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A quick gif showing my penciling/inking/shading/background process.
It took around 2 hours total.
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Can't wait for the hour animation ur so good
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love your 80's style
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Very impressive; thank you for posting this. It might be of some help for learning artists as well.
Old school - so cool!
RyugaSSJ3's avatar
YES!! 80's style,dude!!
Is that going to be in animation or what? Is she another member of Repudiator Squadron?
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You just can't beat good old fashioned animation:love:
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I think this is great, and I'm not sure how to explain it, but I feel that the step in the process where it just says 'Space' amused me more than I felt it should.
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Me too. Haha. Hey, when you spend that much time on one frame, you forget what some things are. I would need a reminder too. lol
Cobra-Blade's avatar
Absolutely brilliant.
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I love just seeing the word "space" written there.
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dang thats crazy, good job man
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Very professional.
The timing was definitely worth it
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Awh that's cool. Ooh more steps than I expected... and more... AND more... AND MORE ... AND AOIJVBAOFNB JSBFOGSKGSHKBV DKG THAT'S A LOT OF STEPS! 2 Hours? Impressive.
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