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Jacob Valentine AZOCT - EDIT

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EDIT Nothing new on his ref, just a new image. Let's pretend we never saw that old one


Name: Jacob Valentine (or Dr. Valentine, he doesn’t care)

Age: 26

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 125 lbs.

Species: human

sexual/romantic orientation: ???

Birthday: January 14th

Sign: Capricorn

Handiness: left

Blood type: AB

Job: Jacobs the guy you'll go to if you need a doctor, he'll patch you up right away. He's good friends with the kitsune, Pox, who was the one who reccomended him to Ametsuchi for the job.

Likes: coffee, new people, working, helping people out, talking, listening to music

Dislikes: eating, sleeping, large crowds, fighting / violent people

Personality: Jacob is a really strange guy, but overall really nice. He’s really curious about pretty much everything, and loves meeting new people. He’s a “mad scientist”, but not in the stereotypical sense, he really is a good guy and doesn’t enjoy inflicting pain on people. However, this sort of contradicts the fact that his favorite hobby is dissecting people and things, preferably while they’re awake, since he likes talking to people while he works. Jacob also believes, with no evidence, that he’s not human, therefore he doesn’t need to do basic human activities, like eating or sleeping. He’ll go days without sleeping at a time, and basically only eats or sleeps when he really really needs to. Coffees and espressos are basically what keep him going. Because of this he sort of just seems like he’s in a constant state of sleep deprivation; he talks a lot, goes off on tangents, and doesn't always seem completely there. But, he is a really smart guy, and knows a lot when it comes to being a doctor, so don’t worry, he’ll patch you up if you need it.

Bio: Jacob grew up with his younger brother, Jason, in a well-off family, and had a pretty good life. His parents were pretty strange, and would periodically hire people to “kidnap” their sons to try and teach them self defense. Because of this, both he and his brother are pretty good fighters, but Jacob would never fight. When he was around 14 his parents sent him to a laboratory to intern and learn how to be a doctor from a young age, and he ended up living and working there until currently. He doesn’t see his brother Jason often, but he’s heard he’s a doctor now too! Guess it runs in the family.


  • If you’re a species he’s never met before, or one he’s rarely seen, he’ll probably ask if he can dissect you

    •  More drawings of Jacob (from a while ago) can be found here 

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That blood on his coat is probably nothing. 
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Can i call jacob jake, and if jacob lets me call him jake, can i call him jake from state farm?
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miintedHobbyist General Artist
You can absolutely call him jake from state farm just dont let your wife catch you calling jake from state farm at midnight
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i will forever be in your debt if you could redesign jake with khakis 
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i need to fix this ref sometime so . you may see khakis on this boy soon
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