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22:30 Saturday EST. (US)
Or 03:30 (technically Sunday) GMT. (UK)

Are you ready for a new challenger?
It's 7pm UK time right now, and Mr Rik Newman… & myself… are going to get royally drunk and rock the night away at Corporation rock club here in snowy Sheffield… . We took our Dalek there once, as you can see...
Then, at half 3am, we'll be returning to Rik's house with pizza for drunken and possibly hilarious drunken Streetfighter II HD Remix on XBox Live.…
Get those headsets and microphones ready! And prepare to hear my intoxicated thoughts on chickens, vodka-drinking Russians and kids with massive sombreros on T.Hawk's stage. Not to mention my breakdown of what exact detergent Ryu must be using to get his outfit so sparkly white, and the influence of elephants on the outcome of a battle.
As Vega/Balrog knows, handsome fighters never lose a battle. But drunk ones often do. But I won't go easy on you when it's my turn!

So, simply look for Rik's gamer profile - Remy77077 -… and send a message or join the room or whatever. Much drunken fighting will ensue, with full commentary from me. About 03:30 or maybe half an hour later if the pizza is slow!
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Well it was utterly awesome anyway.. although we started really late due to more partying in between. And Otaking - Official Commentator of Remy77077 passed out drunk! So I had to continue the commentary myself... went until almost 8am UK time. The poor Americans on the other end didn't stand a chance. How could he fight while laughing so much!

Anyone who doesn't have XBL Gold and HDR.. fooools! Get it, and be quick. Or you'll be as silly as MightyOtaking.