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NaNoWriMo Calendar

** Update : 2010 Calendar is now available on my blog :-) [link] **

*2008 calendar can be found here [link] *

So this is a calendar designed for NaNoWriMo [link]

It's on white to make it print friendly, but at 800 by 600 it could be used for wallpaper too. It's in the same style as my icons [link] , just on a bigger scale :-) There's room to add your own word count in each box if you do choose to print it.

(to print it first click the download button on the left. Then you'll get just the file)

EDIT - Since people are still faving this piece I've removed the day at the top. That way you can use it this year if you want. It'll be lined up a bit funny, but if you can live with that so can I.
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Favourited so I can find it. :XD:

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Did exactly 1,667 words today. Thought it was good considering I had homework and a test to revise for... crush does 3,050. :B

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Oh boy lol. This is exciting!
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Ahhh! just seeing this makes me panic for next year!! :O_o:
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HAHA! Nonono, it's far too late: I've already killed someone. :evillaugh:

*cough* In the book.
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"It's like being in a cult without the free robes."
^ That line in itself earns it a fav xD
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Love this! So true!
Good luck to all NaNos!
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Figurative high five for a fellow NaNoWriMo Participant :D woot woot!
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this is for this year, right?!
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Oh gosh, I would LOVE to do NaNoWriMo, but I have essays and exams for the first two weeks - I'm already going to be writing about 10,000 words for all my assessment, never mind the novel! Maybe next year... after my thesis has been handed in...

Funny calendar though. :)
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Dude, I'm gonna try this next year too. Exams... >>'

Good luck for next year! If you remember xD
Thats awesome! I'd like to use it this year if thats alright! Wow! Look at that! Five years and this is still popular!

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I'm organising events here offline at the local library and stuff, would you mind me printing this out as decoration for our Write-Ins?
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This is beautiful seriously. xD I love it. :heart:
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This is made of so much win :la:
Simply the most wonderful thing I've seen in months
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Haha! This is awesome, I'm using it next year.
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