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Well, here's a fan-art poster of Nausicaa done for a fun challenge over at Crimson Daggers Bloodports. [link] It's an older challege, this was completed long after the deadline.

Doesn't matter, had sweat.

I feel it was very challenging, probablly one of the more complex illustration i've ever done. There are lots of things in a piece like this that you should be wary of, composition being one of the most important. Sooo i wonder just in how many ways i screwed this up! :))

I really feel a relief for posting in and calling it done, although i know it can be improved.

Couple of words about the chars: Lord Yupa, royally screwed up because for some reason i remembered him wielding daggers, but he's more of a swordsman. MY BAD

Pilot kid whose name i forgot: I am not super happy with him, but i feel that he would somehow resemble a young Bruce Dickinson. Wich is totally apropriate. By mistake, too.

Nausicaa: Also by mistake ( i had other refs) i think she ended up looking a bit like :iconclefchan:

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If memory serves me, I believe the boy was named Asbel.

On that note, I really do love how you made this look. The different take on Nausicaa's face is what really draws me.