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Art for "Pathifinder Adventure Path 73, The Worlwound Incursion" by "Paizo Publishing"
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She's powerful and sexy!
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Thank you! Glad you liked!
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Such a beautiful job done on her.
A touch of savage and a touch of beauty!
Nicely done!
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Thank you! So fun to draw female orcs and half orcs ;)
cyndycooper's avatar
This is one of my all-time favorite fantasy portraits.
MiguelRegodon's avatar
Thank you! This one was fun, I´m glad you liked it ;)
Prcalo's avatar
Deadly Godzilla vs Koopzilla - GOJI Death Stare [V.1]  or something like " Do i look like, i give a ****" saying to some a**hole through look on him . AHHAHAH...... i can feel that atmosphere ..... GJ!
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Never bother this lady ... 
Looks like someone well worth knowing.
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Thank you! She is ;)
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For the Half-Ork standars, I supose she is... ;)
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I love the expression - she's clearly an epic badass.  The only thing I could possibly suggest is more impact on the lipline from her tusks.  But that's minutiae - the character that you've shown with this painting is awesome and inspiring.
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Thank you! Thats a difficult thing. Being a Half ork, I decided not to exagerate that feature too much in orther to make hen not too ugly, maybe I was wrong Sweating a little... 

Thanks again! I´m glad you liked it ;)
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I love a sexy Orc lady.
MiguelRegodon's avatar
Thank you! Half-Ork by the way ;)
cinemajack's avatar
so much in those eyes! like a photo! fantastic! 
MiguelRegodon's avatar
Thank you! I try to put some character on each portait :)
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So powerfull! So nice!
MiguelRegodon's avatar
Thanks for your comments! ;)
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