You Make Me Unsteady

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Jeong-Hui was bent over, his lungs getting the biggest work out they've had in the past month. He could feel where the sweat gathered, and where his shirt stuck to it. He grimaced at the ground, wondering for what had to be the nth time why he thought playing against Robbie was a good idea.

Still panting, Jeong-Hui raised his head just enough to see Robbie's face. His friend just grinned back. He snapped the basketball back and forth between his hands. Jeong-Hui glared up at him.

Robbie bit his lip, trying to stop his laughter. It didn't work. "You okay there, J-Hui?"

"Hey, Robbie, do me a favor," Jeong-Hui wheezed, "and shut up."

Laughter finally bursting past his weak defenses, Robbie threw his head back. Utterly unsympathetic, he just watched Jeong-Hui as he groaned. Robbie rolled his eyes and reached out, but all his hand grabbed was air.

Robbie blinked at where a pale Jeong-Hui had been. He slowly looked down, only for his laughter to return with a vengence. Jeong-Hui had thrown himself back and now laid eagle spread against the tarmac. Still snickering, Robbie gasped, "I - I thought you were more active than this!"

Jeong-Hui's eyes stared up at the sky past Robbie's ridiculously blond head. The color kept catching his eye, forcing him back to Robbie's equally bright eyes. Jeong-Hui just looked at him while he laughed—just watched him bend and stretch, and noted how his smile pulled at his cheeks. He glanced down at Robbie's hands, the ball clutched against his stomach. Jeong-Hui knew how rough those hands were; he could feel the callouses every time Robbie messed with his hair, could feel how warm they were no matter how many layers of clothing came between them.

He thought of his own hands, his own wrists and arms. Jeong-Hui would never wish his arms on anyone. Just as Robbie seemed to finally get over his laughing fit, Jeong-Hui looked up. His arms were still completely covered, his hoodie keeping them hidden from view.

Relief filled him and he sighed. Robbie must have taken it as irritation because he grinned, unrepentant, and said, "Oh come on, J-Hui, you can always get better."

Jeong-Hui sighed again, this time in authentic exasperation. "Robbie, I walk. I don't run myself into the ground like you do."

The man snorted, a smirk resting easily on his lips. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now let me help you up before you decide it's nap time."

"I don't know, it is pretty comfy down here," Jeong-Hui said mildly. He flopped an arm up once Robbie got close enough. He marveled at the difference of their skin for a split second before Robbie yanked him upright. Jeong-Hui stumbled forward a foot, Robbie's arm shooting out to keep him standing.

If Jeong-Hui was more focused on Robbie's arms than his own feet, it could hardly be considered his fault.

One of those arms made its way around Jeong-Hui's shoulders. He was short enough that it wasn't uncomfortable, but Robbie's arm practically dwarfed his entire upper body. He tugged at his sleeves, fingers playing at their worn edges, before he slid his hands into his pockets. Jeong-Hui easily let himself be dragged off.

"Well, I think we know who won," Robbie crooned, basketball steady on the tips of his fingers.

Jeong-Hui eyed him, careful to keep his smile at bay. "We weren't even keeping score."

"Yeah, but if we were, I'd have won!" Robbie's eyes shined. Jeong-Hui just rolled his eyes and sighed, that hidden smile teasing the edges of his lips.

Jeong-Hui glanced about as they strolled out of the basketball court. They walked along the dirt path that connected the court to the rest of the park; bright, green arms of the lined pine trees providing just enough shade in the warm summer sun. Jeong-Hui had to smile at the sight. He had to smile at the sound, too.

Robbie had taken the moment of silence to fill it—his voice was pleasant enough that Jeong-Hui didn't mind. Even if he did, he wouldn't have said anything. Jeong-Hui just stayed quiet and let Robbie talk about his classes. He went off, gushing about his writing courses and how he actually likes what he's researching, but there's this one teacher that just confuses him everyday and—

Jeong-Hui doesn't think he's ever been more handsome.

He thinks that he won't remember the confusing teacher's name later, nor the confusing class they teach. He thinks he won't recall what topic Robbie was researching either, because he's just listening to Robbie's voice but not his words. Jeong-Hui tried to tune back in, his attention going in and out like a camera that made everything too blurry. He tried to look at Robbie's face, tried to keep his eyes up and focused - tried to listen like a good best friend, but nothing stuck.

All Jeong-Hui thought about was the weight of Robbie's arm across him. He thought about how close his tattoo was, about how he could make out the details in the design with eyes that pretended they weren't there when Robbie had gotten it done. He thought about how that basketball was still balanced on the tips of his fingers—Jeong-Hui saw nothing but that orange ball and those blue eyes and a white smile, and everything turned to static.

Robbie still talked and the wind whistled through the leaves, but Jeong-Hui couldn't focus on any of it. He couldn't quite remember the last time he so vividly felt the sunshine, or saw those green leaves, or had been so happy without knowing of the pain that lingered beyond every corner.

But there was no pain here. There was never any pain with Robbie.

Jeong-Hui continued to listen as Robbie continued to talk, the both of them slowly walking with no where in mind. Soon enough, Jeong-Hui was able to tear himself away long enough to catch sight of a bench in front of them. Jeong-Hui quickly steered them both toward it, Robbie immediately following right behind.

He chuckled. "I was wondering when your inner cat was going to come out."

Jeong-Hui spun on his heel and bumped his shoulder against Robbie's. "Don't hate on my naps. Sleep's good for you, anyway."

"Yeah, sleep, as in, you know, nighttime."

"Hey Robbie, do me a favor."

Robbie smiled crookedly, the slightest bit of a dimple showing. "Shut up?"

Jeong-Hui threw his hands in the air and spun. "Gasp, shock, awe—you have been listening!"

The both of them snickered at each other. Jeong-Hui climbed over the bench and laid across it, filling it entirely. Robbie huffed at him in amusement, receiving nothing back except for a grin. Robbie rolled his eyes and lifted Jeong-Hui's feet from one end, tossing them off and sitting down before Jeong-Hui could put them back.

"Hey!" Robbie just watched as his friend sat back and then leaned over, resting his entire body weight against Robbie's side.

All of his breath whooshed out. "Man, I can't breathe."

Jeong-Hui looked him dead in the eye. "Good."

Robbie gasped out, laughing as hard as he could without choking. He gently pushed Jeong-Hui back and rearranged him, tucking him under his chin. Weight now on his shoulder than his stomach, Robbie slouched back.

Warm and comfortable, Jeong-Hui just let himself be moved. When they both settled, he nonchalantly said, "Wake me up and I tackle you off this bench."

Robbie just shook his head fondly and pulled his phone out. Jeong-Hui fell asleep within seconds.

With Jeong-Hui pressed against him, Robbie was perfectly happy to let him sleep. He spent some time just mindlessly scrolling through his apps, but nothing really caught his attention for longer than a minute or two. Labeling it a false hope, Robbie sighed and sat back. He slipped his phone back into his pocket.

He glanced at Jeong-Hui to make sure he hadn't been bothered, a smile automatically rising, before he looked back down the path. Robbie could understand why Jeong-Hui loved the outdoors so much—there was just something in the air, as if the whole world was watching every movement with fond eyes and careful hands. 

From where they sat, Robbie could just barely make out the basketball court they had been playing on. Their game felt like forever ago and also like it happened in the last five minutes, though he knew it hadn't even been an hour.

Robbie leaned back and tossed his other arm over the bench. His head rolled back, and he just gazed at the leaves up above. He clicked his tongue and wondered why he was so antsy; his entire body thrummed with energy he had no use for. Robbie sat back up, his arm pulling at him as a reminder that he could not stray too far. 

Jeong-Hui weighed almost nothing and it wouldn't be hard to move him, but Robbie wasn't going to just leave him by himself. Instead, he pressed back into Jeong-Hui, his cheek smooshed against his hair, and started to talk.

He's quiet at first, murmuring into Jeong-Hui's hair. It was filled with a lot of nothings and too many somethings—he spilled everything from old memories to what he hoped to convince Jeong-Hui to do with him. He told his sleeping body that he loved their friendship - but that he also loved Jeong-Hui, but he couldn't bring himself to apologize for it. 

Robbie whispered along the crown on his head, "I know you hurt, J-Hui, and you don't know how much I wish I could help more. I don't know why and I don't know how, but someone hurt you once and I wish I knew. I wish you could tell me, but I can't ask and I won't ask - I would never do that to you."

It's not long after that he stopped talking. He just sat there, curled over Jeong-Hui, and wondered how much more it would take to make the words come out. Robbie closed his eyes and he doesn't know how long it had been when he found them snapping back open.


A woman stood in front of them, dressed in light exercise gear. She was smiling, as if she had just heard a pleasant secret. Robbie just looked at her.

"I'm really sorry to bother you, but I just had to say that you two are a really cute couple," she said, her voice soft. Her eyes were soft, too.

Robbie hadn't realized the heart could physically ache until that moment; but still, he smiled and thanked her. Robbie watched her leave, kept looking at her even when he no longer saw the swish of her ponytail. He sighed, sat back, and closed his eyes. Jeong-Hui had the right idea, Robbie thought, and fell asleep with him.

It felt like no time at all when Jeong-Hui finally woke up, his little movements waking Robbie from his light doze. Robbie, his eyes heavy lidded, just watched as Jeong-Hui tried to stretch within the confines of his arm. When Jeong-Hui finally opened his eyes, Robbie got off of him, mischievous grin already in place.

"Have a nice nap, Sleeping Beauty?" Robbie teased. "Man, you could sleep just about anywhere at anytime. It's almost a superpower."

Jeong-Hui just scoffed. "Oh, please," he replied, his voice scratchy from sleep, "taking naps is scientifically good for you. Go away."

He pushed Robbie, only succeeding in pushing himself back an inch. Eyes narrowed at the challenge, Robbie pushed Jeong-Hui back. In one swift, easy move, Jeong-Hui yelped and toppled off and over the bench.

Robbie appeared over him in a flash, hands raised and fluttering as if he wanted to check for injuries, but was also too afraid to touch him. He laughed at his friend, concerned but far more amused, and asked, "Are you okay?"

Jeong-Hui just laid on the ground, limbs spread out, and he had the heaviest bout of déjà vu. He looked up with a deadpan stare and grumbled back, "Why are you like this?"

Robbie paused before falling down with Jeong-Hui, holding his stomach as he laughed. Jeong-Hui smirked, his eyes fond when they met Robbie's.

Between all the laughter and the ridiculousness hidden among the trees, they thought, 'What did I do to deserve him?'

And if a woman on her way back home happened to smile more brightly than usual, there was no one the wiser.
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words cannot express how beAUTIFUL this is ;;u;;

gosh you captured them literally so well??? im about to cry this is so amazing and better than anything i could have hoped for!!!

thank you so much again for accepting my commission!! ill definitely be back for more sometime in the future!! <333