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I'm currently open for Icon Commissions, you can find the rates here:…

15$ for a regular Icon, and if you've commissioned me an icon earlier, I can "winterify" it for 8$.
If you'd like a regular icon, but christmas themed, please specify that! :)

All payments go through paypal, no points. Please follow the instructions in the commission post on Tumblr if you are interested! (You need to email me, email is in the post along with other instructions.)

I might open larger commissions as well, soon. I'm in a bit of a clutch as I need to go to Denmark to graduate and I have little to no money.
(If you don't want a commission, but want to help, I also have a very shameful donation link - Anything helps!)

Thank you!
- Miikanism
EDIT: Several people has claimed the slot and I'm working on deciding who got it. Thanks a lot! (:


I'm in the need of a Core Membership to update my username, so if anyone has points they would like to spend, I'm taking ONE commission for 1,200 Points = 3 Month Core

Can be any character (existing or OC) SFW, reference images needed (ref sheet not necessary)

Commission Includes
☆ 1 Character
☆ Cleaned up Sketch (almost lineart, that is)
☆ Color + Necessary shading
✖ No background

Note me if you are interested (: I will update this once the slot is taken.

- Albadune
I thought I'd mention here as well, I made a short Halloween animation, it can be watched on Youtube here:


I only had a month so the animation is limited and such. If you like it and would like to reblog it to tumblr, please reblog the original post here: [link] ;D

Thanks for watching!
- Hiro
Thank you so much for the feedback I've gotten on the new pony pics!
You guys sure like ponies (like I didn't know that already) I've gotten alot of new watchers and a bunch of favs and comments.
But there's that same issue like when I posted my fanart on my main account, the rest of the gallery is left behind.
SO yes. Pony account -> PopcornPuffs:iconpopcornpuffs:

I will block the comments on the Luna pic for now (thanks everyone though!)
But if you want more ponies go to the new account! \ ^-^
There is nothing there yet but there will be soon.
I hope you understand. Feel free to unwatch this account!

-shameless advertisement for myself...- -actually a little shame, sorry-

The Blues Clues/Adventure Time pic is out on Redbubble now as T-shirt! (or hoodie, sticker, etc)…
It was requested and I wanted to start up a Redbubble so why not!

I also entered a different design to Teefury, we'll see if it gets on there.

- Hiro
from iMandark to albadune!
don't be confused!

I just wanted something more fandom-neutral (◡‿◡✿)

I was not going to write journals on this account but I will for once to give some information on my school project, since it's kind of related to this account.
So I had to choose really quick what to do as school project (have about half a year to do it, need to write a diary about it, plan everything with a teacher etc.)
Alot of work, that is.
And originally I was going to do a short animation but it started to get tight on time already, plus the school couldn't afford the software I needed, and I couldn't buy it myself.

SOOO teachers suggested several times that I would do a comic that didn't take as long as Demented City. And since I had to choose yesterday what to do, I chose to do a fancomic of Dexter's Lab.

And I was veryy unsure about it, I've only been on the fandom for like, 3 weeks? But I think I will manage to stick to it <3
I was going to keep it a secret but uh. Yeah alot of people kind of know already xD

For now I will call the project [LABRATS], it's only a work in progress title since I haven't decided what it should be named yet. So anytime I refer to Labrats I am talking about the project comic!

If it's done in time there will be printed comic books, don't know if I will sell them but at least give some of them away.
AND OF COURSE it will be able to read online for free XD I'm not heartless!!

But I won't at least put any pages up until it's DONE, and after my presentation on April 5 in school.

I was thinking of looking for a co-writer but I think I will manage.

That's about it, thanks everybody who is watching me here and enjoying my Dexter art!
For those who don't know my main account is TV-SHOW

And NO Demented City is still on! I will not cancel it or put it on hiatus until Labrats is done.
Right now I have alot of school crap to do so I can't start up next page just yet!

THAT'S ALL! Thank you!
- iMandark