New Years Eve Poem-Hope?

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New Years Day Poem

Sometimes I feel inside as if I’m falling
But then I look around and see I’m flying
Dreams seem so shattered
But then I know they’re not what mattered
Then I move on
And look happily on days gone
Then looking foreword to the new horizon
Chase after the Sun
Flying high
In the sky
Learning to cope
Searching for a new hope
Wishing for better days
Off in a distant haze
Thinking of the future
And it’s allure
Wishing for freedom
Hoping for it to come
Looking for a sign
Pressing on without a whine
Fighting to make a way
For a newer and better day
A poem I wrote on New Years Day :!: :party: I hopt it makes people think :!: :idea:
© 2004 - 2024 mihoshigurl
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I have no idea why this poem isn't viewed more. O.o
It deserves attention!
Good work. :)