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Favorite Total Drama character: Gwen
Favorite TD couple: Aleheather
Favorite pony: Twilight Sparkle
MLP FIM OTP: PinkieFlutterDash
Favorite Pokemon character: James
Pokemon OTP: RocketShipping
Favorite HS character: Jade
HS OTP: DaveJade
Favorite SU character: Peridot
SU OTP: Amedot

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The backgrounds look very realistic, like scenes from the show. The use of the vectors is also reminiscent of the show's style, and the...

xexem (who has me blocked) is trying to call my friend a pedophile for having an AU specifically meant to analyze and debunk why certain unhealthy ships, especially with age gaps, wont work, and is blaming her for anybody who wont read her REALLY BLATANT DESCRIPTION WITH BOLD TEXT SAYING ITS NOT A GOOD SHIP, who follow her VERY CLEARLY ~DISLIKED SHIP~ au, who see that she has works in the collection FOCUSING ON CHARACTERS CALLING OUT THESE SHIPS AND SAYING THEYRE GENERALLY PREDATORY, saying it's a bad ship that shouldn't be glamorized. maybe it should be more blatantly a not-great relationship in the artwork, i admit, but people who like the ship shouldn't really come to the AU where people constantly say the ship is wrong to exist. (i'm not linking this person directly because i don't wanna drag her into it further- i will say the art, while not explicitly against the ship at first glance if you don't know the artist i admit, isn't explicitly sexual since the characters are just really cuddling while drunk, and they are both adults, and the point is to show their dodgy beginnings as a couple, which is called out a lot in other works featuring them)

xe's trying to say the title which says 'daddy's little girl' implies a daddy kink, when it's just the name of the damn song the art is inspired by. the song has nothing to do with daddy kink (even if it is an icky song) and the title refers to a literal daddy's girl. but the word 'daddy' automatically implies pedophilic kinks now i guess, just because people can misunderstand it when looking things up on here- which, if anything, makes xexem looks pretty bad!

xe calls abuse survivors apologists for trying to explain this and completely misunderstand the situation as coping even though nobody ever said it was. and xe doesn't care about sending people into anxiety attacks by calling them an abuse apologist. xe accuses survivors of having "agendas" for basically debunking ships that are far too accepted. there's actual pedophiles and freaks on this site, but this person would rather attack people who are criticizing jailbait mentality than people posting porn of underage characters. because xe knows it's an easier target and xe just wants to feel good about xerself.

if i wanted to completely misunderstand context back at xexem, i could totally call out how xe made art of xer sona shipped with a character who has never been shown to be older than 13, when xe's 23.
  Davyss Sequoi and Nepeta Leijon by xexem

but that would be nitpicking. i don't believe it's bad. this art is actually pretty nice. and i also like trans girl nepeta. don't harass them or anything- or at least, not any more than they harasssed my friend and her fans. i mean, clearly xe doesn't care about harassing people, calling me a dumbass for trying to explain someone's logic, sending people into anxiety attacks for false accusations with out-of-context, easily debunked "evidence," and calling csa survivors who stick up for her pedophiles.

but i mean, it sucks to have your name slandered by people who don't know you and are judging based on glimpsing at your profile for three seconds, doesn't it?


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I'm a mess who enjoys shipping and fawning over wonderful girls and pathetic boys. I also like musicals and justice and review shows and stuff.

please don't favorite or comment my art just to make fun of it.

Second in command of the Total Drama Do Over Series by :iconcogreen20: . which is dead. sadly.

:icontradesopen: :iconcollabsopen: :iconpointcommissionsopen: :icongiftsfriendsonly:

See My Stamp Collection v.1 by Azildin

heres some ships i like
Alejandro x Heather Stamp by ViluVector DaveJade stamp by Risen-Dawn Amedot stamp by AineOnyx GeoffxGwen stamp by Sof-Sof I support Rocketshipping by KamisStamps aranea and meenah by Orgasmic-Scream PinkieDash - MLP by BettasPage TwiDancer [Stamp] by Iesbeans lesbian otp by spacelightlapis +Flutterdash Stamp+ by A-Ponies-Love
Vanessa + Candace Stamp by dA--bogeyman PnF: Montessa Stamp by heeyjayp17 F2U Stamp: Kenny X Butters by meowistick

Draw for me:

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thanks dA for being absolutely useless when you want to report somebody for harassment and have to jump through hoops

the policy is basically 'block and move on' as if they can't still hurt other people. dumbasses run this site



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