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:iconmiikage:Miikage posted a status
I'm rewatching hannibal (episode 9, season 1 to be exact)... while reading some papers that I should have looked into already when I got them months ago... good time as any I guess but I feel like a student again 'cus I recalled doing the same thing during my senior years in college (watching hannibal while doing homework)... it's not upsetting or anything... but this nostalgic feeling is just too early for me to feel [ YURI ON ICE ] :Viktor Nikiforov laugh: 

Anywho, I wanna tag these people who I owe art to:
art trade - :iconfuncatty:; :iconhoneydipply:; and :iconmaclntoshplus:
custom character prize - :iconsweetlyheart: and :iconfairydust07:
contest prize pagedoll - :iconheismeandiamyou: and :iconmusicalblooddrop:
It's a long list but I'll get it done, don't worry, lemme just prioritize myself first 'cus I've been doing loads of art these past few weeks and I need to concentrate on real world stuff for this week, hope you understand  [ YURI ON ICE ] :Viktor Nikiforov: 

Aaand... gift art for these people for being awesome, I'm not gonna directly tag 'em 'cus I wanna keep it a secret but if you're reading my status updates constantly and already been tagged above, whoops, but just act surprised I guess when you see me posting art for ya (just wanted to list you guys down 'cus I have too many reminder post-it notes scattered that I don't want to write down a new one) [ YURI ON ICE ] :Viktor Nikiforov peace: 
@/HEISMEANDIAMYOU; @/Missfemke; @/Kodoukat; @/SakuraSadameWingz; @/SaltySamSammich and @/MusicalBloodDrop 

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maclntoshplus Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2017
take your time !!
i don't wanna rush you at all :0
HEISMEANDIAMYOU Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Take your time :aww: I can wait as long as I have to for your awesome art :huggle:
Fairydust07 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2017
It's never too early to feel nostalgic! Watching cartoons or passing my old schools I attended as a kid makes me feel that way. It's cool that you need to focus on the real world--everyone does and needs to every once and awhile or else work wouldn't get done, but I hope that you'll find time to take a break and breathe. I know it can be stressful and it's important to power down every now and again instead of forcing yourself to do stuff you hate just to get it done quicker. ANYWHO, hope you have a wonderful week and get those priorities in your preferred order! Bunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4]  
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