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    The red giant exploded as the bullet found its way to his heart.  The wind caused by such an event caused Emma to fly backward, scratching mud and grass onto her clothing and knocking her pistols out of her hands.

    "Shoot." She hissed as she sat herself upright, blowing loose strands of her dark hair out of her eyes.  Her companion ran from her cover to help Emma back on her feet.  "Awesome shot!" cried Lauren as the grabbed Emma's hand and pulled her up.  Emma picked up her pistols and wiped the mud off them.  "Who knew they were so explosive on the inside?" chuckled Emma, pulling her hood back up.  "Are there any more of them?" she asked, surveying the barren city.  "Nope." said Lauren, shaking her head.

    "Good."  Emma sat down, taking her hood off again.  "I don't think I could take another one.  This whole 'hero' thing is exhausting."  Lauren nodded and sat down as well, taking a canteen from her captchalog.  She offered the liquid to her exhausted friend after taking a long drink.  "Thanks."

Congratulations on your glorious victory!

    "Oh great." Growled Emma as that familiar voice congratulated their feat.  "Whaddya want now?!" groaned Lauren, flopping onto the grass.

I just wanted to say good job on defeating those giants.  I must say, you're powers are quite impressive.

    "I'm flattered." said Emma bluntly in a sarcastic fashion.  "Seriously, what're you up to?"

Alright fine.  You may have one more itty-bitty challenge left.

    "WHAT?!" Emma stomped her foot and Lauren rolled onto her stomach, groaning.

Just one-

    "NUH-UH!" shouted Emma, glaring at the sky.  "I am sick and tired of this stupid game!  Can you give us a friggin' break already?!"

You will get a break.  You just need to beat one more boss; then you can chill with your other god tier buddies.

    Emma glanced at her distressed comrade.  "Guess we should just get this over with." Lauren nodded and stood up, taking her halberd, strapped to her back and wielding it.  Emma gripped her pistols and glared back up at the sky as if to say 'Come at me bro'.

Alrighty then.  He'll be here in just a second.

    The two witches took their stances, back to back, gripping their weapons and eagerly awaiting their enemy.

And the battle music began…

Emma and Lauren looked at each other confused.  "Lauren, does this music sound a little… familiar to you?"

"Yeah, I swear I've heard this befo-"

A figure walked out from behind a nearby building.  It was a plastic figure of a man, spazzing.  He was walking in a strange manner, directly toward the heroes.

"NOPE!" screamed Emma as she pushed Lauren away and ran as fast as she could.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!" yelled Lauren as she spit out the dirt in her mouth.

"YOU CAN BRING YOURSELF BACK TO LIFE, YOU FIGURE IT OUT!" shouted Emma, not looking back and not daring to slow her pace.
watch this first so you will get this....creation....- [link]

random crack homestuck fic me and :iconthealmightye: came up with. she wrote it and later i am going to do an animation with it! (i need voices ._.) the idea for this came from this moment that happened earlier where we where sitting in my room and all of a sudden the music from this....interstingly......."WHAT THE HELL" type video started playing.
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I also finally posted our God Tier pics.

Me: [link]

and You: [link]
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So much yes. XD
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