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Rick headshot animated ! XP by MightyRaptorAbout Me
2019 I wonder how it will turn for rest of this year. [Annoying Dog Emote] DogWantTLC by DerpySponge43

Rock Bros

The Rock Bros
Its about two rock type animal pokemon who become brothers and they through their life journey along with their trainer and meet their friends, family and foes! Both funny and emotional story I plan to make in the future.


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How things are now? 2019

Journal Entry: Wed May 15, 2019, 11:43 PM
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First off I want to thank everyone supporting this channel and my characters! Ive been doing what I can when Im around to bring new art as well as some storyline and even taking questions and even bringing up other topics.

And its important as artists we express ourselves and even honest opinions and I really passionate for most of this and wanting make some stories and build up these characters I care for even if its just fiction and fantasy but its still motivating and fun and can make us happy and it can even feel real to us in many ways with what we make of it and a way to get away from the reality because as much I don't want to point fingers or say half the human has level of greed or evil who know and we talk about that in other topics 

But how it things are going right now I wish I could of been better but to be honestly right now, it hasn't been all that great, but Im trying to stay motivated and not trying spread negative but there still a lot going on and still some problems. Countries still having health problems as well as still being a part time job Im starting to hate and is causing my anxiety and just feels like place for unhealthy people go to medicate their problem but side effect just killing themselves slowly and I say that because I feel like Im giving them poison even if some of them already have deceases. And most customers are really out of shape and mid or old age, I dunno why they get this lazy and just carelessness, it doesn't matter if your in a free country these just facts Im pointing out but I don't want any part of it I want to live healthy as possible and I know you seen some of my characters with big bellies but in that world its ok and animals with big bellies is fun but do I want be fat a human, NO, I don't want to be unhealthy for real, and we can joke about it but Im going be overweight or do things that causes bad health it not worth the medical and painful risks.

Another problem Im having with not getting a lot of art created is just distractions and just fear with what happens wether its news or fears of something happening to someone in the family or friends or people we've met or like. And recently as I feared out no where when I went to see big end movie on April my last GrandParent passed away and I felt silent of depression but luckily I wasn't too close to her but she was the last of grandparent to go and I felt bad for my Dad then but he took it strong but I couldn't make choice to go to the funeral I stayed home to watch the dogs the next couple days, and as for the movie I went I could say the ending felt the same way sad and I'll the quote from one of the character "Part of the Journey is the End." Still a good movie which all talk about another journal.

And just small rap up from the negative just haven't been too hype with all the content in DeviantArt and some of feels the same or just not interesting but there has some good stuff I still enjoyed or started to enjoy and there have been few artists who let me down and even some who think I might be  jerk and just block thinking I was being mean but I again I probably stress too much about things but I also wanted to do stuff with other artist and haven't gotten a chance to. But as for artist I still care for I still stand for them 100% because there are some who got me here too and positive and motivation.

So in conclusion where about halfway through the year and it almost feel like "2018 2.0" Meaning we still have problems when they should of been left in the past but still dealing with stuff that I wish it would just go away and there some humans fault which is bad enough we already have deceases and budget problem around the world.

I hope we can improve and even fix problems like pollution like with plastic and health problems that could easily be avoided even it means working harding all together, and stop crimes and prevent reckless destruction like the one that happened in before Easter to a building that must be really hard make back then. But if we work together we can save lives and the world and enjoy are favorite fantasy characters and games and entertainment. 

But moving forward looking towards the positives and hoping it doesn't become "2018 2.0" Im going to be leaving my awful job for a better one and also opening commissions as soon as possible and get as much artwork as a can and even look into animation and  creating 3d stuff.

As some already know we have hit 5 years in Deviant Art and I have stepped up improvement with the drawing!

Fossils of Utah in Love by MightyRaptorNight of the Utahraptors by MightyRaptor

2014                                2019

I want to thank you all guys again and Im sorry if I let you down but we all get knocked down and we to get back up and yes there will be more Rick and Feria and theres more to meet as well as characters and story which I wish I could do it sooner but let us make 2019 great and ready for 2020 which is the year I want to make it the best like the good old days!

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