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contest theme suggestion!.. for the contest I'mma host during my semi-hiatus! pick one guys! :heart: 

6 deviants said OC crack pairing - this theme would focus on you guys making a crack pairing of an OC of mine with another OC that they're not canonly paired to (that OC can be your OC or mine - pure fun)
5 deviants said OC puts a mask on - this theme would focus on you guys turning one of my OCs into a hero/villain that will fit them and their personality... kinda like an IZ meets Miraculous/Marvel/DC thing (perfect for Halloween)
1 deviant said OC canon pairing - this theme would focus on you guys drawing one of my OC canon pairings as best as you can (pure fun and kinda easy)

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HEISMEANDIAMYOU Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
To be honest I like all of them because they all have their appeal to me :XD: and I have an idea for them all. However I voted for the Halloween type theme. I can always draw 2 pcs for the contest anyway in less there is a rule against it :)
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