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Valentine Sunset

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This was Made for "Hearts and roses" contest at Manipulate This :iconmanipulatethis:
Level 2 entry

Also see this manipulation a reedit with a valentine message : Valentine-Sunset-Dream

Well there was a Valentine's Day competition on the :iconmanipulatethis: that has given me the idea of making this for my husband, of course he never checks my DA page so i can add it here without him seeing it until the 14th :))
this is one of the versions... hope u like it and inspires you also :d

Thank you to the next ppl for the wonderful stock:

:iconumbradenoapte-stock: :iconfingerpokeplz: Red-Roses

:iconumbradenoapte-stock: :iconfingerpokeplz: Black-Roses

:iconla-chatte-noire: :iconfingerpokeplz: Rose-petals

:iconaramisdream: :iconfingerpokeplz: Valentine-Paper

:iconwhitewinewoman: :iconfingerpokeplz: golden-sunset

:iconarkayastock: :iconfingerpokeplz: baloons

:iconalz-stock: :iconfingerpokeplz: Swan

:iconmiha3lla: :iconfingerpokeplz: Lovers(my own stock) somewhere in there is our future by Miha3lla
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Congratulations! This deviation is an "Other Favorites" in the Hearts And Roses contest at #ManipulateThis. It is being displayed in our mini Side Bar gallery. :)
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This deviation is being featured in my current journal:
Happy Valentine's Day!
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Thank you very much !
Happy Valentine's Day !
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Very nice, I like the overall tone of the scene, but I suggest you down scale the rose petals by about 50 to 70%, to project realistic depth and distance, maybe slightly blur the farthest ones too.
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Thank you, hope they are better now :D
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Much better now! :)
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Yeey :D Thanks for all the help, they do look better :D
Oh i love valentine :D and i'm not a holiday lover but how can u resist all the hearts ?:D
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My pleasure. I am no big fan of holidays either, but hey when the scene setup is all in favor of a valentine who am I to disagree. =p
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This is lovely. I really like what you did with the sky. And I do like the addition of the swan, however you might blend it a bit more into the water?
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thank you :D
about the swan i tried... i have no idea what else to do with it... it's a bad swan :D
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I am no expert either, but I would try (on a copy of your original image) to select a bit of the bottom side of the swan, feather the selectionlines about 2 or 3 pixels and then remove that part of the swan so it looks like it is swimming. Maybe even easier is to erase a bit of the swan with a very soft eraser. If it did not work, nothing happened because your were working on just a copy.
I don't use Photoshop, instead Paint Shop Pro, so maybe the options are named a bit different.
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