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Lightness of Being


Lightness of being ...and the heaviness of change.
Or is it the other way around?....

Using this awesome landscape for a visual thought.
Santa Catarina, Brazil.
Enjoy and feel free to comment. :)

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© 2013 - 2021 Miguel-Santos
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I love this, you are very skilled!
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Very beautiful! Makes me wonder what the story of this picture is. I feel like there's something massive and absolutely badass hiding inside the fog, just a step away from being visible, and the woman in the picture is a follower\worshiper. Maybe it's Cthulhu!
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Love the scene great job! :D 
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this is life 
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what program(s) do you use??
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Your art is so soothing and beautiful. 
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That women has some nice shoes
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Whats at the end of the path...... something good or nothing at all 😐
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A valley road, abandoned and left to vegatate, is walked upon by this simple girl, lost and confused.
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Looks like a real life version of Choco Mountain on Mario Kart 64
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this is AMAZING.
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The haziness actually seems to enhance the contrast of lighting it.
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God. That place exist?
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