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Atilla the hun

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Attila the Hun
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If only his empire lasted after his death
leventdivilioglu's avatar
Great work, beautiful.
ShogunateSanjuro's avatar
The mighty Huns! A force to truly fear! Great job!
cloudlakes's avatar
You've done such a beautiful job on this image of my historic figure crush!
Jim-From-Hell's avatar
Very great job!!!!
josem789's avatar
nice artwork!!!! what program did you use for doing it?
ReaverPan's avatar
This scene has gorgase detail, and it's so dramatic, very entence A+!!!! :) :rose:
ironsides11's avatar
Excellent Horse archery :D
Ysabetwordsmith's avatar
Wow, look at those hot colors and Mongolian riding gear.
whateverman32's avatar
You mean "Huns" right ???
he-man95's avatar
Eeeeeeeee! He's one of my favorite historical icons, and this picture depicts how I imagine him perfectly.
skynox10108's avatar
Amazing picture! The Fire looks so real, and the lighting is breathtaking! May I use this for my video presentation? I will give credit, of course. :)
HungaristARTtista's avatar
Authentically nice illustration, well done! Our ancient Leader...
How wonderful colours! Nice work! :)
kalika12's avatar
Amazingly done!!!
I can see the Huns burning the village and pillaging what they can on my head!\o/
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Savage-Delight's avatar
Making a biography on him, May I use this pic for the cover page, ~Shall give you credit.~
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Dark-Corvid's avatar
Awesome colors and mood.
kiskorzy's avatar
A fine piece of work! :)
BlackHawkRising's avatar
This is a very nice piece. The only comment that I have is that the style with which you drew the fire seems different from the way you drew the rest of the piece. I'm not saying that you drew it poorly; in fact, you drew the fire with great detail. So much so that, at first glance, I thought you had simply stiched a photo of real fire into the piece. It just seems to me that there is a disparity between the level of detail that you put into the fire as opposed to the rest of the picture, ie. Atilla, his horse, the horsemen riding away in the distance, and the skyscape. It just takes a bit away from the piece as a whole. Now, on to the good stuff. The piece is very well composed, the pallate works quite nicely, you have a very controlled use of lighting. I love the sense of dynamic action you've created, with Atila turning back with his bow. I can also tell you've done your research. The style of armor, the type of bow, and even the way the horse is saddled are all authentic.
All in all, I really like this piece. Well done :)
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Sensacional! Seriam mongois?
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