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Hi everyone,

long time no update lol

I want to let you all know that I now changed my username from 'mork11' to 'miimork'.

Why this username? Well, 'miimork' made of the word mii which means 'bear' in thai and I always use a brown bear as my avatar, and Mork is my name, so just I combined it together :D. Also I think that this is easier to remember than the number. Actually, I wanted to use simple 'mork' but it'd already taken. So I  use 'mork11' as a temporary one (I joined dA in 2011 and that's where 11 from ) until I found an username that I really want to use, and finally I was able to think up one that suits me XD hooray !

Oh, there are one more thing to inform, I think that it may be a while for me to be back submitting my art works.
I'm on spring holiday (from February to early April). I've taken a guitar and english lessons which occur every Tuesday and Thursday, and spend rest of the most of my free time on my personal project (it's a kind of very short stories with pictures) and read as many books as I can (because of studying abroad, school holiday become my only chance when I can read lots of thai books *sob*). I'm literally a bookworm and my dream is to write novels with lots of my own illustrations, and school holiday is the great time to read a lot and study writing techniques from books. So maybe I'll be back around  April. Hope to see you all soon :D

Thank you for reading <3
Hi there everyone!

I know that it is too delayed to say Happy New Year, but, anyway, "Happy New Year." *laugh* I wish you all have a great year of 2013 XD

Ok, I seldom write journal but I have the reason for this time, which is, I want to write one of my 2013 goal here. I think that by writing down here will give me pressure to accomplish it *lol*

My goal is…

I want to improve my English skills!

I always have a lot of excuses such as, my brain is full of Japanese or I have no time or I don't have a chance to use or practice, blah blah blah… But one day I just feel like I want to change myself!

I want to communicate more with my watchers and visitors!

You know, I really appreciate all of your comments and I really want to reply allllllll of it (but I can't due to the amount of comments). And when it comes to the question, I want to answer more accurately and properly. I mean I want to give much information as I can but sometimes I can't because my lack of English skills. Pity me D;

Also there are number of comments saying that it's a shame that they can't read Thai and I start to feel guilty. I now realized that I should practice more English in order to have more connection with all of my dear watchers and visitors. So, thank you very much to you all for making me realized this.

I had been to international school for about 5 years before I came to study abroad in Japan. So it will be soooo useless if I just stop using and let my English skills escape out of my brain. (Ok, I admit that half of it already escaped though…)

I haven't used English properly for about 4 years and I think that's the main problem. I mean, I can read but I can't write flawlessly and I had a hard time with my grammar. But I know that I won't improve if I don't throw away all of my excuses and start practicing English again.

So this is my plan to achieve the goal :

1.  Write more description when submit new deviations.

I usually write only the title and tools used *lol* I want to change this habit.

2. Write more journal.

I have no idea whether I will have something to write or not but I'll try my best *lol*. Maybe it won't be that frequent and constant like one journal per something because it depends on how much homework I have at that moment, but I'll try :D

Write something is definitely better than writing nothing. And also I love writing journal so I will try my best!

Thank you for reading and HAPPY 2013!!

PS. Please feel free to correct any of my errors, that will help me a lot. Thank you very much for your kindness<3<3
Hi there everyone XD
I just want to tell you all that my prints are now available :squee:
(OK , maybe not all but most of it *laugh*)

Please check it out

Wish Upon the Milky Way by miimork My Favorite Things by miimork Hair ornaments by miimork

Peaceful Rainy Day by miimork Little Mermaid by miimork Connect by miimork

breathe by miimork Blue Miniature by miimork I'm gonna be late! by miimork

The Way Home by miimork Wat Poh by miimork It's Raining by miimork

Venilla Timez by miimork Sky Reporter by miimork Madrigal of Truth by miimork

Type Writer by miimork Music box by miimork phonograph by miimork

Deep Sea by miimork Midnight Tea by miimork Nostalgia No.19 by miimork

Butterfly by miimork LIFE by miimork The Last Evidence by miimork

If you have any request about more prints size please feel free to tell me :)
(I'm not sure if that anyone want a smaller size  of prints or not, so if you want please tell me :happybounce:)

Thank you! XD
OK, my second journal lol
I was tagged by :iconmoon-mascot:
and this is first tag ever in DA :dance:

So... let's do it !!

1. Post the rules.
2. Answer the question that the tagger set and make new ones for the ones answering.
3.You have to choose 5 people
4. Tell them you tagged 'em.
5. Your allowed to tag back
6. No 'your tagged 'cause your reading this! You ACTUALLY have to choose people!
7. Bananna phone this message.
8. State 5 things about yourself, such as name, age etc xD

Facts about me:
1.I love cat! I really really love cat but I don't have one T____T
2.I'm thai but studying in japan so that I can speak japanese XD
3.The university that i'm studying has faculty of manga!! This is great!!
4.I love sweet things (Not only sweets or food but also sweet artworks and etc.)
5.My friends call me bear... I think this is from the profile picture which I am using now lol

1.What's your fav  pasttime?
Drawing of course :happybounce: also reading book

2.Do you cosplay\roleplay?
No I don't, but i really want to try cosplay :sick:

3.Do you like your name?
Yes I did. (My name is Mork. this means "Fog" in english)

4.Who's your idol?(if you have one)
I have too much idols *laugh* too much that I can't choose one

5.What's your fav season?
Spring and autumn
not too hot and not too cold! Perfect! :meow:
but when it comes to drawing theme, I love winter the best :)

Sorry but I have no idea who I should tag next lol
So please just let me end my tag here :surrender:
OK, this is my first DA journal.
(I have to say again that sorry for my poor english but I will try my best lol)

Actually I prefer submit my arts rather than writing journal because I'm not good at typing something long *laugh*.
But today there are 2 reasons for me to write this journal.


The DD!!!

Puella magi madoka magica - To Tomorrow by miimork

My "Puella magi madoka magica - To Tomorrow" just got the DD on 2012-04-18 ! *burst in tears of happiness*

It just...  JUST...

OH MY GODDDD, I can't believe that I've got the DD dfjklsdjf lksdjflwjfsdkjfl
Thank you very much to :iconyenni-vu: and :iconthecreativejenn: for the suggestion and feature !! My god, I just want to thank you for about millions times. *muah*

And Also! For sure! Thank you for every comments and critiques and favorites!!! This give me so much encouragement! I'll try my best in my next and next and next arts too!



:iconfelutiahime: give my 1 year premuim membership !!!!! fffffffff
my goddd, this is really surprising me!! I don't no what to do anymore except saying thank you thank you thank you *looping forever*

and I want to thank her in thai too

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