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The Royal Academy-Cecilia Brantley



【 Name 】 
Cecilia Brantley

【 Year 

【 Age 

【 Gender 】 

【 Weight 】 
139 lbs | 63 kg

【 Height 
 5'6" | 168 cm

【 Hair Color 
Coal Black with Brown highlights

【 Eye Color 

Elective Classes 
✦ Herbology
✦ Magical Convergence
✦ Medicinal Magic
✦ Basic Magic


【 Name 】 

【 Species 】 
( The magical, Fire Dwelling kind )


【 Elemental Strength 】 Fire
【 Elemental Weakness 】 Water

【 General Spells 】 
✦ Heavy Metal
✦ Confringo
✦ Immolation
✦ Magical Barrier

【 Personal Spell(s) 
✦ Scorch Mark- By drawing a scorch mark on a surface Ceci can place a trap that will ignite and explode when triggered.
✦ Line of Fire- By drawing a line across a surface Ceci and conjure a wall of flames that will ignite along the direction of the line. 

【 Passive Spell 
✦ Heat Tolerant- Thanks to the fire dwelling nature of her Familiar Ceci receives a +3 defense buff against Fire spells.  


【 Likes 
✦ Creating unique and experimental Potions
✦ Daring people to try her experimental potions
✦ Helping out First Years

【 Dislikes 
✦ Bullies
✦ Cold temperatures
✦ A potion that turned sour

【 Personality 
Motherly | Outgoing | Positive | Firey | Overbearing | Bold


Cecilia's mother was a Witch who had studied at the Royal Academy in her younger years. After graduating her mother moved to a small fishing town, serving as their personal Apothecary and Witch, as one of the few Magical folk who chose to live there. 

While she was living there she met and fell in love with one of the dock workers, a humble but mundane man with a big heart. Even if they came from different worlds their love knew no struggle, and Ceci was the proof of that. She grew up as a spunky and firey little girl, often getting herself into trouble in the quite little village.

By the time she turned 18 it was no surprise that the boisterous girl had received her letter from the Royal Academy. Yearning to learn more about the magical world that her mother hailed from. Her first year only fueled her passion for Magic and Potions, and her dream to one day open a pub that would serve the Magical and Mundane folk alike.


✦ Loves brewing her own ale in her dorm room ( don't tell the Headmistress )
✦ Has a knack for Dueling and other competitive games
✦ Thinks of herself as a big sister to the first years
✦ Charms and Potions is one of her favorite classes

【 Discord ID】 
Miha's Roleplay Comfort Meme

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Lovely character Miha! I love her hair btw, it's so voluminous.
Miha-Hime's avatar
:iconlazycryheartplz: awwww thank you so much! Her hair was my favorite part to draw and color!
masterchiefhammer's avatar
Ceci is as pretty as ever~~~!!!!!! :heart: :iconpapcryplz:  

It's wonderful to see your art style again, Miha~! :heart: :heart: :heart: :iconmonkeyloveplz: I especially love her backstory and how you did her hair~!  Half braided, half fro!  The little red and brown highlights just add so much to it! :heart:
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The art is absolutely stunning! From the gorgeous line-art to the delicate shading. I think her hair is my favorite part of it. And the cute lil animation of course!! :iconcblushplz:
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Thank yooooou

I always have a lot of fun with her hair~ And playing with the blink animation. Tomo's amazing apps inspired me :iconblushuplz: