan compliment before turning the page of her book.

Sarrel could feel the irritation crackle around her brother. A single look at his face and she could tell that Elias was grinding his teeth again. She sighed and made a mental note to call their dentist later.

It didn't take a genius to see that Elias was just barely hanging on to his last nerve when it came to Ria. Or, more specifically, Ria's treatment of her soon to be spouse. The amount of complaining her little brother did about the whole affair was enough for Sarrel to seriously eye their mother's liquor cabinet.

"She never treats them right!" Elias would mutter under his breath. "Katerina goes through so much trouble and Ria doesn't even care!"

Sarrel's eyes drifted back to Katerina, still in the doorway. They were quite the sight to behold; Sarrel didn't know what the special occasion was, but Katerina surely went above and beyond for it. She looked back to Ria, still lounging in her ridiculously expensive suit. Sarrel squinted at the fabric. She couldn't tell if the suit was one of Ria's regular bow to me, peasants outfits or if it was a new I earned my money, now look at me outfit.

When Ria looked like everything she owned was tailored to the nth degree, spotting a dressed up version of her normal wear was near impossible. According to Elias, that was just another mark against her. Not only was she conceited, he would hiss, but she was pretentious, too—like it was a crime to spend the money you made.

Sarrel didn't know Ria that well, but she had came to her defense with a sharp tongue at that remark.

The disconnect between the two women really did work against Ria, though. Sarrel knew better than to believe her brother at face value, especially when it came to Katerina, but she had doubts on the closeness of her and Ria. She had only met them one at a time, never together, but it was hard to put bubbly Katerina anywhere near the ever judgmental Ria and have it make sense.

With how vehemently Elias spoke about Katerina's supposedly stagnant relationship, Sarrel could imagine that Ria just didn't give her fiance their due affection. Sarrel couldn't imagine Ria being affectionate point blank. It was all too easy of her to look back at Katerina and expect them to deflate at such an offhand line.

Instead, though, Katerina glowed.

"Oh, thank you!" They gave a little spin. Elias went doe-eyed. "Of course, you're just as gorgeous as yesterday too!"

Ria hummed, still looking at her book. "Thank you, darling."

Back to silently fuming Elias went. Katerina skipped over to Ria and wrapped their arms around her shoulders. They only had to lean over a little bit to hook their chin into the curve of Ria's neck.

They openly nuzzled into Ria's cheek. Ria just leaned back and kept on reading. Beside Sarrel, Elias crossed his arms and leaned back in his own chair.

Sarrel quickly glanced between the couple. Ria had barely twitched at the invasion of her space and Katerina looked happy enough to be leaning all over her. Before Sarrel could make head or tail of it (to her, it was like a walk through the Twilight Zone), Ria snapped her book shut.

Katerina unwound themself and stepped back, letting Ria unfold her unreasonable height from the chair. She tucked her book in the elbow of one arm, offered up the other, and asked, "Are you ready, my darling?"

There that name went again. My darling. Sarrel had never heard Ria call anything, let alone anyone, something as sweet as darling. But Katerina just took her elbow and smiled, as if it were their actual name, and said yes.

Ria glanced at Sarrel and Elias as the two of them walked past. She inclined her head just a bit to Sarrel, shot Elias an unimpressed raised eyebrow, and muttered just loud enough for them to hear, "Have a pleasant evening."

Sarrel just nodded back. Katerina giggled and said, "See you guys later!"

Even when they had finally left and Elias was back to bitching, Ria's voice drifted down the hall - she sounded strangely fond. Sarrel could just barely make it out and she couldn't help the smile that rose in response.

"Now now, I'm coming, there is no need to tug me along. It's a dinner reservation, my love, not a plane to catch."

Sarrel was sure Katerina was in just fine hands.
in reference to the way i love my girlfriend - aka bluntly and with no romantic subtext.

written/edited in under an hour. my commissions are open.
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