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The Royal Academy-Simon Bodrogi

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【 Name 】 
Simon Bodrogi

【 Year 

【 Age 

【 Gender 】 

【 Weight 】 
177 lbs | 80 kg

【 Height 
 5'9" | 175 cm

【 Hair Color 

【 Eye Color 

Elective Classes 
✦ Beastiary
✦ Summoning & Transfiguration
✦ Magical Runes & Sealing


【 Name 】 

【 Species 】 
Transylvanian Hound


【 Elemental Strength 】 Earth
【 Elemental Weakness 】 Air

【 General Spells 】 
✦ Knave Verbannim
✦ Confringo
✦ Grave
✦ Summon Nymph
✦ Earthen Spikes

【 Personal Spell(s) 
For Whom the Bell Tolls
✦ Hipnózis- Ringing a bell slowly and rhythmically will cause targets to become more succeptible to Hypnotic Suggestion.
✦ Hallucináció- Striking a bell sharply to create a jarring sound triggers Hallucinations
✦ Hangsebesség- With a light flick of a bell Simon can teleport to anywhere that the sound waves can travel, moving at the speed of sound. 

【 Passive Spell 
✦ Vadászkutya- Simon possesses a very keen sense of smell, equivilant to that of a scent hound. He can easily track scents as well as recognize someone by their smell.


【 Likes 
✦ Karfiolleves soup
✦ Sleeping / Taking naps
✦The Knights of the Ministry

【 Dislikes 
✦ The Dark Arts
✦ People touching him
✦ Cold weather

【 Personality 
Passionate | Vengeful | Friendly | Unforgiving | Caring | Confident | Empathetic


Simon grew up in a small Rural Village in Hungary. He learned from a young age how to survive the harsh wildreness and the climate of the Hungarian wilds, hunting for Deer and Bears while following the guidance of his father. But wild game wasn't the only thing his family hunted; as Knights of the Ministry his parents would often be called out to deal with practioners of the Forbidden Arts.   

He admired his parents and what they did for their country. They were brave, dutiful, and strong; everything he wanted to be when he came of age himself.

Which was why Simon was overjoyed when he recieved his invitation to study at the Royal Academy- known as one of the top schools of Magic in the world. Soon he too would become a great Knight of the Ministry, just like his father. When he first came to the Academy Simon was a very over-achieving student, wanting to be one of the best in his class. He excelled at Dueling, Herbology, and Beastiary, using his experiences in the Hungarian Wilds to his advantage. 

And then everything changed...

It was late summer after his second year when the attack happened. His father had raided a coven of the Dark Arts, and the Witches who had escaped sought revenge against him. The witches snuck into their little town, descending upon his family's home in the middle of the night. Simon, still young and too inexperienced to defend himself against that level of magic, was easily overpowered. Unable to fight, Simon was forced to watch helplessly while his Father and Mother tried to fend off their attackers. It was a night that Simon would never forget... or forgive. 

The leader of the Coven had made sure of that. 

When the Knights arrived at the scene, it was too late. Simon's parents had been killed in cold blood, their lifeless bodies scarcely recognizable after the brutality they had endured. Simon was taken to the Schnitter Hospital of Magical Maladies, where he would spend the next few months in recovery. 

It wasn't until second term that he was finally discharged and allowed to return the Academy.


✦ Takes a lot of naps but always looks tired
✦ Spends a lot of time in the Infirmary
✦ Plans to become a Knight after he graduates
✦ Knows how to butcher and cook his own meat
✦ Taught how to hunt wild game by his father

【 Discord ID】 
Miha's Roleplay Comfort Meme

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What a cutie! You always have such creative characters, and tragic backstories ;-;