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TIE Fighter poster


So, here's the poster for my animated TIE Fighter short film.
The film is here, by the way:…

I always loved those really classy oil/acrylic-painted movie posters by folks like Drew Struzan, with all kinds of stuff going on in the background for you to spend ages dissecting with your eyes. You know the ones. So I wanted to try something like that, except in the cel-shaded style of the short film.

The results are nowhere near the original Star Wars movie poster level of quality or composition, but I guess it does the job.

EDIT - Some folks are asking for prints of this poster, so I upped the size. You can just download the fullsize image, print it yourselves and save a bit of cash.
Also, additional stuff -
The music track by Zak -…
And character info/design documents -…
Twitter: @OtaKing77077

ALSO..! Sound guy Joey Leyva's Youtube channel -…

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This film is the best Star Wars has ever produced! Finally the right side wins! ^_^

Thanks to the man who drew and animated it!

You are awesome!

I freaking lov u owo qwq 👉👈💜💖💅❣🌷🌹♥️

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The Better Version they didnt wanted to finance, because it make people think .

Saw the new squadrons game coming out, and immediately thought of this! Still love it to this day thank you for the hard work!!

Awesome job, Paul! Surprised that LucasFilms LTD. hasn't called you yet to produce the cartoon series.

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A 3 minute video that had more effort and heart than the entire third trilogy. Keep up the good work!

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You sir need to be recognised more for your incredible art skills and amazing animation techniques. It may have taken u 4 years to make that film but talent can't be rushed.

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It's so 80s anime! I love it!
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I'd loved that film!
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Your art and animated shorts are AMAZING!!! If at all possible, another Star Wars movie would be greatly appreciated (no matter how short)!
Like a mix of Macross, Yamato and Gundam. You should do a full series of this, or ay least a comic/manga.
abhishekchakraborty's avatar
Amazing Work !!! 😃
It this had been a movie or complete Anime series would've binge watched it for sure !
TheClosetMailman's avatar
Fell over the film today.
Pretty much won my heart, its just so good!
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Always an impressive thing.
Amazing work! Is this your production? 
So wonderful, would watch a whole series!
Uruk1's avatar
Better than the sequels 
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Been following your various video projects for a while, but just discovered this account. Bloody brilliant work!
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Great film, love the style!
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MAN, come on make a series, or at least some more cool space battles, with imperial point of view of course.

Been a fan for many years man even when it had no sound and was smaller, please do more!
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