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I might make a free to use couple icon of a ship because I feel like it, who are you guys interested in?.. (couple icon meaning you and a buddy of yours can use it) 

15 deviants said ZADR (Zim :heart: Dib)
8 deviants said Amethyst :heart: Peridot
6 deviants said Spideypool (Spiderman :heart: Deadpool)
6 deviants said Lapis Lazuli :heart: Peridot
3 deviants said KevEdd (Kevin :heart: Double D)
3 deviants said TAGR (Tak :heart: Gaz)

Devious Comments

Conejita-Ginny Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
I like zadr :3
Fairydust07 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2016
These are all awesome ships! I want to choose them all, but I think I'll go with my newest old fav: Amedot. I'm now leaning more towards Lapidot just because it's started rubbing off on me with the crewniverse and fandom shoving it in my face so often. But KevEdd and ZADR are classic favs just because I've liked the idea since I was a kid. :D
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