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Mononoke Station | | Ginko (Application) by MightyMaki Mononoke Station | | Ginko (Application) by MightyMaki

 Ginko ( 銀濃) Kanji for silver and dark
Species: Tengu
Birthdate/Age: Apr. 20, 1815; 200yrs old
Land of Origin: Japan, Edo (Now Tokyo)
Occupation: Wanderer (Previously a priest)

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Demiromantic; Heterosexual
Height: 5'11
Weight: 150lbs


Positive: || Calm || Curious || Giving || Caring || Empathetic
Natural: || Daydreamer || Cautious || Observant ||  Nature-loving || Wanderlust
Negative: || Rude || Cold || Anti-social || Old-Fashioned 

Ginko is a very kind and caring Tengu. For a very long time he kept to himself but after encountering humans he began opening up more. Ginko is absolutely fascinated by humans and human culture. He wants to know more about humans and sometimes prefers to spend time with them, than other supernatural beings. Besides that, he's a very generous person and likes to share anything with anyone and especially loves sharing his food. He enjoys meeting new people and values friendship very high. Ginko is a very curious Tengu, and despite being only 200yrs old, he's still very young. Despite being curious about others and wanting to be friends, Ginko is very shy and likes to observe from a distance. He tends to space out often as well and daydreams about the past. He spends most of his time wandering around in forests or mountains, so he isn't very used to social situations. 

Because of his old age and lack of social skills, he often comes off as cold or says something he doesn't realize is rude. He's very old fashioned as well, so much of what he says is out of date. Because he is set in his old ways, he is very unapologetic in what he says, unless he's made someone cry. Ginko is also somewhat of an introvert, so he prefers to be alone most of the time. It doesn't go without saying however, that he doesn't enjoy company but he'd prefer someone like minded and quiet than loud and all over the place.

Born on Mt. Kumotori, Ginko grew up in one of the many Tengu temples that care for the mountain. Trained originally as a priest to become a successor of the temple, Ginko was forced to leave his temple after a priest from one of the human temples burned down his temple. For a time, Ginko traveled all over Japan to various other Tengu temples, learning more about being a priest. It wasn't until he settled down in a temple in Hokkaido, to continue training that he began to look at the world differently. Despite looking like a child, Ginko was well over 50yrs old but still needed at least another 50yrs of training to become a full fledged priest. At the time, there was a quaint little human village down the mountain from where his temple was located and more often than not, Ginko would curiously travel down the mountain to observe the humans. One fateful day, while observing the village Ginko encountered a young human girl named Hinako. Ginko was more caught off guard by the fact that the girl offered him some of her food. He had been forbidden to eat human food but once he took a bite of it, he was in love. From that day forward, Ginko and Hinako spent time together, in secret, but enjoyed each other's company nonetheless. 
Unfortunately for Ginko, he watched Hinako get married, have her own children and grow old, eventually dying at the young age of 50 just shy a few years before Ginko would become a full fledged priest. Heartbroken at the loss of such a dear friend Ginko finished what little training he had and left his temple.

For almost 100yrs, Ginko wandered all over Japan, keeping to himself and observing humans change and evolve. He always felt somewhat sadden by how limited human life was and never quite made friends with them. He's witnessed major wars and comforted humans during their last hours of life and always questions why humans are always fighting if their life is short. Now at the age of 200, he doesn't know what he wants in life and is wandering to figure it out.

[363 words]

Strengths: || Flight || Rational || Strategist ||
Because Ginko is a Tengu, he possess the power of flight. He can fly for a total of five hours a day, but not five hours straight. He needs to take a break after at least an hour and a half. Other than that he is able to stay calm and rationalize most situations and come up with ways to figure a solution. He is fantastic at logical situations but has no idea how to handle emotional situations. He can be empathetic but don't ask him for advice on the situation.
Weaknesses: || Easily Distracted || Kleptomaniac || Lazy ||
Because Ginko is a daydreamer, he becomes distracted very easily. Almost to the point of forgetting what topic he was talking about during conversation. Also, like his animal cousins, ravens and crows, Ginko has an unexplainable need to take things. Shiny things, things he's curious about, food etc. he needs it and he will take it. Ever since he tasted human food he began stealing food from the village and eating it. Other than that, Ginko is very lazy and likes to lounge about and it takes a lot of effort to get him to do something. 

+ Human food, sweets, drinks
+ Exploring
+ Humans and human culture
+ Meditating
+ People Watching
+ Singing
- Being startled
- Baths
- People asking about his feet
- Technology (Why is this so difficult to understand??)
- Loud people/ Loudness

Extra Information:
- He has irezumi. Back during the Meiji restoration, he fell in love with Yakuza tattoos so he has sleeves and full back
- His favorite food is takoyaki (that's what Hinako shared with him)
- He was in Kyoto when the A and H bombs were dropped
- He prefers his temple clothes because they're much easier to move around in
- He hates going through a molt but loves having his body scratched when new feathers are growing in
- He likes to pick at people, but only people he's close with
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Jesi-Jess Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He's too cute to have is heart broken //grabs the duck tape/
MightyMaki Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's always worse when you watch the person you love grow old and die. ;n;
Jesi-Jess Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Yoooooo YOOOOO
Welcome back friend ahhh and welcome to the group!!
Also you're killing me with the sad love ahhhh ;;
MightyMaki Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It feels fantastic to be back and I am so excited to be in this group!!
Like, omg you are in so many groups that I am joining and I am so excited! haha

ahhh Ginko and his first and only human friend? ;n; I know

I actually have old art of Ginko as a kid, can I submit that to the group?
SiVioSanei Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2015
Ahhh I'm excited then haha!
I'm only active in a few tho tbh, capon and station are my mains and I'm reworking a loz group. ;7;

And yes you certainly can if you'd like!! :0
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