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Song of Ice and Fire:The Hound

A fan art of this magnificent book. Hope you like it!! :)
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I'd do him. I mean if I were a women. Or if I were gay. Oh who am I kidding, give me a flagon of strong wine and I would be good. *Sigh*
Really though, one of the most complicated, interesting characters. My personal favorite. Would be cool to see with his helm on too!
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Lol you are not alone, the Hound is fkn sexy 🤩

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I did this just before I did read the books many years ago. Maybe is time for a new fan art... ;)
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Increíble! es uno de las ilustraciones del Perro que más me gustan porque capta totalmente cómo es el personaje.: peligroso, malote, con pinta de estar enfadado siempre y enorme físicamente. Enhorabuena, es fantástico!
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Truly impressive how you captured his "badass-aura" :)
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FANTASTIC artwork of Sandor Clegane! He's one of my very favorite characters in the books, and you have done a wonderful job capturing the essence of his character I think! :) I like especially how he looks appropriately ugly and pissed off, haha! Oftentimes artists make him too pretty, you have him just about perfect!
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your style is really great! he looks so menacing and grumpy, perfect! :)
Astounding. I finally found a fan art that looks exactly as I how I imagined him. THANK YOU!!!!! :D
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Qué chulo. Me encanta que lo bien que has captado su poderío físico, y su desfiguración. Directísimo a favoritos!
Wow, amazing artwork! This is exactly how I pictured him! :D
My favourite Sandor pic ever. Love it!
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LOVE this!

You painted the book version of my all time favorite ASoIaF non POV character Sandor Clegane to absolute badass perfection!

Kudos to you! :)
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He looks kinf of sexy hohohooo :D
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Kind of, sorry. Great job! :3
this is def one of the best pictures of sandor i've seen on here... especially his face. you made it look great, not cartoon-y... awesome!!
Beautiful work!
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De muchos en las galeras del deviant el mejor.
Me encanta tu versión del Perro!! Hasta ahora es la mejor que he visto. Es uno de mis personajes favoritos :aww:
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Gracias hombre!! Me alegro qe te guste!! Tambien es uno de mis personajes favoritos!!
Me tiene totalmente enganchada, suerte que este año, por fin sacan el quinto tomo, aunque a saber cuándo sale aquí. Pueso preguntarte de qué parte eres?
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De qe parte? si te refieres a España, soy de Cordoba, ahora mismo vivo en Madrid, y el mes qe viene me mudo a Granada! ;)

Gracias una vez mas!!
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