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i'm offering quick and fairly clean sketches for $10 or 1,000 :points: for ponies or other animals
$15 or 1,500 :points: for humanoids

general face shading is free but if you want shading for the whole thing it's $7 extra
there won't be a slot limit since these are pretty quick

:star:prices may change depending on complexity:star:

C:Jotaku by miinti C:StarMassacre by miinti C:Teacup+honey by miinti C:SuperNovaAdoptables by miinti Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 8.27.46 PM by miinti C:fluttersss by miinti
if you want a specific color just let me know otherwise i'll pick one - if you don't like it, it's super easy to change anyway.

feel free to note me!

if you are interested in a painted commission currently, please be aware the process may take multiple months

:star:refunds specifically for paintings can be done as long as i have not started coloring and takes 4+ months.:star:

commsssss [closed]Opening a few comms for funnnn~
Playing with new brush settings lately so it'll be kinda experimental!
$10 or 1,000 :points: for sketches (+$7 for entire shade)
$30 or 3,000 :points: per pony character
$40 or 4,000 :points: per humanoid character
(may cost extra depending on complexity/details)

(can also do NSFW)
Just note if interested~ <3

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I'd luff to commish you more *3* But my last monays just went to an emergency Valentine's commish soooo... >u<;;;

PLUS I don't wanna DROWN you in my wants e3e;
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Will your commission be open long?
I would love to commission you, but is a  bit broke right now too. :( But if your still open in about 2 weeks, i would love to get one from you.
miinti's avatar
i'd say there's a good chance they'll be open for a while.
haven't been getting a whole lot of people so yee u v u
LadyBear80's avatar
OKay, great to know. :3 Hopefully i can buy one from you soon.

Im sorry to hear. :(
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gosh I really wanna get one of those! I admire your style, since it's so different from mine. Though i don't really know what i'd want...
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hh thank you ; v ;
Nekorukio's avatar
Once i found out what i want i'll let you know! i gotta have one of your sketches!
miinti's avatar
haha okay! <3
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Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-05 (Kawaii Stare) [V1] Aaa these are so beautiful~<33 I love your art so much!
But I think I'd miss normal color from it, I hope you can get enough funds! 
miinti's avatar
aw thank you <3
and haha i totally understand - color really makes things better u v u
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anything i can get for 200?
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mm sorry i can't really do anything for that much :<
FoxAndBird485's avatar
ok thank u though
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HNNNNNGGGG what other commissions are there besides paintings??
it got 3,600 points to burn and your art is just <3 
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o v o well i normally do just painting comms of fullbody stuff but right now i'm a tad stressed so i'm not planning on taking more of those right now and finish the ones i currently have.
idk if there's anything in particular you want like a headshot or something that's cheaper we can work it out - just note meeee <3
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