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[OC: WMC] I'll take care of you

Fernando (on the left) is having some difficulties in his life right now, and his friend, Tim (right) is trying to cheer him up, and promises him that he'll take care of him, until things get sorted out.
When they first met, none of them even thought that they would be in such a tight friendship one day, but here they are. :)

Drawn traditionally, and colored digitally~
My coloring style changed a bit, and me likey~ :D

Fernando and Tim are my original and own characters.
Art (c) me
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© 2018 - 2021 Migi47
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A nice little piece.
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Thank you so much!

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Nooo ... Take care of me , better! X/DDDD :heart: 
I love this pair! and I especially like Tim :heart: Tattoo boi :heart: 
Migi47's avatar
Hehehe c:
Thanks for liking thim <3
Tim is my most precious baby ;u;
Akai--Me's avatar
;v; No wonder! 
Maybe ... hmm... I'm having a crazy idea here, XD But maybe we can do an art trade or something like that :·D 
(I say "crazy" because I don't have that much time to draw but lately I am really trying >:·) :thumbsup: )
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We can talk about that :D
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They are lovely!

Migi47's avatar
Thank you so much for liking them :heart:
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Feels like things is getting a little hot up in here, don't you think?
Not to interrupt. I just wanted to compliment how nicely you guys look together. Love that blue hair and tattoos.
Fernando your skin tones look amazing.
Migi47's avatar
Awww, thank you so much <3
I love these two, so it's always nice to know that someone else likes them too :)
CatDeLaLuna's avatar
Hopefully you have a close friend for your life too Migi 

for or me you can easily replace the "he" or "him" or "his" with she hers ..... 

Life concept and and if it's true love fabulous 
Migi47's avatar
I do have a very dear and good friend, but she lives 3860 km away and we have never met personally, yet.
Also I have my fiance, he's only 60 km away :D
CatDeLaLuna's avatar
I know that nowadays the rules are changing in some drastic ways .... But in the end one thing even with Facebook Skype Twitter or whatever will never change the need for somebody touching your soul .... Not your skin or your brain or your heart, not your soul .... Your picture may transport it this way 
so hopefully for you there is one out there already
RedQuillStudio's avatar

I love the hair design on the one right!

Migi47's avatar
Thank you for liking him <3
FernandoRoma's avatar

The blue hair character design is very good, very cool.
Deadpool - OK 

Migi47's avatar
He is one of my all time favourite OCs, thank you <3
FernandoRoma's avatar
He is a very beautiful draw.
MakingSound's avatar
So beautiful. *o*
The colors work so well together, as well as the expressions.
Really beautiful!
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Thank you so much!
That comment means a lot to me, because these two are really special for me <3
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Thank you for liking them :heart:
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OMG its beautiful <3 ^><^
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