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stream doodles to get rid of some rusttt
thank you all for cominggg <3
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Lovely style! Everything you draw is adorable and almost look mischievous with those outstanding ears and eyes. Almost imp like in the best way possible
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I love how you draw poniees! Especially the ears -poke-
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thank you! <3
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The way you draw ponies is probably my most favourite of all times. Do you sell prints or merchandise per chance? 
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aa thank you! and i do not unfortunately D: i've thought about it though but never got around to it
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they are so cute x3 <3
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There was a stream? Aww... I had to work anyway... and I'm spending all week watching AGDQ and barely noticing anything else...
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haha i've been watching AGDQ too every now and then. I'll try to stream again soon though just dunno when ;__;
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Sadly, AGDQ drew to a close last night, but it was a good week.

Aww, well, hopefully when you do I can watch it.
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Ah! Love me some doodles.
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aaaa they are the sweetest things!!!Llama Emoji-21 (Speechless) [V1] 
thanks for uploading them //////♥
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aa thank you again for showing ; v ; and np!
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*w* so good to see them again, they are so cute (ochean here :p )
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thank you!! <3
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coot n.n love them
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Purple Guy Smile Icon  your welcome n.n
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