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Cafe-Au-Monstres: Rina by MightyMaki Cafe-Au-Monstres: Rina by MightyMaki

Name: Rina Tanaka 
Nickname(s): Rini, Rinatan, Neapolitanaka
Age: 22 (February 14, 1993)
Species: Futakuchi Onna
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Job: Baker


Hair Colour: Multicolored, pink, blonde and brown (natural hair color is brown)
Eye Colour: light blue and purple (central heterochromia)
Skin Tone: Milk chocolate
Height: 5'3" (160cm)
Weight: 145lbs (65kg)
Body Type: Slim Pear 
Tattoos/Markings: None
Piercings: Two earlobe piercings
Scars/Birthmarks: Large clover shaped birthmark on her lower back
Other Features: Has a juicy pair of lips on the back of her head and a pretty nice assets 


    Yellow Square Bullet  Ice Cream
    Yellow Square Bullet  Japanese gyaru fashion
    Yellow Square Bullet  Baking
    Yellow Square Bullet  K-pop
    Yellow Square Bullet  People who don't care about their appearance
    Yellow Square Bullet  Her 2nd mouth (sometimes)
    Yellow Square Bullet  Mistakes
    Yellow Square Bullet  People who tell her that hair dying is childish
    Yellow Square Bullet She can make ice cream from scratch 
    Yellow Square Bullet  If she doesn't tie up or pin down her hair, her second mouth can control everything. It's like having multiple arms and hands sometimes
    Yellow Square Bullet  She can sing amazingly well
    Yellow Square Bullet  She's very clumsy and not at all graceful
    Yellow Square Bullet  She has no control over her 2nd mouth, it has a mind of it's own
    Yellow Square Bullet  She's extremely over critical of herself and beats herself up over her mistakes

Rina is a bright and bubbly person who wants nothing more than to brighten people's day. In high school her nickname was Neapolitanaka because she always ate Neapolitan ice cream and wanted to share her love of ice cream with everyone. Despite being a caring and bright person, she's very hard on herself when it comes to making mistakes and takes making mistakes very hard. She has no problem being an outgoing girl but because she was born and raised in Japan she does have a curious shyness about her. Many people are surprised to learn she's half Japanese and not just black. 

 Yellow Square Bullet She leaves the back of her hair natural because she doesn't want to get chemicals in her 2nd mouth
 Yellow Square Bullet She usually dyes her hair ice cream themed colors
 Yellow Square Bullet She's half Black half Japanese gyaru. She grew up in Japan, in Yokohama near the base.
 Yellow Square Bullet whatever her 2nd mouth eats she can taste. 


Giuli-306 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015
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