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Jotun Loki Finished ::collaboration::

By MightyMilly
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The finished product of the collaboration with *TheSpaceGypsy

I had so much fun!! I hope we get to meet for real some day ^^~


Lines/concept: :iconmightymilly:
Colours/generalawesomeness: :iconthespacegypsy:
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This is incredible - beautiful and exotic and sheer poetry!  *gives standing ovation*
regates's avatar
this is really cool! (no pun intended)
MaleficentMo's avatar
Daaaaaaaaaaang! 😍
Tigeresscrazy's avatar
It's such an amazing picture
lokiladi's avatar
The best Jotun Loki ever!
hoppytoad79's avatar
Absolutely stunningly gorgeous.  Beautiful.
sammy301809's avatar
:iconlokiapprovesplz: very much luv for this! :iconletmehugyouplz: :iconsupertighthugplz:
thinkingofcanniblism's avatar
*flails* Cannot. Contain. My. Love. For. This. jkvfjkbawerfjkaern ertkigtndkl :love:
MightyMilly's avatar
uwuuuu you sweetie, you made me smile ><
thinkingofcanniblism's avatar
You're welcome, I love making people smile. It gives me awesome warm feelings.
ScarafileProductions's avatar
My life is now complete. *fangirls*
Amazing work!
MightyMilly's avatar
IKR ram horns are just so oooooft


Thank you so so much for your kind comments ><

ScarafileProductions's avatar
Haha! That is for sure.

I'm an Aries, and my name actually means Fem!Ram, so I have a real attachment to the curved horns, and you don't usually see Loki with them, so this was a very nice touch that was unique. :D

And you are very welcome! *glomps*
British-Prophetess's avatar
3. Now this is really impressive! :D I like the Avatar style to it!
XelaTheBlueRose's avatar
Damn,you're really amazing,really.
MightyMilly's avatar
Shoot, thanks man... you shoulg go check out *TheSpaceGypsy who worked with me on this <3
BeautifulMind85's avatar
what a wonderful Jotun Loki *heart*
MightyMilly's avatar
Uwuuuu thank you my dear :hug:
BeautifulMind85's avatar
chillydragon's avatar
Wow...Your art is breath-taking...
MightyMilly's avatar
That is so nice of yoouuu~ :iconlazycryplz:
You've made me smile ^^~
chiisu111's avatar
Such a beautiful Jotun! The Lines are really well done, and the colours - wow!
That is an amazing collab, you should make more paintings together, like... say... Thor? *laughs* ;)
MightyMilly's avatar
Oh woooow, thaank you for the lovely comment >.<


I think we will be doing more together in the near future ^o^

Hmmmmmm Thor would be fun, I don't often do muscley guys :meow:

Yum yum.... thor.... ;O
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