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:iconmiikage:Miikage posted a status
I honestly thought I could draw this week but I have been stacked with lots of things at work plus have been given loads of orders to a degree that got me really pissed because one of them was so power driven and I freakin noticed that... I didn't even have the time to go to the gym! that really irks me... alot...
ehem, so anywho, since it's the Holiday Seasons, I'll let that slide and forgive them... I'll try to at least... so guys, I really apologize if my owed art are taking awhile, I'm really sorry, but don't worry, I just ate freakin spicy samyang noodles and I'll try to get them done during my rest days... I haven't even posted holiday gift art/s yet like I usually do which upsets me because it has been a tradition for me to post something at this time of year... Zen Mystic Messenger 4

to-do list (owed art people... will be finished in any order):
> AshtonTheOutlander (2 full bodies)
> Kodoukat (2 customs)
> GPLeader (1 blinking icon)
> Adallie (1 ych floating paca pagedoll)
> l3lueFlu (1 chibi)

Oh! and I'm still currently earning points, so if you guys are interested in any commission, grab one now from this journal, it would help me alot:
GIVE YOU A PRICE COMMISSION (OPEN)!.. and updatesHey yo guys! since I'm writing this from work through mah phone, I'mma make this quick, so basically I made a poll, where's the poll? here's the poll, boop!
asking for your help on earning points or cash in exchange for anything ya guys would want that I'm able to give and I gots some response and I really appreciate the help and all! thank you! you're awesome! people asked for commissions and customs  and I just  gave them a price, like what I think is fair for both of us prices so we could work it out and all... so basically, awesome people asked me through notes of a commission they want me to do and I just give them a price, like throw a price at them, since my commissions journal is really really REALLY outdated, and it was way back when I wasn't so sure what art style I should go with, yikes... anywho, I've accepted some commissions, BUT since I want to give a chance to others too to grab this PAY AN A

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Kodoukat Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks for the update! Don’t stress yourself ^^
AshtonTheOutlander Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2017  Student Writer
Awe! No hurry I know it'll be good! Thanks for the update
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