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Mihijime's 3rd Annual Christmas Giveaway!!


What is Mihijime’s Christmas Giveaway???!!!

 :bulletpurple: This is your chance to win a completely FREE CUSTOM Made Plushie from me!!! :D

(this plush will be made from any variation of my MiniChibi Pattern found in my gallery here:…

How long is the Giveaway???

:bulletblack:This Giveaway will run from now – November  6, 2014 until December 25th, 2014!!!

:bulletpurple: Winners will be chosen sometime late Dec. 25th by using


What Do I have to do to Enter???

:bulletblack: OPEN TO EVERYONE
:bulletpurple: Fill out this form:

(these responses will then be placed into a spreadsheet) Please Note – No ENTRY FORM = no entry into the contest!!!!!

:skull: Fill out that form. Then if you like please share this event with all your friends! The more people who enter, the more prizes I will unlock in the end.  :D

:bulletblack: You can also check out and share the post from my other sites here!

Twitter :

Facebook :…

Tumblr :

How many times can I enter?
You can only enter once.


 :bulletpurple: GRANDPRIZE: 1 custom plush of agreeable terms of character of your choice (oc, fan, etc.)

(if 1000 entries received then this will be upgraded to 2 custom plushies)

:bulletblack: Runner Up: unlocks at 150 entries

:bulletpurple: 3rd Place Prize: ??? unlocks at 250 entries

:bulletblack: 4th Place Prize: ??? unlocks at 500 entries

:bulletpurple: 5th Place Prize: ??? unlocks at 1000 entries


~~~If  2500 entries is reached before Dec. 25th, 2013 then I will increase all prizes by 1!!!!


Prizes for Runner Up through 5th Place will be made of the other various styles of plushies I offer such as Small MiniChibi’s, Pocket Plush, Large Octopi Plushies, keychain Octopi and other items seen in my gallery!!!


Should I do anything Else to enter???

 :bulletblack: You don’t have too but Please consider faving this journal/deviation and commenting below!! If ya are feeling generous please feel free to create journals and or polls to help spread the giveaway ok!! Thank ya so much guys!!!


~~~~Please do not make/use multiple accounts to enter. This does not really help increase your odds at all and it really isn’t in the spirit of the giveaway ya know. Anyone found to be doing this will be banned from this and all further giveaways as well as commissions and trades! Please folks let’s all be nice about this ok!



 ~~Will Do~~

:bulletpurple: Your OC (I love doing OCs so don't be afraid to ask!!)

:bulletpurple: Fan-Art (anime, game, book, movie, etc.)

:bulletpurple: Will add Breast to female Characters if asked to as long as she is not naked

:bulletpurple: Will alter patterns to accommodate Mer characters, Nekos, Angel/Devil etc.


 ~~Will Not Do~~

:bulletgreen: NO Nudity!!! (sorry guys but I have kids who watch me work on these plush and I do not feel comfortable making a nude plush – you will not believe the questions :faint:!! (Will do partial nudity - like bare chest for guys, skimpy outfits for chicks - as long as the important parts are covered :blush: )

:bulletgreen: No Pokemon, or Animal Characters (Sorry I only make Human or Humanoid Characters - but I will make Human versions of Pokemon, Digimon, MLP, etc)


How long do I have to wait for my Plushies to be done???

      ~~~ This really all depends on the complexity of the characters. I do my best to have commissioned plushies done anywhere between 1-4 weeks once accepted! Plus please take note that plushies being shipped outside the US can take anywhere from 2-9 weeks to get to you through the post depending on your county. For in the US orders most plushies arrive with in 1-2 weeks.



If you have any other questions please feel free to ask via comment or note!!

:blackrose: :skull: :blackrose: :skull: :blackrose: PLEASE help spread this around - I would really appreciate it!! :blowkiss: :blackrose: :skull: :blackrose: :skull: :blackrose:

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SweetLittleVampire's avatar
Entered, and shared on tumblr. Trying to win a plush for a friend of mine. :3
mihijime's avatar
thanks and good luck!
TiBun's avatar
can we put down an OC if we have a reference pic?
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TiBun's avatar
Thank you. entered and signal boosted
Signal boosting a thing.
mihijime's avatar
Thank you so much!
HinataFox790's avatar
I could've sworn I've already entered. I also faved the journal...
Sherly97's avatar
Entered :D (Some time ago, but I kinda forgott to comment X'D)
You are so awesome for holding giveaways, even when you have so many comission and others to do :huggle:
Going to spread this with a Journal :D
mihijime's avatar
aww thank ya so much hon!
psto1464's avatar
Thanks for a plushie contest :D Very nice of you
mihijime's avatar
np. good luck!
viralzx8's avatar
I entered. ^^ I'll be making a journal.
mihijime's avatar
awesome! Thank ya so much!!! good luck to ya!
nAvidx7's avatar
This is so cool. Wish I lived in US..
Still, entered only to support you. Keep up the awesome work ^.^
mihijime's avatar
No worries. This is open to everyone! I ship worldwide :)
Thanks for entering!
nAvidx7's avatar
That's so awesome! ^.^
And your plushies are the most cute. Yato (Blush) [V1]
mihijime's avatar
awww - thank ya so much!
nAvidx7's avatar
You're welcome.. ^.^
MissTicci's avatar
I have entered! These plushies are soo kawaii~
I've made a journal as well!
mihijime's avatar
Thank you so much! And good luck! 
Popokino's avatar
I hope I didn't enter twice accidentally... ^^; I tend to forget overtime...
mihijime's avatar
I don't think ya did! If so I will just mark the second one out for ya ok - no worries! (I am the same way :P )
lotusfang89's avatar
I have enterd and all these plushies are great i must say thank you so so so Much and here is a journal :)…
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