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Hey guys, it's been awhile and I realized I haven't been submitting anything or haven't updated you with any status updates like I usually do so why not make a journal for those who are simply curious and also for those who I worried during my absence (I'm sorry for worrying those people)... okay, so here's where I start, I sincerely apologize for the inactivity (again)... I have been doing alot (ALOT) of self reflecting these past few months because I was feeling really unsatisfied with some things in my life that it just wasn't good for me, both mentally and physically... I was really acting like I was put on an autopilot state most of the time and most of the other times I felt really upset with myself, I honestly didn't know if it was depression or something, all I know is that, I dislike it and wanted to change it, since I felt horrible and anything I did to cheer myself up didn't last too long, as in it didn't a leave a lasting impression for too long, like I felt like I was good the whole day but the next day I feel upset again and so I decided to take a stand and change it because I didn't want to feel that way anymore... it just wasn't me at all. So I had to do alot of things to try and change those emotions, including resigning from my job, my first ever job, that I was complaining about over and over again on my status updates (and for those who witnessed it, again, I'm really sorry if it sounded like I was ranting since I honestly didn't know what I was doing at that time, but I will tell you this, that job was just beyond unfair so what ever I said on my status updates, I probably meant it). So right now, I'm currently looking for a new job, but until then, I'm back on submitting art as best as I could. So for those who I owe art, which I recall is only just a few, please bear with me once again as I go back to drawing and submit art as fast as I could (because when I was self reflecting, I didn't draw anything at all, even sketch, I needed to refresh and relax which helped quite alot). Anywho, thank you for those who gave time to read and understood this journal, even though I made some of the things on this journal a little vague or you could call it summarized (it's still quite alot though). Thank you! I appreciate it mah awesome watchers!

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Wishlist 2017

Tue Dec 12, 2017, 10:28 AM
I just felt like doing this plus I'm not entirely sure if I've done this before... mmm, oh well, I'm in the mood to do this before bed so why not /v\
And if you guys happened to be on this list, please don't feel like you're obliged to give me anything, just think of it as a way of me indirectly telling you that you are an awesome artist that really inspires me ;v;

> 10yrsy - some cute art of your OC Nid giving Myk a hug or art of the Seasalt trio (I really miss your freakin cute OCs and the way you draw Kingdom Hearts characters are so awesome! :heart:)
> MusicalBloodDrop - a full body art of Elite (because fuuudge, I've been admiring your full body vorty art for awhile now but I'm just too freakin busy to comment on any of it! plus I'm also curious on how mah plasma vorty will look on your style :omg:)
> HEISMEANDIAMYOU - an art of the alien guy we're pairing with mah vorty Gannet (ya heard me pandy, I needs to see art of this said alien, I need the clear picture, I'm pretty curious :stare:)
> Kodoukat - full body art of any of mah OCs (okay, ya already got me what I wanted and I've been wanting to put you on my list for so long since your art has so much personality and your style is really unique, thank you again for drawing Lilac! it really cheered me up! :hug:) ✓
> SaltySamSammich - I sorta want more art of Aoba and Xenon doing anything (the way you draw them always cheers me up and well we needs more art of our adorkable boys :XD:)
> HoneyDipply - art from one of your cinnadog ych (I just really love how you draw cinnas plus your ychs are really cute! :D)

> Zerna - a custom irken from you (I'm in deep need of a custom irken from you since I miss your adopts everytime and I can't commission you either since I can only purchase things with points, I don't have paypal yet :faint:)
> Xeiv - a custom irken or vortian from you (I also keep on missing your adopts and I would really love a custom from you, I really like how you draw irkens and vortians plus your use of colors!.. do you take points custom commissions? :heart:)
> LionMushrooms - a custom monster (I missed your previous commissions and well I really love your designs! :stare:)

Closed Species
> Leech Monsters
> Pacapillars
> Birdfolk
> Taum
> Bagbean (I don't have one yet!)
so umm... I love drawing these species, and I needs more, if you guys are selling them for points, trading them for art or perhaps giving them away, could you let me know? /v\

Hey yo guys! since I'm writing this from work through mah phone, I'mma make this quick, so basically I made a poll, where's the poll? here's the poll, boop!
asking for your help on earning points or cash in exchange for anything ya guys would want that I'm able to give and I gots some response and I really appreciate the help and all! thank you! you're awesome! people asked for commissions and customs  and I just  gave them a price, like what I think is fair for both of us prices so we could work it out and all... so basically, awesome people asked me through notes of a commission they want me to do and I just give them a price, like throw a price at them, since my commissions journal is really really REALLY outdated, and it was way back when I wasn't so sure what art style I should go with, yikes... anywho, I've accepted some commissions, BUT since I want to give a chance to others too to grab this PAY AN AMOUNT THAT WE COULD BOTH AGREE ON commission, I'm opening a few more slots for you guys to take, each slot can be occupied by one person and those people can ask me upto 3 pcs. of art commission, so yay! but first please do take note before asking a slot:
- please don't rush me with my art, I make sure I take my time with each piece since I want to check if every detail I have drawn is right and I want to give my best in every art that I do
- despite the fact that I'm throwing prices at you guys on notes, please do take note of  the following - NOTHING LESS THAN: 300:points: ($3) for headshots / blinking icons; 600:points: ($6) for waist-ups; 800:points: ($8) for chibis;  1000:points: ($10) for fullbodies / floating pagedolls / customs
- please comment here if you want a slot before you note me

> MonikaTheOutlander (2 full bodies - paid; 1 scene commission - pending)
> Kodoukat (2 custom IZ aliens OCS - paid)
> GPLeader (1 blinking icon - paid)

TO DO LIST (both art trades and commissions - CURRENT - these will be finished in any order):
> MonikaTheOutlander (2 full bodies - lining)
> Kodoukat (2 customs - lining)
> GPLeader (1 blinking icon - lining)
> Adallie (1 ych floating paca pagedoll - coloring)

livestream - picarto (OFFLINE!)

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 23, 2017, 8:41 AM

Sorry! almost forgot to mark this as offline!

- New to picarto... I ain't sure if I got the settings right, so please tell me if something's acting up
- unstable internet connection speed so expect screen to close unexpectedly at any time
- I'm drawing anything I feel like from owed art to my OCs, I MIGHT do requests but I dunno, you could try asking..? MIGHT agree on accepting requests from watchers ONLY!  

Copyright Information

Art found in my gallery are Your Name. No works may be reproduced, edited, redistributed, transmitted or otherwise used without express written permission of the owner (me).

Design and CSS by Anjellyjoy
Image by Wallcoo
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Fri Aug 25, 2017, 12:15 AM

Profile | Gallery | Favourites


Blue Heart IconBlue Heart Icon 
HeartFTO Axolgooey MYO Event!(OPEN)Heart
I could not resist and make a journal of these awesome creatures, have been trying to get one of these ever since I found out about them and now they're holding a MYO event for first time owners! I gots to join this one too! they're just so freakin cute! go and check 'em out!

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Journal Entry: Mon Jul 24, 2017, 9:09 AM



Ticket Number Ten for IZ Alien:
Raffle 01 by Miikage
Ticket Number Six for One-off Monster:
Raffle 02 by Miikage
Congrats to both Fairydust07 (ticket winner for the IZ Alien Custom) AND SweetlyHeart (ticket winner for the One-off Monster Custom)
I will note you a form that you will fill up for the customs but please take note of the following things that you should remember listed at the very bottom of the journal, thanks!
thank you again guys and until my next raffle event!

Hey guuuys! Doing another raffle for this month of the year! and I'mma let both watchers and non-watchers participate! [ YURI ON ICE ]  Nope.  

Tiny Pixel Sparkle What is this raffle about? Tiny Pixel Sparkle 
    tiny light pink heart You'll get a chance to win a FREE custom from me, either an Invader Zim (IZ) alien or a One-off Monster Custom
Invader Zim alien (it could be any of these iz alien species: Silhouettes, Cloakies, Irken and Vortian)

silhouette and cloakie (digital custom commission) by Miikage Irken and Vortian Set Price Adopts (CLOSE!) by Miikage 
One-off Monster (it could be any theme that you desire like food, color palette, and many more)
meatballs and candles (digital custom commission) by Miikage Monster Mafia Custom (Art Trade) by Miikage Monster Motif Adopts (CLOSE!) by Miikage 
About these monsters (a brief introduction):
- These monster aren't related to my Fruit Monsters series.
- These monsters are made to satisfy the designer side of me, like if I'm not designing my alien characters some new clothes, I'm probably designing new monsters like these for fun
- These monsters are one-shot characters, meaning they're not closed species nor are they supposed to be a species of its own... each of them has a unique design and will, most likely, not be repeated. 
- These are monsters... not furies, not aliens nor a fan character of some show.
- These monsters aren't made of food or a certain object that they represent, they're only themed or based from them.

Tiny Pixel Sparkle What are the raffle rules? Tiny Pixel Sparkle 
tiny light pink heart Only enter this raffle when you really want a custom character;
tiny light pink heart 
Watchers will receive 2 tickets and non-watchers will receive 1 ticket as a random generator will choose the winner once it ends. 
tiny light pink heart Please follow the instructions carefully or your entry will not be valid
tiny light pink heart You are allowed to enter both raffles, provided the you follow the instructions correctly but you are only allowed to win one prize

With that said, here are the instructions on how to enter the raffle:

Tiny Pixel Sparkle How to enter this raffle? Tiny Pixel Sparkle 
tiny light pink heart Favorite this journal
tiny light pink heart Reply on IZ ALIEN the word "WAFFLES and BACON!" to enter the IZ aliens custom raffle and/or reply on MOTIF MONSTER the word "NO FROGS PLEASE!" the enter the motif monster custom raffle 
tiny light pink heart Wait for your ticket number/s to be given to you 

Tiny Pixel Sparkle Raffle Ends On: July 26, 2017, 11pm (Philippines Standard Time) Tiny Pixel Sparkle

Tiny Pixel Sparkle And if you won the raffle, please take note of the following Tiny Pixel Sparkle
tiny light pink heart PLEASE make sure to credit the designer when you draw the character for the FIRST time;
tiny light pink heart You are NOT allowed to resell it for points or money but you can give it as a gift or a trade;
tiny light pink heart Reposting of the adopt is allowed but only on deviantart; 
tiny light pink heart You can change the design however you like;
tiny light pink heart An unwatermarked version will be sent to you via notes;
tiny light pink heart Do not make a close species out of these designs;
tiny light pink heart I have a list of DOs and DONTs draws, you could ask for them before you fill up a form I give you if you won
tiny light pink heart Impatience will not be tolerated when you're waiting for you custom, I don't like it when I rush the customs since the more time I work on it, you will find the result most pleasing to your taste

Please read this journal thoroughly before participating and if you have other questions, please ask on the OTHER COMMENTS HERE section, thank you!


Journal Entry: Mon Jun 5, 2017, 10:51 AM

EDIT (6/7/2017) -  Editing this journal 'cus I feel like people aren't reading the description properly... PLEASE READ THE RULES and DESCRIPTIONS properly OKAY?

I'm taking offers on ALL of these characters from the link mentioned below, meaning they're all up for sale, trade and offer because of these reason... I can't connect with them anymore; don't simply have the time or motivation to draw them aaand I want to minimize on characters as much as possible, been wanting to organize my characters for awhile now but seeing that I have alot of unused characters just makes me want to set that task aside and focus on other things that seem more important.

With that said,
here are the things you CAN offer:
tick Points (points ranges may be included in some characters)
tick   Art (please provide examples, nothing less than 3 if offering alone)
tick Characters (will be picky but just offer)
Threadless (pen) Icon ultraminiin terms of stash and toyhouse: link me characters that you'll be willing to offer (please do not link me folders, let me pick and say you can't offer it when you basically linked the whole thing to me)
Threadless (pen) Icon ultraminiin terms of designed by:  LionMushrooms, StarFaky or GOD-LIKES-ME
Threadless (pen) Icon ultraminiin terms of CS (closed species): Cinnadog, Pacapillars, Birdfolk, Pillowing, and Hollows (MYO slots are also accepted)
Threadless (pen) Icon ultraminiin terms of fandom design: IZ aliens ONLY
Threadless (pen) Icon ultraminione-off characters are also accepted
here are the things you CANNOT offer:
x Human characters
x Base adopts
x Base art
x Amphibian (related/themed) characters
x Ponies

  Now for them links on the characters for offer:


if you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask and please don't be afraid to offer since I'll be taking a look at everyone's offer :)

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I has been tagged so whys not

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 21, 2017, 7:32 AM
Tagged by :iconmusicalblooddrop:, because I'm having some kind of art block so why the heck not :D

1. Single/Taken?

2. Favorite Color?
it's PINK I tells ya! but I also love the color palette of a sunset and also pastel colors :love:

3. Favorite Food?
Pasta... specifically lasagna... but any pasta with tomato sauce is okay for me :heart:

4. Favorite Sweet(s)?

Sweets calms me down when I'm stressed, but I guess you can say I'm pretty picky with them in terms of what kind of sweet it is... gimme Any Matcha-flavored, Ube (Purple Yam)-flavored or White Chocolate sweets and I'mma take them!

5. Dog or Cat?
Both... we have a cat named Batman and lots and lots of dogs at home (if memory serves me right, we own nine dogs and two of them are probably pregnant so who knows now)

6. Tea or Coffee?
I prefer tea over coffee, I dunno, sometimes every coffee taste the same to me (except the berry and mint flavored ones) plus I just love tea, as in if you give me a box (or a case) of twinings tea as a souvenir somewhere, I would hug you like crazy :XD:

7. Ice Cream, Cake, or Ice Cream Cake?

Ice cream... definitely ice cream

8. Favorite vacation spot?
Somewhere relaxing and inspirational that would make me go speechless and just stare in a none creepy way... and somewhere with less crime rates and the feeling of safety... like Singapore... or a relaxing resort

9. Favorite meme?
I'm not sure if favorite meme meaning I like to laugh at it and seeing it on youtube or something... but maybe it's the ancient aliens or the woah technology or probably the exotic butters one... not sure... (sorry ^^;)

10. Favourite movie?
I have lots of favorite movies, but maybe I could give some from my list of those that inspired me and which I cannot simply forget and in terms of animated movies only :D
- Atlantis: the lost empire (I love that movie, I love the feel of it and the designs plus the facial expressions)
- The Emperor's new groove (funny moments, funny unforgettable villain, awesome facial expressions)
- The Cat Returns (the storyline and the characters are just so awesome)

11. Do you have a crush?
well not at the moment, I dunno, I guess I'm more focused on something else at the moment :XD:

12. Does your crush know you like them?
if I did have a crush at this very moment, answering based from my experience, they will never know unless I tell them ^^;

13. Does your crush have a crush on you?
how the heck should I know

14. Do you know your crush likes you?
who ever made this is really interested on the aspect of having a crush and if your crush likes you back or not

15. Favorite day of the week?
I guess Fridays to Sundays, not sure why, but maybe because I feel more relaxed during those days

16. Which media platform/app do you use the most?
Deviantart and Youtube (don't have an account on youtube though 'cus I mostly use it for watching youtubers and to inspire myself) and for apps, I only have gaming apps on my new phone.

17. Day or Night?
I would usually say Night when I was still a student but now, I'm not sure anymore, I can hardly draw at night since I don't like it when I lack sleep plus after work I feel really tired but those would be during workdays which is most of the days of a week and also, I draw much faster and calmer during mornings until afternoon if I sleep early 'cus I wake up in a good mood... so I would say I like both, depending on how I use it and if it's a work days or a weekend.

18. Snowy or Rainy?

I have never experience snow in my entire life so as of now, I would say I pick rain just because I know how it feels like plus when I'm really calm and relaxed and when it rains, I go out and drenched myself without a care and just feel nature

19. Which platform do you play on the most?
PC, PS2 and tablet/mobile... I just wish I have a new gaming console right about now

20. Who do you want to do this?

(tag at least 5 friends)
HEISMEANDIAMYOU, SaltySamSammich, SakuraSadameWingz, Adallie, MissFemke 
(if you're too busy to do this, you are free to just simply disregard it :))

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Status, Commissions and Art Trades/Collabs lists

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 3, 2017, 7:34 PM
This journal is going to be featured on my profile page to show you guys my status updates in terms of to-do lists, commissions and art trades (so expect it to be frequently updated when I open my commissions or when I finally finish something on my to-do list, thanks!)

Shooting Star Emoji STATUS 
trying to finish these despite my busy schedule so if I ignore your notes/comments, please don't get offended
* working on three gift arts and organizing my characters
* contest prizes, custom commissions and art trades (I NEED to finish these before July)
* editing digital commissions journal and renovating profile

Shooting Star Emoji TO-DO LIST
going to finish all these in no exact order meaning when there's inspiration to make these but they are a PRIORITY
* contest prizes for the following deviants: HEISMEANDIAMYOU (2 left) and MusicalBloodDrop (2 left)
* owed art for the following deviant/s: Nakufin (3 full bodies and 1 couple art), SaltySamSammich (1 couple art) and HoneyDipply (3 chibis)
need to finish but no pressure
(for myself)
* vortsona bioreference
* adoptables and fan arts that's still in working progress
* fursona and gemsona redesign
(for people)
* MusicalBloodDrop (custom monster - pending)
* MissFemke and Kodoukat (gift fan art)
* HEISMEANDIAMYOU (character reference commission, special request: take your time) 

Shooting Star Emoji COMMISSIONS list w/ its status
* Digital Art Commission - OPEN! (both animated and non-animated... but still editing)
link: mikage-yoshinoanerin.deviantar…
* Traditional Art Commission - CLOSE! (it is still in working progress)
link: mikage-yoshinoanerin.deviantar…
* Alien and Monster Customs - OPEN! (3 SLOTS OPEN!)
link: mikage-yoshinoanerin.deviantar…

Shooting Star Emoji ART TRADES
OPEN - please send me a note but just a warning that I'll be a bit picky

Shooting Star Emoji ART COLLABS

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OC 20 FACTS (have been tagged)

Thu Jan 26, 2017, 6:29 PM

Tagged by MusicalBloodDrop 
This is already been a month late and I feel bad for not letting Elite answering it asap, so here goes :D

Blood picked Elite, mah hot-tempered vorty child: Elite (Bioreference - Vortian) by Miikage

1. Since I gave all of my OCs a part of my personality (including the things that I like and dislike), I gave him some like my hot-headed/quick-tempered personality way back when I can’t seem to control it, meaning in the future, Eli will learn how to cope with it like I did.

2. Eli’s signature animal is the grizzly bear (I gave all of my OCs signature animals)

3. He was my very first vortian OC and the first vortian that I have adopted. Instantly fell inlove with his design the moment I found him on my notifications.

4. He dislikes pink, mainly because he thinks it’s too feminine and he has issues with his gayness.

5. Elite is actually a straight on gay but due to his past, he prefers his sexual status to be bisexual instead, after meeting Rouki, but way before that, he tried to be straight due to the same reason (Elite’s sexual orientation: Gay > Straight (before meeting Rouki) > Bisexual (after meeting Rouki), for those who I seemed to confuse with this explanation but it will be more explained when I submit something like a comic or story who knows when :XD:)

6. He wasn’t originally born with a broken horn. It happened during an event which significantly changed someone’s life and was kept by that said specific person.

7. He believes that there’s a possibility for a zombie outbreak and is actually prepared for it when that times comes.

8. He loves reading different kinds/genres of books, in fact when he’s not training with Rhyder, on a mission with Zaige or being affectionate with Rouki, you can easily locate him in their ship’s library.

9. He likes it really rough. :iconteeheeheeplz:

10. He used to despise all irkens and anyone who’s loyal to the irken empire.

11. He gets freaked out by Giovani that’s why he doesn’t trust her.

12. He has a human and genderbend plus irken form.

13. In every AU, he is always paired with Rouki, unless Rouki does not exist or something awful happened to him.

14. In the su x iz au, his gem is ruby and would usually fuse with Rouki (Albite) to form Eliki (Kunzite).

15. He likes making different sweet yet heathy sandwich fillings (like jams and jellies) for Rouki, since he knows that irkens love their sweets but doesn’t completely agree with their daily intake of it.

16. He needs a purpose in life to move on because he believes that living without a purpose is meaningless and everyone was created for something.

17. He loves eating gummy bears.

18. He loves using his fists when it comes to fighting but he knows how to use guns.

19. He loves the odds of being outnumbered when he battles since he likes challenging himself.

20. Eli has a weakness for foxes, mainly because it reminds him of Rouki

And gonna tag...
Adallie's Scara
MusicalBloodDrop's Tim
(feel free to ignore it if you're too busy to do it :))

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Happy Holidays with some Updates

Sun Dec 25, 2016, 2:45 AM
Now before I go on with the update (about something personal and such), I wanna greet you guys Happy Holidays for this year 2016, and would like to thank everyone, specifically the watchers, for sticking with me all through these years, experiencing my change and being supportive all the way. I really appreciate it because as an artist, I experience doubting myself from time to time, not knowing what to do or just simply, don't have the motivation to make art but knowing that there are people out there who are interested on the things I submit here, it cheers me up more than you think, especially when I see comments that you want to see more or that you liked it enough to comment on it. It really means alot so I say thank you guys for everything mah awesome watchers :D

Here's a small "greeting card" to all mah watchers this year:
Happy Holidays 2016 (ZADR, Victuuri and Hannigram) by Miikage

Okay, now for some life updates, I recently graduated college last October 2016 and this month, December, after lots of patience and worrying, I finally received my diploma... I felt alot of emotions this year and it just intensified on October to December... with the submission of the final requirements like the thesis my groupmates and I worked on... all I gotta say is alot of things happened and I'm glad I finished everything on time and submitted it on time and seeing this diploma in my hands makes me feel relieved and made me think that it was all worth it in the end, so yay, and that's all I gotta share or at least, I'm calm enough to share.

And now just wanted to share to you about somethings, yes some and not all, that I'll make a list of:
Snowflake ZADR watchers, I have some news that you guys might have different reactions to but one thing's for sure, I'm posting ZADR again next year, 2017, so ya better get ready
Snowflake Specific IZ OC/s of mine will have his/her own comic/story next year so if ya wanna get to know them more, here's your chance
Snowflake We have a storm/typhoon today as I type this and I don't feel too good about it, if I'm not commenting or replying to notes for who knows how long, it's because of the blackout during this typhoon, so now you know guys

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Holiday Season Free Adopt Giveaway Event

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 6, 2016, 10:09 AM
December is the month of gift giving to those who you appreciate and care for. It is the month of thanking for the good things that happened this year and also getting ready to welcome another year... and so, I too wanna show my appreciation to my current watchers (all 390 of yous awesome guys and gals) by giving free giveaway on canon IZ aliens that I have designed myself based on a variety of themes! yes, all of the adopts with the word free on the title are all up for grabs by my watchers only, just follow the rules on the descriptions of every free adopt I post and it's all yours, but take note, you can only claim one, unless stated otherwise [ YURI ON ICE ] :Viktor Nikiforov 3: 

:snowflake: revamp Why Invader Zim (IZ) aliens as a giveaway? why nothing else?
The giveaway was decided by you all, my watchers, based on this poll right here: mikage-yoshinoanerin.deviantar…
:snowflake: revamp I claimed something but I'm not fond of it, what should I do?
- You can give it away as a gift to anyone, even if it's not my watcher
- You can trade it to another watcher of mine who also claimed a prize but is not fond of it too
BUT just take note that you are NOT allowed to RESELL, TRADE, or CLAIM the design as yours, in other words, steal it in any form.
And if you do give the prize away to a friend of yours, the same rule of you can claim only one still applies to you, meaning you are not allowed to claim again.
:snowflake: revamp Why only your watchers are allowed to join this event?
This is to show my appreciation to the people who support the things I do and bothered to watch my efforts as I grow and improve.
If you're not one of my previous 290 watchers, I'm afraid I won't accept your claim due to the fact that it would be unfair to my older watchers.

These free adopts won't have a specific time on when they will pop out from my gallery, but do take note that I can submit a minimum of 1 free adopt and a maximum of 3 free adopts a week, depending on my schedule of work and doing other commissions. Every rules are different from the free adopts so I suggest you read carefully. Heart 

(to keep in track of the 290 watchers who claimed the free adopts)
Vortian Free Adoptable (Ice Queen - CLAIMED) by Miikageclaimed by mariamor126 Irken Free Adoptable (Velvet Stockings - CLAIMED) by Miikage claimed by SaltySamSammich Silhouette and Cloakie FREE Adopts (CLAIMED) by Miikage claimed by HEISMEANDIAMYOU and Smolbeanrin


Journal Entry: Sun Nov 27, 2016, 9:39 AM


( aliens / original species / furries and lots more )

Bullet Orange please comment in this journal if you're interested in anything NOT on stash
Bullet Orange just want them all gone at this point so get 'em while they're free
Bullet Orange only one-two free characters per person (depends)

giving away characters that I don't use anymore or never use at all to organize my folders more... think of it as a garage sale for characters

Contest Results 2016

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 15, 2016, 2:54 PM
Before I announce the winners, just wanna apologize on the delay of posting this journal because I had some issues with the wifi device due to natural lightning and thunder affecting it when it rained the whole day the other day plus because of that non-stop rain, I got a cold until now, so it kinda hit two birds with one stone in an annoying way ^^;

Anywho, time to announce the results from this year's contest:

FIRST (1st) PLACE goes to...
CE: Whimsical motion by MusicalBloodDrop
by :iconmusicalblooddrop: 
What won me over were the details, the description of the art and the "chemistry" they seem to have despite it being a crack ship.
Details: the over-all pose is eye-catching and pretty challenging to draw but you drew it very well. I love the facial expressions you gave them and how it fits the artwork. I also love the fact that you didn't put Bar in a very detailed outfit because Alois appreciates simple yet fashionable-looking clothes on him and his partner :D
The Description: I love how you did your research on Alois' personality based on how he judged during the IPP plus the very few artworks I posted of him, it shows how serious and dedicated you are.
The "Chemistry": The fact that you chose Alois, an OC which I haven't posted too much on, shows that you didn't went for the "easy"  route on this contest. Bar and Alois actually looked like an actual couple despite it being a crack ship because they looked they really have a thing going on as if the entry itself is telling a story that you nor I don't even know :XD:

SECOND (2nd) PLACE goes to...
Contest Entry (Harlea x Kiki) by HEISMEANDIAMYOUby :iconheismeandiamyou:
I love how your entry was the only traditional one which makes it unique, filled with effort and dedication, plus despite it being traditional, it actually looked really clean and clear which I appreciate. I honestly thought you were going for another character but you surprised me when I saw Harlea in your entry. I can actually see Harlea going for Kiki because of his taste for "older than him" people :XD: I also love how their eyes match each other's as if the sea is looking up at the sky while the sky is looking down at the sea plus also love the contrast of their choice on clothing color :heart: 

THIRD (3rd) PLACE goes to...
.:Sleepy:. by Adallieby :iconadallie:
The art itself won its place because of how unique, fresh and cute it looks plus the fact that it gives an adorkable atmosphere between the two, if (and only if) there was a universe where Rouki didn't exist for Elite, I can totally see them getting some character development and they would probably interact just like this :XD:
I like how you drew their pose plus the way they looked at each other :)

(Please note me immediately to claim your prizes and please take note, do not rush me when it comes to art prizes because I have a long to-do list and being sick isn't helping... to refer to your prizes, please click on the contest journal link posted above this journal)

Aaannnd... I would also like to special mention the rest of the entries of the contestants who joined this contest!
Crack Ship Away! by Fairydust07  Contest [Crack Shipping] : ~Alien and a Bird~ by Phoeshock
(for joining this year's contest, to show my appreciation, you each will receive 25:points:)

I'm thankful for those who were interested in the contest and your full support! your entries were so freakin awesome! 

(this is where I will put status updates about commissions and customs) 
(if any changes are made on the rules and such)


Werewolf Expect the custom/s to be finished for 3-6 weeks time during workdays while 1-3 weeks during vacations/holidays... not including weekends because I don't draw commissions during weekends.
Werewolf Examples that are used could be a month or a year old so expect the artwork to look different than shown from the example list
Werewolf Accepting Points Points ONLY as payment since I DO NOT have paypal
Werewolf If you want something specifically in the custom you commissioned (example: facial expression, pose and/or background color), please state so on your comment or note
Werewolf Will only reserve you a slot once you have made a 50 percent downpayment of the amount you have to pay. When the custom that I did for you is finish, it will NOT be posted or sent to you UNLESS you pay the remaining amount.
Werewolf Please credit me properly if you want to repost the custom art that I did for you
Werewolf Commissions will NOT be accepted when slots are close/full, if rules have been violated/you do not read the rules at all and if you have shown any inappropriate behavior
Werewolf Make sure to comment or put in your note "shining shimmering stars so sweet and sentimental"
Werewolf Please fill up the order form when asking for a commission and pay once I accept your order form to avoid confusion 
(DOs DRAW - things/characters that I would only make as a custom)
Howl Aliens (canon): Specifically Irkens, Vortians, Cloakies, Silhouettes (all from Invader Zim)
Howl Aliens (one-off/one-shot) - take note that you cannot claim it as an original species
Howl Monsters (one-off/one-shot) - take note that you cannot claim it as an original species
Howl *Monsters (originals): DELETED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Definition of Terms:

Hiss canon - is the material accepted as officially part of the story in an individual universe of that story.
Hiss one-off - something done, made, or happening only once and not repeated, not a part of an open/close species, also referred to as one-shot.
Hiss originals - open/close species made by an individual. 


Bat Kodoukat -  monster full body, 1 half body and 1 floating head, shade/with background (paid - DONE!)
Bat Chris--Comics - monster chibi with flat colors (paid - DONE!)
Bat PaintMePolarBear - iz-like style silhouette (paid - DONE!)
Bat SquikBat - iz-like style cloakie (paid - DONE!)
Bat SweetlyHeart - reference-like custom vortian (paid - DRAFTING)


Please refer to the "DOs DRAW" above on what alien customs are open
If you're interested, please do READ EVERYTHING ON THIS JOURNAL... feel free to ask questions though


60Points - headshot custom
Irkens and Vortians headshot Adopts (CLOSED!) by Miikage

80Points - chibi-like custom

95Points - iz-like style custom
Irken and Vortian Set Price Adopts (CLOSE!) by Miikage
150Points - various brush custom
emerald vortian (digital custom commission) by Miikage  coral irken (digital custom commission) by Miikage
260Points - reference-like custom
gray vortian (digital custom commission) by Miikage



what type did you want for your custom: 60Points? 80Points? 95Points? 150Points? 260Points?
color scheme: you can give me reference pic or just put the colors you want here (example: skin, clothes, eyes)
what...: horns are you looking for a vortian? / antenna for the irken? / cloak for the cloakie?/ class for the silhouette?
what gender: male or female?
any features you would like your vortian/irken/cloakie to have? (example: freckles, scars, tattoos, piercings, weapon-like limbs)


- what type did you want for your custom: 95Points? 130Points? 200Points?
- what type of alien species are you looking for: anthro? feral? robot-like?
- the theme of the alien species (if there is any): use a quote or a color theme or a basis
- any other details would you like your alien to have? (example: tails, number of eyes, markings) 
any features you would like your alien to have? (example: freckles, scars, tattoos, piercings, weapon-like limbs) 
what gender: male? female? agender?
- anything you don't like your alien to have? (anything you want your alien to avoid on having)


(send me a note or comment in this journal)


Please refer to the "DOs DRAW" above on what monster customs are open
If you're interested, please do READ EVERYTHING ON THIS JOURNAL... feel free to ask questions though

Spaghetti And Meatballs Motif Monster (CLOSE!) by Miikage  Unnamed New Motif Monster OC by Miikage

normal size custom:
150Points - sketch and uncolored - 1 full body
220Points - line and colored with transparent background - 1 full body
360Points - line and colored with transparent background - 1 full body and 2 floating heads
500Points - line and colored with transparent background - 1 full body, 1 half body and 1 floating heads
800Points - line and colored with transparent background - 1 full body, 1 half body and 2 floating heads plus facial feature (like eyes and such)
+shading - +100Points 
+simple textured background - +50Points 
+mini me(chibi) - +120Points

chibi size custom:

100Points - sketch and uncolored - 1 full body
180Points - line and colored with transparent background - 1 full body
300Points - line and colored with transparent background - 1 full body and 2 floating heads



what type did you want for your custom: normal size or chibi? and what amount? (please add the add-on if there is any)
what type of monster are you looking for: biped (walks with two legs)? quadruped (walks with four legs)?
- the theme of the monster (if there is any): use a quote or a color theme or a basis (feel free to give a link)
any other details would you like your monster to have? (example: tails, number of eyes, markings) 
any features you would like your monster to have? (example: freckles, scars, tattoos, piercings, weapon-like limbs) 
what gender: male? female? agender?
anything you don't like your monster to have? (anything you want your monster to avoid on having)
(send me a note OR comment in this journal)

Contest: Lookin' Good, I might even ship it!

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 22, 2016, 11:21 AM

UPDATE (11/11/2016):


if you guys have any questions, feel free to ask through comments section below and if you want to offer prizes for the contest, please note me 707 Mystic Messenger 2 

Ohmahgoodness, that title... I cannot think of a catchy title right now, so expect it to change overtime during my semi-hiatus  

Anywho! Welcome to another contest of mine... it's been months (probably years..?) since I've hosted a contest and it was all IZ-related... there's still part of it in this current contest, I'mma tell you right now because........ it's about mah OCs this time from fandoms to my original creations, oh yeah sha la la!  

This contest theme is based on a poll that I have posted recently for you guys to freely choose what you prefer: mikage-yoshinoanerin.deviantar…
Along with this reason on why I want you guys to pick the contest's theme: mikage-yoshinoanerin.deviantar…

(definition via urban dictionary: A crackship is a ship of two people that probably don't know each other, but people would think they look good together.)

Day100 - Squealing choose one(1) of my OCs listed below, and only from the one listed below
Day100 - Squealing then pick one(1) more OC from either the list below OR from your own list of OCs that you are interested on pairing with my OC that you have chosen based on the first instruction
Day100 - Squealing make an art or a story or even both if you're in a creative mood featuring them together and they have to look good as in good enough to pair like they get along and such despite them being who knows how far apart and such (ya get what I meant right? I wanna see some magic happen people!)

Day135 - Hissing make sure my OC is in character when you guys portray them in art form or story form
Day135 - Hissing max of three(3) entries per person but I will pick the best one out of your entries to judge
Day135 - Hissing do not submit/enter an existing crack pairing, meaning a crack pairing I already did with someone
Day135 - Hissing do not copy anyone else's entry
Day135 - Hissing be creative and be unique! (I wanna see something intriguing! some sparks fly or something)
Day135 - Hissing this is an early warning but, when asking for art as a contest prize, please take note that I have some limitations when making art, meaning I won't draw the following: NSFW, Amphibian-related, ponies, Skeletal characters, Hateful art (like homophobia, racism and sexism... you already know the rest), so if you are expecting to get prizes of art with that content, please turn around right now 

Day114 - Love first(1st) prize - 225:points:; full body artwork of a character (OC or canon + fully colored with shading) and a floating page doll or your OC
Day114 - Love second(2nd) prize - 125:points:, a custom irken / vortian / cloakie / human / silhouette (just pick one) and a floating page doll or your OC
Day114 - Love third(3rd) prize - 100:points:, a custom irken / cloakie / human (just pick one) and a blinking icon of your OC
(guys, if you wanna offer some more additional prizes, just send me a note or comment here :heart:)

Contest ends on November 11, 2016 (PHT) at 11pm(evening)

Mah OC list that's available for shipping:

(this will be edited constantly... will even add more OCs if I feel like it, you can even send me a note to ask more about them)
Elite (Bioreference - Vortian) by Miikage   Elithia the potter by Miikage  Human Vorty Elite by Miikage
- you can either use his canon look, genderbend look or human form in portraying him
- (read bioreference for personality reference)
- more info: mikage-yoshinoanerin.deviantar…

Iolite (OC bioreference) by Miikage
- personality: calm, collected and confident (more info in his bioreference)

Ip-pageant Judge Alois by Miikage Alois Surprised Reaction by Miikage Mischief isn't really in my vocabulary by Miikage
- personality: mischievous, sly and impatient

Vander (Bioreference - Mareathi) by Miikage
- (read bioreference for personality reference)

Rephaim (Katiyanacygne OC) by Gwenevieve Katiyanacygne OC Rephaim by Miikage

- personality: adventurous, playful and brave

irken Harlea headshot by Miikage Adopts closed by SaltySamSammich 
*the irken on the left of the second art
- read this for personality reference: mikage-yoshinoanerin.deviantar…

Giovani... NEW OC by Miikage
- (read description of the art above for personality reference)

Zaige (redesign - main irken OC) by Miikage
- (read description of the art above for personality reference)

(WILL ADD A FEW MORE... you can even suggest an OC that could be included here via comments :D)


Crack Ship Away! by Fairydust07by :iconfairydust07:
CE: Whimsical motion by MusicalBloodDropby :iconmusicalblooddrop: 
Contest [Crack Shipping] : ~Alien and a Bird~ by Phoeshockby :iconphoeshock: 
.:Sleepy:. by Adallieby :iconadallie:
Contest Entry (Harlea x Kiki) by HEISMEANDIAMYOUby :iconheismeandiamyou:

And... that is it! going to continue doing some school-related work until I rant and such 707 Mystic Messenger 9 

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room renovations and semi-hiatus is done but...

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 19, 2016, 9:44 PM

EDIT (10/31/2016):
One of my worst fears guys... son of a freakin gun! WHAT THE FUDGE!? I discovered four ants coming out of my laptop... they were red and huge and it sends shiver down my spine... and I hate 'em! I am freakin careful when it comes to these things, leaving my laptop in my room, spraying baygon with no care how much it costs to avoid bugs and I get a maggot infestation above my ceiling due to an animal dying 'cus it got trapped up there before halloween and now ants! fudging ants! are you kidding me right now!? is this what I get when I leave my laptop the whole day outside!? seriously!? that automatically! FUDGE NUGGETS!  how do I get rid of them without taking my laptop apart like this... I just want to cry so badly! I'm really frustrated right now... help...


title says it all but I still wanna write ovah here too to fully explain myself and to semi-rant, lol... (you are free to ignore this if ya wish but for those who I owe and those who wish to link me their open alien/species adopt, read on further)
my room's getting renovated right now and I had to wake up early in the morning awhile ago to put all my stuffs in boxes... bags, books, mangas, ya name it... all of it, in the box... I love havin' lots of stuff on art and such but too many for two-three people to move, especially when it's too darn dusty (haven't cleaned my room properly ever since our house got renovated way back June... anywho, unless you guys went through this, ya have no idea how difficult it is for your room to get renovated in the middle of the semester... after fiesta break(holiday)... I might sleep in the sofa or my parents' room for who knows how long... I really prefer the sofa but since all my stuff were moved ovah there, along with them pesky dust bunnies, I cannot 'cus I just discovered how allergic I am too large amount of dusts right now when my eyes got all teary and my face went all red... fudge, heck no!.. It surprised me little bit since I wasn't that affected before 'cus I clean my room every month when I get the chance meaning lesser dusts. So yeahhh... room renovation... gonna miss my room and my bed... and the freedom to stay all night when I can and if I want to... 'cus ya know, gonna sleep before or when my parents go to bed too...  sleep is important but still, I wanna go to bed when I say so 707 Mystic Messenger 7 

The room renovation is half of the reason why I'm going on a semi-hiatus... and why a semi-hiatus you may ask? it means for mwah, I won't be accepting commissions, submitting art that's not related to commissions I'm currently finishing aaand I won't be participating in any da related stuff like contests and such... plus RPs will be postponed and expect lack of comment and note replies from me... BUT I will still be on to check on things and submit art that's either old or something I miraculously finished despite my busy schedule BECAUSE I wanna focus on my studies more while checking the room renovation thingy from time to time... this semi-hiatus will start September 22 to somewhere on the third or fourth week of October... so people who I owe commissions and a specific kiriban prize... what the heck, I'll list them down ovah here:
Howl SaltySamSammich - custom cloakie (kiriban prize)
Howl SakuraSadameWingz - custom vortian (commission)
hope you guys understand about my current situation and I'm sorry if your commissions are taking too long... if you guys are getting impatient, please tell me if you want your points refunded or if you guys can wait alot longer and if you want any changes on the things I owe you, just tell me through comment or notes, since I will completely understand it, I'm really sorry about this but this renovation thing had no specific date and even I was unprepared for it since I only got further instructions about it 2 days ago... I'm really sorry... just comment here or send me a note, okay?
and Oh uhhh... 3 more guys from the cheap icon thingy that I'm too lazy to post here, the refund rules doesn't apply, sorry, but it was a special offer thing and I already have drafts which I have to line and color... and once I started on the art, I don't do refunds... plus I'm pretty sure I posted no refunds on that journal thing 707 Mystic Messenger 4

On another note, I'm currently on a quest in search for Invader Zim aliens, original alien species and/or intriguing species that I can adopt through points :points: ONLY since I don't have paypal (yet) and I really want a new OC to add for something that I wanna work on after my semi-hiatus so if you guys have those kinds of adopts that I'm looking for please link me some on the comments!.. And now I'mma gonna go back to the world of trying to finish as much stuff as I can if I can while doing homework, byeee 707 Mystic Messenger 9 

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- tag 8 or more people you'd like to get to know better using this meme!!

[8] Wartortle name: Mikage (my name shall be known to people who are trustworthy :heart:)

[8] Wartortle star sign: Leo

[8] Wartortle average hours of sleep: 6-9 hours... (yes... sleep is important... I want to sleep as much as possible during holidays)

[8] Wartortle lucky number(s): numbers related to my birthday I guess..? :shrug: (it changes yearly)

[8] Wartortle last thing googled: new pokemon for sun and moon

[8] Wartortle favorite fictional character(s): I'm just gonna mention some of them based from my long list (in no specific order okai?): Deadpool; Makoto Yuki (Persona 3); Roxas (Kingdom Hearts series); Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney series); Sly Cooper (Sly Cooper series); The Dib (IZ); Pearl and Peridot (SU); Chat Noir (Miraculous Ladybug)... and many more :XD:

[8] Wartortle current attire: Pajamas (Sleeping attire)... it's a holiday ^^;

[8] Wartortle when did you start this account?: February 11, 2012

[8] Wartortle number of watchers: 368 :heart: (thank you guys!)

[8] Wartortle what do you post?: IZ art... lots and lots of IZ art (OCs, ZADR, ya know...) some SU, some other fan art on things I'm into like MM (Mystic Messenger) and such... anything that has something to do with fan art, I post it right here :)

[8] Wartortle other blogs: I kinda wanna make a twitter or tumblr account for some reason... but not now, although I do have an original art account: Gwenevieve (this is where I post my original works like species, stories and such)

[8] Wartortle do you get a lot of comments: Yes, and I wish I could comment to all of them but I'm currently busy at the moment, I mean look! I haven't even submitted anything in days :faint:

[8] Wartortle why did you choose this username?: 
Well it's actually a combination of some important names:
Mikage - a nickname that I decided to use because... lemme just explain, (spoiler summary start) Mikage was a name of an inspiring main character from an anime show that I liked way back years ago... He is a character that was kind-hearted and did not judge people by social class but he treated them equally. He is a pacifist most of the time and would sacrifice anything for his loved ones... He had a best friend that he helped escaped and because of that, he was killed but was soon reincarnated as a small purple, the color of his soul, dragon who would always stay by his best friend's side.(end of spoiler)
Yoshino - a japanese name that I would love to use as a surname, it means "respectful" and it's also the name of one of the male main characters that I like in one of my favorite anime shows, called "Zetsuen no Tempest" (Blast of Tempest).
Anerin - My first name in japanese

[8] Wartortle tagged by: :iconmusicalblooddrop: 

[8] Wartortle those I wanna know more about: :icondrogothecat1::iconhoneydipply::iconsaltysamsammich::icondivazu::iconsakurasadamewingz::icon10yrsy::iconlunainvader::iconheismeandiamyou:(yathinkyacanescapethis? :love:)
(If you don't want to do this, it's okay :thumbsup:)
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Digital Art Commissions

Sat Aug 27, 2016, 6:07 PM
(this is where I will put status updates about commissions and customs) 


Please take note that I put status updates, edits and rules on this commission journal along with the to-do list journal and I expect you guys to read it before sending me a note or commenting, because if you guys don't follow it and let's say, you caught me in a bad mood, I'm afraid I have to decline... but I do appreciate the fact that most of you guys make sure to ask me first if my commissions are open before commenting or sending me a note, that shows how careful and considerate most of you are

(if any changes are made on the rules and such)
- STILL EDITING EVERYTHING! (but mostly the non-animated ones)

Werewolf Expect the artwork/s to be finished for 3-6 weeks time during workdays while 1-3 weeks during vacations/holidays... not including weekends because I don't draw commissions during weekends.
Werewolf Samples/References/Examples that are used could be a month or a year old so expect the artwork to look different than shown from the example list... if you want an updated example, please refer to my gallery.
Werewolf Accepting Points Points ONLY as payment since I DO NOT have paypal at the moment.
Werewolf If you want something specifically in what you have commissioned (example: facial expression, actions and/or background), please include it in your other form.
Werewolf Will only reserve you a slot once you have made a 50 percent downpayment of the amount you have to pay. When the artwork that I did for you is finish, it will NOT be posted or sent to you UNLESS you pay the remaining amount.
Werewolf Reposting the art that you have commissioned from me is NOT allowed UNLESS you ask for my consent by telling me which site you have reposted it in and if you give me proper credit.
Werewolf Commissions will NOT be accepted when: slots are close/full; if rules have been violated or you didn't even bother reading the rules (t.o.s.) at all; and if you have shown any inappropriate behavior.
Werewolf Please do not rush me when you ask for a commission.
Werewolf Please fill up the order form when asking for a commission and pay only once that I have accepted your order form to avoid confusion or misunderstanding.
(DOs DRAW - things that I could draw)
Howl Humans
Howl Specific animals (not too intricate aquatic creatures, insects and birds)
Howl Specific Aliens (like irkens, vortians and not too intricate aliens)
Howl Specific Gore (not too intricate)
Howl Comic book, video games and televisions series heroes and villains
Howl Anthros/Furries
Howl Gemsonas
Howl Specific plants or flowers (not too intricate)
Howl Specific Scenery (not too intricate)
(DON'T KNOCK IT 'TIL YOU TRY IT DRAW - things that I would and/or try to draw... make sure it's not too intricate)
Hiss four-legged animals
Hiss reptiles
Hiss mythological creatures 
(DON'Ts DRAW - things that I don't/won't draw)
Hoot NSFW (can't seem to draw or post things like that)
Hoot Amphibian-related characters
Hoot ponies
Hoot Skeletal characters
Hoot large group pictures
Hoot Hateful art (like homophobia, racism and sexism... you already know the rest)


If you're interested, please do READ EVERYTHING ON THIS JOURNAL... feel free to ask questions though


Caw HEISMEANDIAMYOU (fully paid - reference - request: taking my time on gathering info., deadline doesn't apply)
Caw DragonArtzStudio (fully paid - sketch - DONE!)
Caw oMellopi (fully paid - full body with flat colors - DONE!)
Caw HEISMEANDIAMYOU (fully paid - couple full body and flat colors)
Caw YudaMori (fully paid - two sketch headshot - DONE!)


SKETCH - 30-150 Points
LINEART - 60-300 Points
LINEART with FLAT COLORS - 120-800Points


+shading - +120Points 
+additional character - +100Points 

+simple background - +50Points - +150Points

(*simple backgrounds are only a mixture of colors or a vague scenery)

+intricate background - +100Points  - +300Points  

(*depends on what background it is)

normal non-animated commissions

sketch - 30Points
lineart - 60Points
lineart with flat colors - 120Points
digital headshot samples by Miikage

sketch - 60Points
lineart - 120Points
lineart with flat colors - 200Points
Teen Dipper Pines by Miikage  Human Vorty Elite by Miikage Gwen with a cute Eli the Vortian plush by Miikage

full body:
sketch - 150Points
lineart - 300Points
lineart with flat colors - 500Points
Porter (Art Trade) by Miikage  SU Smoky Quartz by Miikage Meg the Vortian (points Artwork commission) by Miikage


lineart with flat colors - 800Points

sketch - 130Points
lineart - 260Points
lineart with flat colors - 400Points
Lineart - chibi Tim (points Artwork commission) by Miikage   Nomnom chibi monster by Miikage Marva (Art Trade) by Miikage

special non-animated commissions:

*included in the non-animated category but price ranges will differ except from the add-ons will remain the same
character reference: 
*a bunch of drawings of your characters in one canvas (size 1500x1500, min. of 2 drawings and max. of 5 drawings of a specific character - 1 full body and 1 chibi, the rest you can pick from headshots to waist-up)
*intricate background add-on cannot be used on this type of commission
sketch (with white background) - 200Points
lineart (with white background) - 300Points
lineart with flat colors on a white background - 500Points
Mina (vortian engineer) by Miikage  Unnamed New Motif Monster OC by Miikage  Zazie teen ver. (Bioreference - Irken) by Miikage
character feature bonus: +75Points 

non-animated headshot icon:
*50x50 in size
Holly snowy icon (points Artwork commission) by Miikage

*if your character is too detailed, I might need to ask for an additional 30-50Points because it's hard to draw too detailed characters in a small canvas and animate it, please understand

blinking headshot icon:


Saethi Blinking icon (points Artwork commission) by Miikage Rock-candy Bun icon (points Artwork commission) by Miikage Lahla Blinking icon (points Artwork commission) by Miikage


blinking headshot icon with...

- glowing background OR eye movement OR lip movement - 300Points (*pick one among the things mentioned)
- a combination of two animations mentioned above - 350Points
- a combination of all animations mentioned above - 450Points
Kan Animated icon (points Artwork commission) by Miikage Pepper Animated icon (points Artwork commission) by Miikage Happy Birthday Sammi! (advance birthday greeting) by Miikage

blinking full body sitting icon:
(Belated) Happy Birthday gift for MissFemke by Miikage

couple icons:
headshot - 350Points
Valentines-themed icon/s feat. Rouki and Elite by Miikage
(+beating heart - +80Points)

full body sitting - 550Points
 Neos and Mordred full body blinking Icons by Miikage

blinking page dolls:
+additional facial expression - +80Points
*take note that if you have a highly detailed character, that character will be simplified, and yet will still remained faithful to the design, for best result when animating the page doll.

sitting (chibi of your character) - 420Points
Happy Birthday gift for M! by Miikage
(old example)

standing - 500Points
(no updated example)

(chibi) 600Points
(normal-sized) 750Points
Happy Birthday gift for NecroIzu! by Miikage  Bear Page Doll (Art Trade) by Miikage

Category: (non-animated..? animated..?)
Commission: (sketch? lineart..? icon..?)
Type: (headshot? full body..? floating..?)
Character Reference/s: (name and put a link of your character's ref sheet)
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I gots tagged so I'mma tag back

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 1, 2016, 11:44 PM
EDITED (August 7, 2016): Gots tagged back by HEISMEANDIAMYOU since she wants to see Harlea answer this too (Harlea's answer is below Elite's) :XD:

A little bit of some taggin' before I go back to doing schoolwork again which I wasn't able to do yesterday due to migraine and such :D

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1. Pick one of your OCs.
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OCs.
3. Tag four people to do this meme!
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"as if you were your OCs."

1. What is your name?
"The heck ya chose me for!? ya have tons of- (sighs) fine, Elite"

2. Do you know why you were named that?
"My parents named me Elite expecting me to become an Elite vortian soldier when I grow up... or they were probably too lazy to even name their kid properly"

3. Are you single or taken?

4. Have any abilities or powers?
"I can rearrange anyone's face and bone structure with my fists, does that count?"

5. Stop being a Mary-sue!!
"Okay..? never been one"

6. What's your eye color?
"boss lady described it Plasma red"

7. How about hair color?
"I'm a vortian, we don't have hair"

8. Have you any family-members?
"Yeah but I haven't gotten in touch with them after joining the resistance"

9. Oh? How about pets?
"...I have a gray fox but he's no pet though"

10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.
"The color pink, it's just girly... no choice but to endure it though 'cus the boss lady loves pink"

11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
"Spending time with Rouki, training with Rhyder and going on missions with Zaige"

12. Have you ever hurt anyone in anyway before?
"Yeah, not gonna tell ya the details though"

13. Ever... killed anyone before?

14. What kind of animal are you?
"Who ever made this should change some questions"

15. Name your worst habits?
"being hot-headed as the boss lady said, but I'm telling ya I'm not!"

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?
"...fine! I look up to Rhyder!"

17. are you Gay, Straight, or Bisexual?
"Bisexual! I'm definitely Bisexual (laughs nervously)" - read his bioreference

18. Do you go to school?
"I used to when I was a kid but not now"

19. Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?
"Marry, sure, have kids? I ain't good with kids... no patience for that"

20. Do you have fangirls/fanboys?
"(shrugs) how the heck should I know?"

21. What are you most afraid of?
"Not finding my purpose in life... and being lied to again..."

22. What do you usually wear?
"It's hard to explain what I usually wear but I'm pretty sure the boss lady doesn't draw me in one outfit anymore"

23. What's one food that tempts you?
"...Gummy Bears..."

24: Am I annoying you?
"Heck Yeah! you're pretty much wasting my time with these questions"

25. Well, it's still not over!
"F***! how many questions are there!?" - totally "not" hot-headed as he said he was

26. What class are you? (low class, middle class, high class)?
"Ask Zaige my ranking in her ship, you'll be surprised"

27. How many friends do you have?
"friends?.. (shrugs) I guess I have Iol, Zaige, Rhyder... huh, I guess ya could say alot now than before"

28. What are your thoughts on pie?
"Depends on what kind of pie it is"

30. Favorite drink?
"I'll drink anything that's not odd-looking"

31. What's your favorite place?
"...anywhere will do, just as long as Rouki's with me"

32. Are you interested in anyone~?
"I'm satisfied with Rouki already, not looking for anyone or interested in anyone"

33. If you're a girl, what's your cup size? If you're a guy, how big are you?
"Why don't you ask my fists"

34. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?

35. What's your type?
"Small and possessive, with antenna accessories and silver eyes that ain't like any other"

36. Any fetishes?
"(looks away, coughs)"

37. Seme or uke?
"Give me the next f***ing question before I-"

38. Camping or indoors?
"-either way is fine with me"


1. What is your name?

2. Do you know why you were named that?
"I'm not sure but since my name sounds feminine, my parents probably thought I was going to come out as a girl... (shrugs)"

3. Are you single or taken?

4. Have any abilities or powers?
"I'm good at the stunts I do and I have the ability to make a certain irken give in to my requests (chuckles)"

5. Stop being a Mary-sue!!
"how should I stop being something I'm not?"

6. What's your eye color?
"blue, like sapphires"

7. How about hair color?
"I don't have hair, none of us irkens do..."

8. Have you any family-members?
"yes, but I haven't seen them in ages plus I don't really talk about them that much so no questions about them please"

9. Oh? How about pets?
"Well Gice has this bot that looks like a creature from another planet... I'm not sure if he's a pet but to me, it feels like he is one and yet at the same time he's not... I have mix feelings about that bot"

10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.
"When I get bruises or injuries from the stunts I do... I get scolded by Gice a lot plus he hides my painkillers"

11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
"Spending time with Gice, specifically taking him out to eat somewhere... and making sure he doesn't stay in his private area for more than 3 hours with all the experiment he does"

12. Have you ever hurt anyone in anyway before?
"(nods, sighs) I wasn't sane that time..."

13. Ever... killed anyone before?

14. What kind of animal are you?
"Alien, not animal"

15. Name your worst habits?
"I rely on painkillers, sleeping pills and alcohol when I can't handle the bruises, injuries or scars I get from work... which is not too often now compared to before"

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?
"now that you mentioned it... none"

17. are you Gay, Straight, or Bisexual?
"That's a funny story actually, I honestly thought I was straight at first because I've been dating and flirting with women of different species years ago but then I met Gice and well let's say some interesting things happened and I didn't mind him being a guy and all after finding out he was one, in case you didn't know, he looked like he was female when I first met him, and then some interesting things happened again, and then I realized I'm bisexual, which I also didn't mind" 

18. Do you go to school?
"I'm an adult now and I don't want anyone to know about my educational backstory, next question please"

19. Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?
"I wouldn't mind getting married and having kids... but I'm satisfied with the path I chose"

20. Do you have fangirls/fanboys?
"who's to say (winks)"

21. What are you most afraid of?
"When I say or do something stupid that I'll regret... and losing someone... and not being able to apologize properly..."

22. What do you usually wear?
"I wear a lot of clothes now because of my job"

23. What's one food that tempts you?
"I'm not really picky when it comes to food... but I'm fond of onion rings dipped in mayo mixed with ketchup"

24: Am I annoying you?
"not really but you're kinda disturbing me with some personal questions"

25. Well, it's still not over!
"It will be eventually though"

26. What class are you? (low class, middle class, high class)?
"high class"

27. How many friends do you have?
"too many to even mention, I make a lot of friends at work, in bars, in restaurants or diners where I usually eat"

28. What are your thoughts on pie?
"I like pie, especially if it's freshly baked with berries and nuts in them"

30. Favorite drink?
"drinks that Gice makes and coffee"

31. What's your favorite place?
"the diner across the street near my previous apartment... and beside Gice, specifically in bed (smiles innocently)"

32. Are you interested in anyone~?
"I have a femmale pixie babe, what more can I ask for? (chuckles)"

33. If you're a girl, what's your cup size? If you're a guy, how big are you?
"Ask Gice (winks)"

34. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
"lake... I don't want salt water on my wounds and bruises (gulps)"

35. What's your type?
"a male with a feminine face, can handle my requests and has a soft butt"

36. Any fetishes?

37. Seme or uke?
"Seme but I wouldn't mind either way"

38. Camping or indoors?
"both works for me and I'll make sure the hermit pixie comes with me"

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