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Good evening, one and all.
Some of you may have been wondering where a certain fan-animated 13 minute animation disappeared to. Or how come all of a certain BBC-related sci-fi show artwork that I’ve drawn over the years has vanished from my gallery.

The short answer is, I am now contracted to work with Theta-Sigma, in partnership with Big Finish, on some secret BBC animation projects for 2entertain. This is very exciting news and, though I can’t say anything about it, there is an absolutely top class team assembled, and the recreation of some extremely long awaited lost stories is now going to become a reality for a very large number of people who’ve been waiting for them for many, many years. I can't give anything away, but look for the news updates at

I really should have checked in advance, but in “going pro,” my contract is a retroactive one and essentially means that, as I am working in a professional capacity on a BBC-owned show, I can’t talk about or display any artwork, details, fan-based work etc that have anything to do with that show or its copyrights. And so it all had to go, I’m afraid. All the Dalek art from the gallery and videos from Youtube and whatnot. Sadly, the "I did all that stuff before I started this project" excuse doesn't work. Non-disclosure and copyright  agreements are frighteningly binding things and can result in mighty lawsuits the likes of which Odin himself could not imagine! Again, completely my fault for not making sure what could stay and what would have to go upon taking the job, and I’m sorry for those who didn’t get to see the finished fan animation, for those who kindly lent their voice talents and translation skills to the project, etc. Four years of my liiiife ~

Well, we live and learn. However, those four years of work have led to official employment and, as a result, a lot of people will now get to see some of the lost stories they’ve been waiting for since the 1960s. So there is a certain balancing payoff!

Regarding the aforementioned official animation I am working on, I can’t really say anything, so please don’t ask! Heheh. Not even what software I’m using to work, how my workspace is set up, or even how I communicate with the rest of the artists!
I can say, though, that I am only a small part of a dedicated team, and thus the art style, direction, number of frames of animation, animation technique and camera angles etc are not dictated by me. SO... don’t go expecting Itano-style three hundred missiles doing an aerodynamic flight through the sky, or hundreds of people being mowed down in floods of animated blood! Or random Japanese characters popping up out of nowhere and doing Cowboy Bebop-style gunplay. These things are not within my control, alas (and I bet a lot of people are glad about that! I'd probably have had William Hartnell smacking the daylights out of a whole French legion with his walking stick on top of the Eiffel tower by moonlight...). There are budgets and strict deadlines to keep to, so I can’t take four years to animate a girl walking across a room this time around.
Fortunately for your eyes, however, the folks in charge of the visual design know what they’re doing, and have been doing it very successfully for a long time. So with the combination of , and , I think you can rest assured that the ladies and gentlemen in charge know exactly what they’re doing and shall bring you a feast for the eyes.
I’m glad to be along for the ride.
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How long did it take to make that Dr Who animation? Must've taken months or years, Its fantastic!
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If We're interpreting you little message here correctly, then thou hast quite clearly given the Dr Who fan community the best piece of good news since the show was revived in 2005.

If this means that the lost episodes will be remade as an anime series with even the slightest trace of your talent, we can all rest easy!
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some one else has it on there youtube account i have already ripped it and a friend of mine is showing it at an anime convention as part of his panels
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I can't wait to see the new stuff (and maybe some of the old, once the new is released? maybe?).

(I just got here because of Chwen-Hoou's Journal, and am a major Dr. Who fan)
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That's some special news dude! Congrats!
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Congratulations on the new job. Although I'm saddened that your project and artwork had to be shelved, it is great news to hear you have gained a new position in life due to your hard work. I hope to one day see wonderful things from you down the road. With your talent, I'm sure you will turn heads and make your mark in the world. Best of luck, Paul, and keep up the good work.
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Wow! Congrats my dear! I was rooting for this to happen to you since I first saw your DW animations a few years ago, you more than deserve it, you are a superb artist, much success to you and Big Finish, cheers!
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So very pleased for you.

I've been watching your Doctor Who work unfold on YouTube and been consistently amazed and impressed.

Well done you! I can't wait to see these new projects. Very well deserved.
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On the one hand I am sad that your amazing works have now been taken down. At least I got to see them when I did. On the other hand I wish you good luck for the future and hope that this opportunity allows you to expand your already amazing talents for the benefit of humanity and whatnot
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I'm glad I got to see them before they 'disappeared' however good luck with the new project and hope to see it sometime, try to pursue them to make the full version of your anime it rocked ;D. Show them the way my friend your view of the 'whoniverse' is very close to how true fans view it. It's an anime and classic who tribute in one!
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thats awesome news, plus now with somone like u to do with official doctor who animation hopefully the characters wont be stiff and lifeless like the one made back in 2007 (they looked paralysed) with ur actionbased animation skills hopfully the new releases will have some life to them!
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I'm betting it's something related to Doctor Who, seeing as you had to pull all Doctor Who-related material from your gallery. That and Big Finish is working on it, too.
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Congrats! I can't wait to see your finish contract work with the BBC what ever it may be :D
R3tr0r0ck3r's avatar
Incredible. I'll never forget your excellent DW fanart and I hope that at some point I'll be able to see it again. I look forward to experiencing the fruits of your project, good luck! :D
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Well... congratulations on your appointment (and commiserations on having to take that wonderful anime down!)
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What ever you do dont go crazy working yourself to death we animators do that sometimes lol good luck sir.
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this is awesome news! good luck to ya!
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I am so happy for you man I got worried for a while and glad you finally got into the BBC!
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Sometimes bad things happen for good reasons. Wishing you every success.
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I'm a bit sad your great Doctor Who art had to come down, but super excited to see more classic reconstructions are on the way!
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Congratulations! This is very exciting news and I'm extremely proud of you!

I wish I caught your animation in its entirety before you had to take it down though. Geez, I definitely need to be more on top of things. Still though, WOW! SECRET ANIMATION MISSIONS! :D
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I fail to see how your animation would tarnish their reputation, my guess them asking you to remove your hard work is more to do with a desire to keep this project as secret as possible, as well as reduce chances of other people hiring you I guess? D: *shrugs*
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Fortunately I got to see your full animation episode before it vanished. Amazing work. I love the bit where the trooper is blasted out of the window and then it goes to a long shot of the building with the glass and the body falling, and the lights of the Dalek guns. I love that sort of direction. One outstanding moment amongst so many. I'm really pleased for you and I'm looking forward to seeing classic Dr Who animated.
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