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Tutorial how to make ears

By MiiruMiru
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So i got asked by one of my friends how i made my ears for my cheshire cosplay..
And i thought that now i was going to make ears for my okami cosplay, then i might as well make a tutorial xD
this is my first picture tutorial so it's not that perfect, but i did my best xD
Hope it might be useful for some people ^w^
If you have any questions, feel free to ask ~
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Amy: So... wait, do I sew the front and back pieces together inside out and then flip turn it right side out? What do you mean when you say to turn it?
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just curious
but would this work for making bear ears as well?
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i'm not fully understand #8 :/ how's the fabric laid out before sewing it?
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thx for the tutorial! I didn´t know how to make fox ears!
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no problem, i just hope it was helpful! :D
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It's awsome but does it work for headbands or hair clips?
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If you make it flat in the bottom it should be possible!
I mean like, cut out a bottom piece and sew it on, then sew/glue the hairclip on!
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[link] but can it work for hair clips?
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This is fantastic; I'm actually in the process of doing an Amaterasu cosplay myself and the ears have been giving me a lot of trouble. So finding this was perfect timing. : )
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Glad it was helpfull!!
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This helped me so much! :3 i just just finished my ears
MiiruMiru's avatar
I'm glad my tutorial was helpful !! :3
Giggles4evr's avatar
x3 i would never have thought to do it the way you did it hahaha
MiiruMiru's avatar
well i'm actually surprised to see that i've been one of very few to use this method !!
Giggles4evr's avatar
i know! and it's actually hard to find a Good tutorial...i've searched. so yours was like a miracle haha
MiiruMiru's avatar
Haha i'm really glad you see it that way!!
It's always nice to know that something you made is helpful :3
Giggles4evr's avatar
XD Very helpful. thanks for making it!
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They're so cute! (You're very pretty by the way! ^^)
MiiruMiru's avatar
glad you like them! :3
And thank you so much !!
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I mean soo cute lol
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Dooo cute!!! Thank u :3
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what type of hand sewing technique did you use? (ex. back hand ,blanket, hem)
Im whating to know becaus Im planning to make ears for my next cosplay next year (that will be my second this year is my first) and plus I can hand sew very well ^^
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