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Ichigo Bankai :475:

By miiChaneko
And again, this time the full page :D
The background took so long and it still looks ugly :iconcryforeverplz:

Here's the other version:

Done in SAI.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Lineart & Coloring (c) by me
Original art & Ichigo (c) by Tite Kubo
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© 2011 - 2021 miiChaneko
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This Is Crazy.
Wow, that is some sword. "To have the horn."
Nice. Very nice.
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I like his sword. :heart:
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Thanks! :D
Me too~
Eawart's avatar
I wonder how his full hollow form is gonna look now <3
ToNDWOo's avatar
das bild is einfach genial !!!!! :iconrlyplz:
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This is so good I'm not sure if I'm looking at a screenshot!
Great job!
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goil o3o

yaay du benutzt auch SAI x33
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Danke <3
Ja, SAI ist das Beste, was es gibt *-*
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oh my is so hot *w* !! did yuu hear about kubo sensei plan to draw bleach for about ...10 more year ?!!! :iconamgplz: !! i hope he not gonna make ichigo married rukia or orihime and they have baby who grow up to be shinigami and then fight off another strong evil character and then there ll be grandchildren and yayayay .... is scared me !!! :iconscareplz:
miiChaneko's avatar
Thank you :love:
Really? O____o
Well, it would be cool because I love Bleach so much *-*
But I hope he don't make pairings O___o
I heard that Kubo said, he won't make pairings because there are more interesting things to tell.... I hope it's true!
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he said that but the story full of couple hint :iconheplz:
miiChaneko's avatar
Yeah, right :D
But as long as Hichigo and Tensa are in it, I'm happy xD
cleyon's avatar
maybe he ll never draw them again since ichigo have his new sword :iconheplz: ....... if that happen i ll never read bleach again
miiChaneko's avatar
Noooooooo! D:
But if he has Bankai, Tensa MUST be there.
And Zangetsu of course too.
And about Hichigo.... I'm not sure, but Ginjo's Bankai kinda looks like he has "stolen" Hichigo from Ichigo O___o
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