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Free Cat Lineart


Okay, so new cat lineart. (:

Entirly free to use, and LOOK, I even have different ones you can fill in:
Link includes more toony like eyes, long fur, a less happy version, and a double sided one incase your character is non-symmetrical!

That kind of awkward blank space at the top can be used to include the character's name, age, and all that stuff.

So you know... No one has any reason to ever use that old lineart again. 8C
And hay, if you used the old lineart maybe you want to update it to this?
You don't HAVE to, but I would really love if the old one wasn't used anymore, but of course you're still free to. XD

You can alter the lineart as much as you need to! You can draw you own ears, your own face, add hair, whatever you need to do to fit your character.

Feel free to use this to make adoptables!

You may NOT profit from the lineart itself.
Yes you can use it to make and sell adoptables, but you absolutely can't offer to color it in as someone's character for any sort of payment.
(Why would anyone pay to have FREE lineart colored anyways?)



Do NOT remove my name from the lineart. That's all there is to it.
Do not remove it for any reason.
You can move it around, or whatever, but it needs to be legible. (Meaning you can clearly read it)
I do NOT WANT you to remove it and just give me credit in the description. I want the name to remain on there.

It shouldn't be too much trouble. :> Thank you and enjoy!

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Just so you know, this person, , is using this base without crediting in the description!

I'm unsure if that's a problem with you or not, but I thought it'd be fair to let you know!
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Using! Thank you
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could you upload a transparent one?
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Hey there Seb! Just wanted to show you that i used this lineart finally!! :D…
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Using, thank you!
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Can I use this for point adopts?? And credit you the lineart?
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I have seen drawings like this is youtube. are you, by any change, bluekiokitty?
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