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[OC: HOT] New friend

I did so many requests lately, I had no time to finish this in time :D
But anyways, a belated MerMay piece with my boys <3
I already drew Zelned a few times, and how he finally got a new friend, a manta boy~
I always wanted a manta, they are so pretty <3
His name is not decided yet though, but right now I'm calling him Dinn :D

[OC: HOT] New friend by Migi47

Art, Zelned, Dinn (c) Migi47 

More art about Zelned:
[OC: HOT] Inktober 25: Prickly by Migi47 [OC: HOT] Inktober 02: Tranquil by Migi47 [OC: HOT] Doodletober 09: Graveyard by Migi47

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Oh wow,the manta merman is such a cool concept,
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You are welcome ;)
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cool! i like it
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Thank you :)
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So very beautiful xoxo

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OMG!!! this is gorgeous!!! <3 A <3 
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Thank you so much for liking them <3
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no worries sweetie!! i can only imagine how har it was to perfect this character design and i'll say they come out amazing !! your work was well done Alt 2.0 Wink Emote [Pop'n Music] 
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Yes, I had quite a time with the manta boy's design, but I love how he turned out in the end :)
Thank again for the kind words! :cuddle:
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No worries hun, I'll definitely come back and take a look at some more of your amazing work 😋
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ooh I wonder how these two would react to KAntrasara X3.
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I'm not sure, but they are friendly guys :D
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if you could make that happen that would make my day just putting that on the table for an idea...... ACtually that would make KAntrasara's day to. cause in my oc's back story she actually lost her family when she was 14. Back Story time! Kantrasara is a type of Mermaid called a Venom Siren. her mother was a venom Siren while her father was a regular Merman. her father's brother, her uncle was furious and convinced the other merfolk that Naparo, Kantrasara's father, had turned evi when he mated with Sagara (KAntrasara's mother). later two mer-serpents. (they are like mermaids only had eel tails instead of mermaid tails) had asked for Kantrasara's hand in marriage even though she was clearly too young. due to the rumors her uncle spread though, no one listened to her father's plea for help to protect his daughter, whom they believed didn't even exist. KAntrasara' parents were killed the next night and she has spent her life wondering the sea alone. looking for someone she can call a friend. she never went to the kingdom her father once called home because she was afraid of meeting her uncle
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That's a sad story :(
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yeah. if you could make a picture. heck even a mini story about her meeting these to boys it would really mean a lot
Migi47's avatar
I'm sure it would, sadly I don't have the time for more requests :(
16 of 21, so more than 75% of my drawings (this year) are for others, so I would like to have a break for a while :)
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okay. just think about it though please
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Awww! I wanna be their fren .w.
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Frens are welcomed <3
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Aw cute! I love them.
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