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Badasslestia :D

By Mihaaaa
I finally managed to sit down and screw around with illustrator today... so, here have a season 2 vector.

I'll probably add some sparkles later.

Mlp fim (c) Hasbro
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© 2011 - 2021 Mihaaaa
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I have used and credited your beautiful Celestia here:

Permanent Eclipse
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I used your vector to show Princess Celestia in Discord's house.
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Can I make a wallpaper with this?
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I used your vector to make this: Hope you like it.
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I hope you don't mind I used this for a wallpaper…
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I used this vector in a small video I made…
I hope you don't mind...
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Huh.She is gonna troll again!DUCK FOR COVER!
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Sad icon but adorbs at the same time!
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can i try to make a base out of this (ill credit you)
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How do you get moving icons,i try to upload them but my computer locks up!It's like my computer doesn't wan't me to have it!

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they have to be 50pxby50px
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Great job on vectoring Princess Celestia ~Mihaaaa, I really love it:)

If it's okay with you, can I use it?
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I used your vector in my project, thanks! :: [link]
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YES finally something that suits my needs!!!! I am going to use this and will credit when done!

Thanks for making it!
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shes so angry she could flip a TABLE! INFACT! ILL DO IT FOR HER!!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
can i use this... please?
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sure, if you want an angry luna too just say the word and I upload her too ;)
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np, you havn't asked for it, but I uploaded her anyway :) [link]
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