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sorry..just..felt like typing something and doing something usefull ("but lauren, this isnt usefull at all!" "SHUTUP I KNOW WHAT IM DOING!" "no you dont!" "whatever T.T *huffs*") ANYWAY! im at school right algebra...and we finished a computer im bored...uhhh....and im busy blowing up :iconenharmony:s mailbox XD (shes sitting her next to me, im borrowing her terezi glasses and attempting to type, but i began failing at that sooooo...i just kinda have them hanging on my face) idk....but..i guess i should say know...IMPORTANT, so ill just do that now

OK! important stuff now!! i have my thumbdrive (so ill be able to uplo and a couple of hourse before my mom gets home each day, so im gonna try to start doing some pictures where i draw as much as possible in my allowed time, and then update the picture each day. it might turn out to be entertaining, idk XD. ill have them as WIP's untill their entirely finished, and once their done ill remove the WIP and submit them to groups and all that stuff (oh crap, i pushed up the terezi glasses and now i cant see shi..p...(<- *is in class and feels bad about typing a cuss word ATM*)) anyway ya, thats what ill be doing, so expect some really cra....bby (wtf???) sketches and stuff to appear on here within the next few days. then after a while that cra...bby stuff will start to turn into less crabby (STILL!? WTF!?) stuff and more and more untill it looks....decent... T.T idk...we'll see how this turns out now wont we?

anyway, class is almost over, so ill try to get some stuff done and posted tonight! LATER! (<- i originally spelled that LATWER...the glasses...NOPE!)

EDIT::hahaha, :iconenharmony:s pissed now cause i put her icon up on here.....hmmmmm

:iconenharmony: :iconenharmony::iconenharmony: :iconenharmony::iconenharmony: :iconenharmony::iconenharmony: :iconenharmony::iconenharmony: :iconenharmony::iconenharmony: :iconenharmony::iconenharmony: :iconenharmony::iconenharmony: :iconenharmony: :iconenharmony: :iconenharmony::iconenharmony: :iconenharmony: MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! *prepares for a murderous rage to come from her right*

EDIT:: she want to teach her how to do that...ok en... here-
: icon(insertpersonsusernamehere):  like this!- :icon enharmony: but without the spaces.....
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November 7, 2012