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Hello all!

Thank you for all the kind birthday wishes on Jan 4th!

I've been busy working on a animated fan film project. As you might have heard, it's a 20 minute Street Fighter animation, with full voice acting, story etc (unlike my TIE Fighter short which was essentially just a big battle scene).

I'm live streaming myself animating it every Friday if you'd like to come along and ask me anything about what software I use, my processes, any animation tips etc. These streams are going to be all-night things so very laid back and comfy, with some old-school game music playing in the background.

To check out the Street Fighter animation work so far, here's a video!…

The film has the usual focus/obsession with detail and SHADING, but also accuracy. Every move and combo is game-accurate. If you'd like your name in the credits or maybe getting your face in the film as a background soldier cameo or something, consider helping to keep me alive at

Thanks for reading, and please do feel free to share the info around or give me some ideas of where else I could get the word out. I'm a bit isolated in my animation world and don't really know what sites youse kids congregate around these days!

Paul J.

I'm falling asleep, so super short notice emergency action must be taken!
I'm going to animate and colour a scene for the mech film I'm working on live at
In half an hour!
3:30pm UK time, 10:30am America time.
Drop by and keep me awake, nerd-samas.
Here is a super exciting message.
I'm going to animate and colour a scene for the mech film I'm working on live at
But at what time, you ask?
Like, 2 hours from now!
9pm UK time, 4pm America time.
If I get more than ten whole viewers, I'll perform a charming dance. Not that you'll be able to see it.
Soothing retro game music and commentary via my voice will be provided, but you must bring your own snacks and questions, such as "why are your human movements so weird-looking?" and "Have you ever thought about maybe studying anatomy?" and "don't you think it's time you quit?"
Anyone interested in hearing my irritatingly nasally voice?
Here's a podcast interview about the animation process, charity, Zak's guitars and various stuff.

Also, please donate to Cancer Research and Cats protection if you have a few spare quid or bucks laying around!
Hello all.
I'm pretty busy at the moment, with three jobs on the go-
Animation and promo art for Out Quest: the Middle East's first turn-based RPG mecha game (here's a promo I did, currently showing at the Dubai Comic Con. Sadly, I'm here drinking tea in England and unable to attend)-
So, more art to come from that in a little while. I did a pretty decent poster for the con, but it hasn't been publically unveiled yet. Here's the project website:

Second, lots of cutscenes and room redraws/remasters for the upcoming white chamber HD REMIX GOLDEN DELICIOUS version (that isn't its name). Everything looks better than it did back in our University days  so many years ago, and the characters no longer look like something drawn by a drunkard with only a "how to draw anime" book as reference. Next I'm redoing the sprites in decent HD size. I shall alert anyone who's interested in some point & click horror when Rich makes an announcement, but he's busy coding at the moment and getting all of the new art assets into the game engine.

And finally, 30 seconds of space fleet battle/Jpop idol animation for Bitplane's upcoming album release "Mahou no Idol Strangelove". Check out his music
It has that wholesome retro 8-bit sound that's so damn good to work to.

And as for the Star Wars animation... potentially exciting things are happening with that but I can't tell you due to NDAs. But rest assured that it's currently 7 minutes long, pretty much complete, and the world will get to see it. It's being held back because the Emperor has something special planned (Emperor meaning a certain company, maybe. I deny everything). Now stop asking me about it.

Now, back to work I go.

It always makes me laugh. I mean, do they really think people won't notice?
What goes through these people's heads, I wonder?…
Hello all,

So, I've been working hard with the rest of the team on animating the missing epsiodes of Reign of Terror for, what... eight months now?  Apologies for not posting any new art or anything - it really is a case of waking up, working on Reign of Terror, quick break for a sandwich, more work, then roll into bed and wake up to do the same the next day. It is, after all, a fairly small team with thousands upon thousands of frames of animation to produce, lip synch, composite, etc etc. All in time for deadlines set in stone (set in plaser of Paris, maybe? Did you see what I did there?).

Anyway, I am contractually forbidden under pain of lawsuit from divulging any details of the project, including what software we are using, which animation techniques are employed, how it is being composited, etc. However, I've been reading rumours flying around za internet regarding myself personally and my involvement, and I just thought I'd squash a few of them so people don't go in expecting the wrong thing.
Prepare your eyes for reading..!

First up, nope, the BBC did not see that Doctor Who anime thingy I made on Youtube and hurl money at me to animate missing episodes using my amazing skills which will revolutionise western animation as we know it. I was contacted by and am contracted to Theta-Sigma, who are producing the animation with Big Finish for 2Entertain. The BBC do not know who Paul Johnson is, and most probably have never heard of or seen the fan animation I made, nor do I think would they be especially interested in it (there are a lot of fan animations out there).
In short, it's a team effort, not OMG PAUL OTAKING JOHNSON PRESENTS...!
I'm not famous, and don't get to tell people who have been in TV for 30 years or more how things should be animated.
Rumour one down!

Second, you may want to adjust your expectations a bit if you're thinking that the Reign of Terror is going to look like anime or use styles of animation like the short animation I made, which were of course all extremely 80s anime cliches (well, homages, really).
It's actually much like any other production. I am just a part of a team, following orders from higher up. I draw the backgrounds and animate bits here and there, and I don't dictate the style, animation techniques or direction. So if you go into it expecting some kind of missing Doctor Who episodes drawn and animated in the style of Legend of the Galactic Heroes, you shall be very disappointed! Again, it's not a case of  'The BBC have hired Otaking to make stuff his way!' At all. No company in their right mind would do that based off an animated short some unknown dude on Youtube did. As much as I would love for the mighty William Hartnell to appear in my hosue and say 'Draw me in France in the style of that Macross show, young man, hmm?' such a thing is... well... unlikely.
Damn, that would be cool though...

Go on. Think about the first Doctor in the Macross Movie style with guillotines and muskets everywhere and Oscar from Rose of Versailles as the sidekick...!

ON THE OTHER HAND, if you do actually want an anime Reign of Terror, you can just go and watch Rose of Versailles! The main villain, Max Robespierre, is the same and everything..! Just excuse the terrible fansubs... the last time I checked, people in the French Revolution didn't put -san or -sama after each others' names. Admittedly there's no TARDIS, either.…

Johnson out!

PS - go and buy the Tom Baker audio dramas that Big Finish have just released!
Seriously, take a look at this:… that doesn't convince you, you have no excitement gland in your brain.
I've been listening to them as I animate, and it's ridiculously cool hearing the 4th Doctor and leela again after 30 years. They sound exactly the same.
Rejoice and be merry, you rabble! Forgive my typos this year, as my mother just plyed me with mulled wine and it seems to have been about 90% alcohol content... Not sure what happened there!

Anyway, Chritsmas time! It's a quarter to midday here and Christmas dinner is coming up soon. I'm feeling pretty good, I can tell you. It's my favourite time of year.
In an increasingly aggressively atheist world (it seems that Dawkins is the new god of smarmy teenagers and if you say you're a Christian you're mocked for being some kind of backwards moron who believes the earth is flat), it's just... nice... to have a time when there's goodwill and carols and good old fashioned "being nice to people". Ahh, I'm drunk, but you know what I mean. Anyway, I will just close with a tale:
One day I was on the dole, the next I was working for the BBC. Just like that. That's the power of prayer in action.

Anyways, a very merry Christmas to you all!

Slightly drunken Johnson.
An excerpt from a conversation I just had with Adi:

Adi: One Debenhams was looted for 90mins before police tried to do anything. Then it got burnt down
Me:  If anything it shows exactly how ineffectual our police are. Now the Robocop project may seem viable.

Seriously. I'm not joking. Law enforcement here is lacking, to say the very least. Either give the police tanks:… or FUND THIS NOW:…

Good evening, one and all.
Some of you may have been wondering where a certain fan-animated 13 minute animation disappeared to. Or how come all of a certain BBC-related sci-fi show artwork that I’ve drawn over the years has vanished from my gallery.

The short answer is, I am now contracted to work with Theta-Sigma, in partnership with Big Finish, on some secret BBC animation projects for 2entertain. This is very exciting news and, though I can’t say anything about it, there is an absolutely top class team assembled, and the recreation of some extremely long awaited lost stories is now going to become a reality for a very large number of people who’ve been waiting for them for many, many years. I can't give anything away, but look for the news updates at

I really should have checked in advance, but in “going pro,” my contract is a retroactive one and essentially means that, as I am working in a professional capacity on a BBC-owned show, I can’t talk about or display any artwork, details, fan-based work etc that have anything to do with that show or its copyrights. And so it all had to go, I’m afraid. All the Dalek art from the gallery and videos from Youtube and whatnot. Sadly, the "I did all that stuff before I started this project" excuse doesn't work. Non-disclosure and copyright  agreements are frighteningly binding things and can result in mighty lawsuits the likes of which Odin himself could not imagine! Again, completely my fault for not making sure what could stay and what would have to go upon taking the job, and I’m sorry for those who didn’t get to see the finished fan animation, for those who kindly lent their voice talents and translation skills to the project, etc. Four years of my liiiife ~

Well, we live and learn. However, those four years of work have led to official employment and, as a result, a lot of people will now get to see some of the lost stories they’ve been waiting for since the 1960s. So there is a certain balancing payoff!

Regarding the aforementioned official animation I am working on, I can’t really say anything, so please don’t ask! Heheh. Not even what software I’m using to work, how my workspace is set up, or even how I communicate with the rest of the artists!
I can say, though, that I am only a small part of a dedicated team, and thus the art style, direction, number of frames of animation, animation technique and camera angles etc are not dictated by me. SO... don’t go expecting Itano-style three hundred missiles doing an aerodynamic flight through the sky, or hundreds of people being mowed down in floods of animated blood! Or random Japanese characters popping up out of nowhere and doing Cowboy Bebop-style gunplay. These things are not within my control, alas (and I bet a lot of people are glad about that! I'd probably have had William Hartnell smacking the daylights out of a whole French legion with his walking stick on top of the Eiffel tower by moonlight...). There are budgets and strict deadlines to keep to, so I can’t take four years to animate a girl walking across a room this time around.
Fortunately for your eyes, however, the folks in charge of the visual design know what they’re doing, and have been doing it very successfully for a long time. So with the combination of , and , I think you can rest assured that the ladies and gentlemen in charge know exactly what they’re doing and shall bring you a feast for the eyes.
I’m glad to be along for the ride.
Okay, this is unbelievable. This is pure madness.…

X JAPAN! Playing in London...? FOR £20!!! What the hell?????
Obviously I'm going. And you should too. This is the band that sold out Tokyo Dome like a million times. This is also the greatest band on Earth. £20 is how much I'd pay to see a fairly crap band at the local rock club in Sheffield. Not to mention the fact that this is X and they're playing in the UK. For the first time.
If you live in England, you really shouldn't miss this chance. You can also buy me some drinks at the venue.

Now, watch them in action with your eyes! And ears!…... DESIRE!!!!…

Oh yeah.

Lord Paul Johnson III.
UPDATE - my extremely generous employer, who I'm working with on a uber-secret animation project, has bought me a new one! Three cheers and raise your glasses!

My tablet's stopped working, after around ten years of faithful service. It's a Wacom Intuos GD 09-12-R. They don't even make them any more...!
I'm looking at replacements now and they're ridiculously expensive. I can't afford a Intuos 4 thing with all these flashy buttons and added functions I'll never use... I just want something like my old one. The closest I've found is this:…
That's second-hand and it's still  $149 USD!
Or this is almost my exact model (tablet only, but I already have a pen, so...)…
Come back to me, tablet! I have animation to do and now I'm just sitting here wondering what we did before graphics tablets.
So, I'm a big fan of the Silent Hill trilogy.
I say trilogy, because there are only three real Silent Hill games. The fourth one originally had a different title and they slapped "Silent Hill" on at the last minute to sell more copies (which may explain why it was shit. And nothing like Silent Hill), and all the ones after that were made by western companies who apparently had never played a Silent Hill game. Nice one, Konami. It's like James Cameron giving the Alien franchise to a syphilitic prostitute and telling her to just do whatever with it.

Anyway, it's Boxing Day and I just played one of the latest "made by someone else" Silent Hill offering, this time on the Wii and with gimmicky controls! So you get to look like a flailing moron to go with the bullshit. Good times were sure to be had. My review is thus:

This may honestly have been the worst gaming experience of my life. No hyperbole. I sat through it for two hours only because I wanted to beat my brother's record. Two hours of pure frustration and mind melting boredom.
As always, if you look online there are reviews proclaiming it to be a masterpiece.

This ends my review.
If you're even remotely interested in animation, you need to see this:…
It's one of the first OVAs ever made, from 1984. It's basically a showcase of famous animators doing really hard to animate stuff. The camera and perspective rotate and move around almost constantly, creating some of the most fluid moving sequences I've seen. It's by the key animator of My Neighbor Totoro, Nausicaä, Kiki's Delivery Service and
Porco Rosso. It's yet another smack in the face to those who reckon old anime looks dated and crap (there would be no Guren Lagaan without this anime. The GL director is a big fan of it and made GL as a homage to this director's work, of which Birth is the most famous).

Here's more info:…

Do yourself a favour and watch it. I learned a lot about animating moving Backgrounds.

So, I signed into Deviantart and there are ads everywhere. Not just static ads, but moving, bandwidth-sucking ads that expand when you roll the cursor over them, hammer my connection and slow my browsing.
But wait! It's okay, because apparently you can get rid of the ads by paying money to upgrade your account! Hurrah! What a fantastic idea - annoy your entire user base into paying you until you stop annoying them! Unfortunately, this marketing strategy usually leads to the opposite result. Annoy people and they leave.

DA has a terrible reputation online as it is. To quote one well known site, "DeviantART's population consists mainly of emotionally-unstable artists who aspire to move to Japan and become famous manga artists but instead they end up as Cosplay enthusiasts that earn a living off the Harajuku by exchanging odd jobs for food in the back alleys behind the clothing stores."
In politer terms, DA is known as but with terrible artwork by nine year olds and lens flare everywhere. DA has made some steps to becoming respectable in the past, with many fantastic commercial artists having galleries here. And then they turn around and pull this epic campaign of spamming ads down the throats of the people who use the site.
Nice move! It certainly hasn't irritated me at all.


EDIT - Sorry, my fault. I forgot that I just did a system restore, and it restored back to a point before I had Adblock installed. The above points still stand though.
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The day has arrived!
All those going to the Gackt concert in London, form up behind me! I'll meet you... HERE:…
I'll be there at 18:30. That's half 6pm for the layperson.

I'll be the guy who looks like this (because I am him):…

If you see me, buy me a drink! Maybe three drinks. You can let me know that you know me from DA with the secret codewords: "FIVE TONE SHADING."
I'll be accompanied by my secretary, :iconr-ninja: , but she won't be drinking so buy drinks for me instead of her. This is economic and filled with Christmas spirit! In return, I may sing Secret Garden at you.

Over and out,

Paul J.
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Gackt! In London! Friday 16th of June!!!
Buggering hell. I am there, I tell you. I am there!……

I'm listening to his latest album now and it's incredibly good. I think he may be the best singer in the world actually, from a purely technical vocal standpoint. He gets a lot of stick for having so many rabid fangirls squealing over everything he does, but that's hardly his fault. In fact, such "fans" are actually annoying in more ways than one, as they only like him because of the way he looks. As I'm not gay, I like Gackt for his music - an area which he excels at in every respect. I went to Japan to see his 6th Day/7th Night concert a few years back and was left a gibbering wreck by the sheer showmanship on display on stage. To think he'll be playing at a tiny venue in London... it's going to be strange. but I, PAUL JOHNSON, will use all of my raging power and burning vigour to get a ticket the moment they go on sale, and to push my way to the front.

Now then. Who's with me? STAND UP for justice! Who will meet me in London to act as ambassadors for Gackt's takeover of the west?

Paul J
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OK, so after finding I could no longer sing the other day, I just spent 3 hours on the mike downstairs.
Songs sung:

Neo Universe  -L'arc en Ciel
Dive to Blue - L'arc en Ciel

Weekend - X Japan
Rusty Nail - X Japan


Still total shit. My voice gives out halfway through songs I used to take in my stride. My throat hurts now, which is GOOD! HOWEVER, slight imrovement from yesterday. I forsee full recovery in a few weeks to a month if I keep at it every day.

If people are intersted in this horrific experiment, I can post some .wav files up after tomorrow's session. It'll be more L'arc en Ciel tomorrow.

If people wish to join PAUL JOHNSON'S LET'S FUCK UP OUR VOICES TOGETHER WITH US workout, feel free to sing as well and we could get a whole network of people becoming singing gods within the month...!

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My voice!
I cannot sing anymore!
I haven't sung anything for like a year, and now I can't even do easy stuff like Neo Universe and Rusty Nail! THE HELL?
I am beginning a harsh regiment of singing until my voice dies every day from now on. My goal will be hit when I can sing Kurenai… and Painkiller… note-perfect.
...Then I just need to find some band members.... hmmm....
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What is so difficult to understand about Maki-Ubermach on a flying worm. Stranger things have happened, I can tell you.

President Johnson
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