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By Migotomew

Chibi : $5/Character
Little Red 'Twintail' Riding Hood by Migotomew chisa by Migotomew

Head Shot : $10/Character
Elesis by Migotomew

Bust Up: $15/Character
Jinho by Migotomew Alraune Fan Art by Migotomew

Waist Up: $20/Character
Virgil by Migotomew Commish - Vannie by Migotomew Aegis by Migotomew

Knee up-Fullbody : $30/Character
Clip Studio Paint Gijinka by Migotomew Commish - Dirga by Migotomew Comm - Fei by Migotomew Commish - Zeth by Migotomew Kafka and Runa by Migotomew

Plus Background: +$10-40, depends on complexity
Simple backgrounds such like simple patterns are free
Commish - Dyera by Migotomew Comm - Cain by Migotomew it's teatime by Migotomew When Snow Falls by Migotomew Raphael the Healer by Migotomew Baphomet the Idol by Migotomew Elsword - Rena by Migotomew


Headshot : $20/Character
Glasses Boy by Migotomew

Bust Up : $30/Character
EXO CHEN by Migotomew Gao by Migotomew

Waist Up : $35/Character
TERA - Castanic by Migotomew

Knee Up : $40/Character
OC - Jinho by Migotomew

Fullbody : $50/Character
Last December by Migotomew

Can Draw: Original Characters, Fanarts, Cute Monsters, Shounen-Shoujo Ai
Can't Draw: Mecha, Gore, R18

How to Commish:
1. Note me with description of what to draw
2. Reference pics
3. How many characters to draw
4. Detail such as pose, expressions, interactions etc
5. Other Notes if needed

Payment is via Paypal only, received upfront.
no refunds after i give the sketch :)

Feel free to ask if you have further questions :)
Thank you very much :heart: :heart:

1. :icontrash-mama: :star: :star: :star: Done!
2. :iconluluwubz: :star: :star: :star: Done!
3. :iconydkwings: :star: :star: :star: Done!
4. :icongodlegos: :star: :star: :star: Done!
© 2015 - 2021 Migotomew
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xShooryx's avatar
Ohh my god when you open <3<3
i love your workk * A *
Trash-Mama's avatar
Migotooo~ ;3; When will the commissions re-open?!~ 
Migotomew's avatar
woah ;3;
i just realize my final exams are comin soon
Trash-Mama's avatar
;3; ooohhh!

Well good luck then! C:
Migotomew's avatar
yesh, thank you ;;u;;)9
RoboDash's avatar
Migotomew's avatar
will open again on early June! :XD: or i can open one slot for you if you want
RoboDash's avatar
I'll be patient. ^^ I'm in no rush~
Novclow's avatar
masih buka chi? kepingin kushare dijournal
Migotomew's avatar
gattoshou's avatar
cba masukin di bnyak grup commission kk chi, sama promo di forum jg biar bnyak yg liat XD
Migotomew's avatar
<<<sendirinya jarang ngurus ginian _(: //agamales
coba de
gattoshou's avatar
kwkwkwkwkwk good luck <3
Migotomew's avatar
memang nggak boleh males2 ya wahaha _(:3
gattoshou's avatar
klo jadi kerjaan utama gag bisa males lagi,kwkwkwkwkwkwk //sndirinya sering malesnya
Migotomew's avatar
hm. harus banyak2 belajar dari k ncus .u.
gattoshou's avatar
aduh jangan blajar dari saya kk, saya bnyak kurang ajarnya >////< //salah
Migotomew's avatar
apa! kalau k ncus kurang ajar berarti aku ga punya ajar >:m
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